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  1. grmanoble

    Wedding Gift

    I realize that you posted this about four years ago now, but I've been trying to find this pattern, and wonder if you could point me in the right direction with the name, etc. so I can find it. It's beautiful. Thank you. Sharon
  2. That square is called Willow, and is #189 in the book titled 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. The picture you have is very pretty, and now I want to make some!
  3. I wouldn't have thought of that, and look what you did! Isn't that great? I like it. Keep up the good work. You know, you could always stuff it and use it for decorating too. Sharon
  4. I have been told that a mistake, intentional or otherwise, was considered to be good luck by our Native Americans. I always have at least one (not intentional) in my things, and it seems that I am the only one who notices them! To us, it appears to be gigantic, but to the receiver, they see the over-all finished item.
  5. grmanoble


    Try this one: www.jpfun.com
  6. Sorry, Amy. I sure hope you understand that I'm not doing this on purpose. Sharon
  7. Haven't seen anymore posted here, so here goes anyway. I just visited leisureartslibrary.com and they have a very cute 13 piece Nativity set for only $3.99. If you haven't gotten anything else, you may want to check it out.
  8. I had the same problem, so I emailed her, and this is the link she sent me. She has been having some problems with the old site, so she is moving it. Here are the links she sent: http://marthac.info/index.html, and http://marthac.info/links.html. Hope this helps you. Sharon
  9. Oh my gosh...she's the best I've seen! Are you going to make the pattern available? Please, please???
  10. Hers is the best that I've found, and now I'm on a roll with them!!
  11. I have a link that works, but for some reason it won't show here.
  12. Ok, ladies, I couldn't stand it any longer! I called Crochet World and they were nice, but no help, so I started going through all my magazines, etc. and FOUND it!!! It's in the February 2004 issue. Sharon
  13. I went running for my magazines, and I do not see this in that issue. Is the year wrong maybe (?) and if so, I will search again. Yours is beautiful, and now I want to make some for granddaughters. Sharon
  14. I've got to finish about three I have going now, amd then get started on mine like this! Well, maybe it could be the fourth WIP!!! Sharon
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