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  1. For sale in both my stores! http://knitnpurlzen.etsy.com http://zenyarngarden.com/zencart/ Thanks for visiting!
  2. Hello everyone...I took the time to reformat my store website so I can offer fun things like discount coupons, gift certificates, etc. and if you sign up now, you will receive one of these discount coupons for your next purchase! Come visit and thanks for dropping by! http://zenyarngarden.com/zencart/
  3. Cotton and wool are two different dyeing processes that's probably why she's asking.
  4. Ya, I think you have to play around a little to get a sense for what you prefer and like. It's hard to say what's easier than the other too...it's really what you enjoy the most and what you prefer for getting your colours. That's the beauty of it though - same sort of processes but I think each dyer tweaks it enough to get something a little bit different from each other.
  5. Yes, the biggest tip I'd give anyone beginning to dye is make sure you are careful about your workspace if you are using chemical dyes. You must, must, must wear a face mask just to be sure you don't inhale any of the fine powders used for dyeing. My preference is to keep the dyeing out of the house if you can...I had to wait to be able to do this but I'm so glad I can now... Any pots or other things you use for dyeing, use exclusively for dyeing. And oh yes, the gloves...use gloves all the time unless you want stained fingers...LOL I also wear old clothes when doing it because everytime I get something on me guaranteed! LOL
  6. Oh dear...don't abandon quite yet....try the cleaning option suggested or finish it and use cotton dyes to dye it a colour similar to the wine stain if you can't get it out.
  7. Lindsay...it's adorable! She looks so cute!
  8. This is beautiful! Doing a quick calculation for the yarn needed for just knitting it would be around 2,745 yards. I wonder how much yarn you'd need if you crocheted it? I might switch from a heavy wool to a lighter cotton if crocheting just so it's not too heavy?
  9. Pooling, hmmm, it's when you get blotches of colours in your knitting or crochet and they are uneven. Some people say they really like the pooling but I just don't have the eye for it. Hopefully that makes sense? I sure would love to see your scarf...it sounds fabulous! For socks I wouldn't try for the striping effect - it's more difficult with crochet because, like you say, you need really long lengths of colour to achieve the stripes. My goal is mostly variegation without pooling or even semi-solids with gradiations in colours.
  10. Hello everyone...thanks for all the comments!! I do both actually - knit and crochet and I do understand that knitting and crochet are sort of different but sort of the same too...LOL When I started handdying yarns for knitting, my goal was to limit the amount of pooling I saw a lot with handdyed yarns. I think I have been quite successful in achieving that with the yarns I want to end up that way. Here's a sample crochet scarf I did with some of the silk/merino handdyed that I dyed recently: (click photo to see larger) I also realize that crocheters use more yarn because of the nature of the stitch so that would also be a consideration. For instance, the scarf above is 2-stranded. The stitches I used were SC, DC and a border of SC with a modified shell stitch. When I do yardages for my yarns now, it's more geared toward knitters who use less yardage for a project. Lindsay and I think crocheters have been neglected in these respects and I'd sure love to work on this challenge - not only for handdying so there's no pooling in the yarns but yardages so everyone has enough to complete their projects (that was our kit idea). I'm glad to hear there's interest because I think it would be nice for crocheters to also use silk/merino, alpace lace yarns, merino/tencel, etc. etc. that seems to be really geared toward the knitters. I love acrylic for the right project too don't get me wrong - just thinking a bit about the whole "luxury" yarn idea. Lindsay has some great ideas for patterns too! She recently posted a wrap she did by handspinning some yarn and then crocheting it. I'll let her provide that link for everyone too.
  11. Lovely hooks! They are all very interesting.
  12. That's so awesome! I really know what you mean about picking up a hook again...so satisfying!! Congrats!
  13. I've been handpainting yarns for awhile now and it's been really geared toward knitters because of the knitting sock yarn craze. I've been talking with Lindsay who also develops patterns and we have really been talking a lot about how we don't see a lot of handdyed yarns for crocheters. Is this something people would be interested in? We even have some cool crochet kit ideas brewing too. What does everyone think? Would you guys like to see something like this for crocheters too? I appreciate any comments anyone has to contribute and thank you! Hopefully I posted this in the right area.
  14. Hello everyone...I have a new line of handdyed yarns in the stores now - it's a mix of tencel and superwash merino and it's quite lovely! The tencel gives it a nice shine. I know it's intended more for knitted socks but you know what? I've used sock yarns and crocheted scarves from them and found them to be lovely as they end up having a nice lacey effect to them with the crocheting. I also have sock yarn kits with these yarns so if you're thinking about learning to knit socks, these would be a great way to get started. I can easily point you to a simple sock pattern too! Click on the photos to see all the colourways!
  15. Maybe they should wear more crocheted scarves on that series...it'd make crocheting trendy I'm sure...LOL!
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