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    Stay at home Mom of 3
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    Clarkston, Michigan
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    crocheting, some sewing, little rubber stamping, cooking, baking
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    Stay at home mom
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    since I was 10
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  1. newcrocheter

    girl's poncho

    I have made the Steph Thornton poncho and it works up very easily. Just my two cents
  2. newcrocheter

    Crocheted borders/edging

    My mom brought over an afghan she knit and would like me to put a crocheted border/edge on it. Any suggestions?
  3. newcrocheter


    Hi everyone. I am new to crochetville. I am from Clarkston. Grew up outside of Port Huron in a little town called Goodells. Graduated from Yale High School. I had a 20 year absence from crocheting but picked up my hook again last October. With the poncho craze, I made 10 ponchos for Christmas gifts last year. I have now contracted the crochet virus and can't get rid of it! Glad to meet all of you. Newcrocheter AKA Barb:manyheart
  4. I would like to see some patches for the designs. We ride motorcycles and I would LOVE to include some snazzy crochet patches on my vest. Happiest when hoooking, etc., etc. Thanks!
  5. newcrocheter

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I am new to crochetville. I am a new again crocheter. I picked up my hook last October after a 20 year absence. I made 10 ponchos for Christmas gifts last year. So, I think the bug bit me! I have made ponchos, scarves, dishcloths, a tank top, just in the past year!