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    Your run of the mill frugal, vegetarian, Pentecostal, urban homesteader.
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    canning, Urban Homesteading, Baking, Cooking, Dehydrating, Diy, Gardening, Sewing
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  1. It did - it's here now! Sorry for using another name. It's been so long I couldn't remember my password. And the password reset tool just sent me new passwords that didn't work
  2. 12 white, 5 pink added. I keep getting sidetracked with other projects. It's hard to keep focused on this one cuz I dun like all the ends...lol. So this week I also joined ravelry, cataloged my stash, and finished wrist warmers, coasters, and a knifty knitted scarf. 20/192 pink 08/096 green 49/288 white 10/192 bicolor -------------- 87/768 total
  3. Busy week, only 20 more whites done. 15/192 pink 08/096 green 37/288 white 10/192 bicolor -------------- 70/768 total
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I like the pillow idea, but my livingroom is all navy, so the ecru is a bit bright for it. I'll keep hunting. I've got it all wound up now and waiting
  5. Thanks judianne. I wish I had more people I needed to make gifts for, those would make marvelous presents. Sadly, it'd only work for my mom...and her sister spins and knits, so she's sure to handmake something for her as well.
  6. Finally got everything all organized and in my "current project" basket. I may take one more break once I find the right pattern, as I found some aerie yarn that is too delicious to ignore! I have a thread here if anyone knows a good pattern, I've had trouble finding any now that it's discontinued. 15/192 pink 08/096 green 17/288 white 10/192 bicolor -------------- 50/768 total
  7. Wow, I really like how that turned out
  8. I've moved since the last time I posted here, so I thought I'd update. I'm now in West Allis near 60th and Lincoln
  9. I was digging through my supplies looking for the yarn I set aside for a quilted afghan, when I came across a sealed bag full of 10 1.76oz skeins of moda dea aerie in ecru. Something must be done about this waste at once! What would you make with this microfiber yarn??
  10. I've started crocheting again, but since I'm on a frugal kick I'm only using yarn out of my stash. I thought I'd try projects to help me keep warm with my new lower thermostat setting. I started with a shawl and will probably do an afghan next (I actually have yarn set aside for a quilt style afghan). This one used the nicest yarn I ever bought. I had squirreled it away for a project like this. This is a bottom up granny shawl made with knit picks andean silk (alpaca, silk, wool blend) in chocolate with an L hook. I used all 7 skeins I had...it came out to a perfect 65x32. I'm wearing it now and it really is nice and warm! Thanks to DreamsOfYarn for pointing me to the pattern.
  11. I'm doing this granny style bottom up shawl that DreamsOfYarn suggested I'm working on pinching pennies by keeping the thermostat low, so I wanted something nice and warm.
  12. Thanks for the welcome Skysmom and Aussie. I will have to get organized and count squares this weekend. Hopefully I'll have my shawl done tomorrow and can get to work!
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