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    I am a graphic designer by day and crocheter by night and weekend.
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    Beulah, ND
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    crocheting and designing
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    Production Manager for three weekly newspapers and print company
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    Household projects/Baby things/quick crochet items
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    Been crocheting since the 60s
  1. I saved this pattern awhile ago to do later. Now I know I will be making it! Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. Love the Colors and how you used them. I really love the way you pair up colors! Beautiful work. I wished I could still work with tread. I used to love the way the doillie comes to life in your hands. Keep up the wonderful work. Dakotarose
  3. Great ... I am making a "Slipper" Christmas and this will help with my mix of slippers for everyone! Thanks for sharing!
  4. What a beautiful square! Can't wait to try it out. Thank you so much for sharing
  5. Love it. Have my 21st grandbaby on the way and wanted to make on of these. Thanks for creating and sharing!!
  6. I have always made them in White. Something about snow being white, so I make mine in white. I have seen them done in cream, but I like the white better. Dakotarose PS ... Thank you everyone for your notes. It is wonderful to share with everyone here!
  7. No stuffing. I just followed the shape of the jar. It is a short/wide jar the comes in at the bottom and top in a nice slope, then on the top it goes into the "screw" part of the jar. I sloped the top up to match the smaller top, beacuse I knew that once slid onto the jar it would form up to the jar. Thanks everyone for you comments! It is incouraging to get feedback!
  8. Here is the start of my snowflakes. I have made so many to give as gifts, but this year, these are mine! We are getting a new Christmas tree this year (one of those fiber-opic ones) and I want to have snowflakes for it. I also have a pattern for a lacy candy cane cover I am going to have on it too. Of course when my new daughter-in-law seen these she hinted for some, so will have to whip out some extras. Thanks to those who shared snowflake patterns on the Ville! You all have helped me get going!! Dakotarose
  9. It's been wonderful to ready the replies to this post! I started because of my Grandma Rose. I used to watch her make the most beautiful doiles. It was like watching a snowflake come to life. I don't remember her making anything but doilies until later in life when she learned how to knit a simple slipper. She tried and tried to teach me when I was quite young, but I just never could get the hang of it. Then when I got to be a pre-teen I found a book with "Barbie" clothes in it and I wanted to make them. This book also had "how to crochet" instruction and for some reason they were so easy to follow .. and I have been "hooking" ever since. Grandma and I never got to share much of our love of crochet, because we moved away from her about the time I got into it. When we did visit and later when she had to live with my folks we had some time to share. Now I wished that time would have been more! So now I pass on my crocheting to my granddaughter and others who want to learn! Dakotarose
  10. Bit of both! And Thrusday night I was in yarn heaven as I got to add to the yarn supply! The local ALCO has yarn on sale and boy did I have fun! If I do find a pattern that I don't have the yarn for, then I am out getting that yarn, or if I have a color/colors I want for something, then I will go, but like the other night (or the mood hits) I just get what catches my eye or tugs at my heart! Dakotarose
  11. Now that I figured out how to post photos, want to share my 2009 County Fair results. I have won ribbons before, but this year I won my first Reserve Champion ribbon .. I floated off the fair grounds carring that one!! It is so exciting to enter the fair. I live in a small county that is working hard to keep the county fair going. Entries had dropped off the last few years, but this year they were up! I keep promoting the Open Class event to everyone I crochet with or teach crocheting to, and those who bake, garden, etc. It is so important to keep with wonderful tradition going! If you have never enter, do so .. it is so wonderful, even if you don't win, you win in your heart!! Dakotarose
  12. Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful to get those ribbons! I too won some this year at the county fair. Keep up the great work!1 Dakotarose
  13. When making a cover for a jar to use as a candy jar on my desk at work (look under containers here in Show and Tell to see the jar), I thought that I was onto something. I could use the start to the jar cover and make a drawstring purse. So away I went on it and this is what came out. I am really pleased with it and went onto making a second one, writting down a pattern as I went. Hopefully I can get it written out and post it in free patterns. I am doing a third one now to go through the pattern to tweek any problems and have an other Christmas gift. You got it .. all my little granddaughters are getting one!
  14. This is my first post to Show & Tell .. hope I do it right! Last Friday I was looking at the old large margarine tub I had on my desk at work that holds the "office" candy (usually Jolly Ranchers and Starbursts) and I thought to myself that I crochet a cover for the tub and make it look so much better. So I took a couple measurements and decided that would be my weekend project. As I got to my project, I reolized that I didn't take the right measurement:( and knew I didn't want to go in to the office to get them, so hubby said, why not use that jar that is on the table. It is a short fat jar and I knew would be perfect. My hook went flying:hook and in a few hours I had a cover made, it slipped on with no problem and this is what came out. Now it sits on my desk looking so much better then the old "tub". Dakotarose
  15. So cute ... thanks for sharing. I have been looking for a nice doll pattern to make for the granddaughter ... this just might fit the bill!!
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