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  1. hmmm..i wonder if my walmart is doing this. been so long since ive shopped for yarn (got too much projects floating around the house). i hope so though, i used mainstays once and didnt like it at all. its worth the extra 50 cents for me to have more colors of red heart...now if walmart would just stock other KINDS of yarn...
  2. hey everyone, i saw the following on an email group i belong to...i dont do any charity crocheting, but for those that do, this could be a nice help!! ----------------- Free Box of Yarn Coats and Clark said it had to be on the letterhead of the organization you were donating to, a new rule they said Coats and Clark the makers of Red Heart yarn will send you a box of yarn for charity crocheting. All you have to do is to send them a letter in the mail telling them what you need and that you do charity crocheting. Their address is: Coats and Clark P.O. Box 12229 G
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