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  1. Here is what my stash looked like a couple of weeks ago...it has grown by at least twice as much since then...the basket is overflowing and I just bought LOT more today, lol:
  2. I agree with this! Right after I learned to crochet I went to a local craft store where I proceeded to go crazy buying all kinds of yarns. My basket was so full (okay, I spent $279 on yarns, books, hooks, etc., lol) that the store clerk made a comment to the buyer who just happened to be near by. The buyer came over to see what I was buying and we started talking about what and why I was buying. She didn't crochet herself but was VERY interested in what I was buying.
  3. Congratulations!! What a fun and wonderfully thoughtful gift!!
  4. I LOVE those! I just started crochet, but knew right away some day I wanted to try wire and beads! Great job!
  5. Wow, wonderful and I took a quick look at your blog as well...very nice!
  6. I LOVE it! At first I thought it was two shots of the same bracelet! I can see the different beads now.
  7. Amazing! Are you sure they're for beginners, lol!
  8. I definitely want to try wire and beads one day! Thanks for the pictures!
  9. Brainless = scarf + single crochet for me, lol.
  10. I too love those sweaters, but definitely wow on those prices! I really like that granny square sweater.
  11. I'm answering my post because I got a nice email back that said to look for their "Spring 2006 issue"!
  12. The sweaters are great and Bailey is adorable!!!
  13. I just emailed them! I LOVE that magazine. Even if it only came out twice a year would make ME happy.
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