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  1. JUST WOW. my favorite 'warm' colors. nice work
  2. granny it looks like round ripples are your current specialty..the color choices you make are dazzling!!
  3. thanks for the replies! the long rectangular granny is a nice idea...and krakovianka's afghan/pillow set is beautiful! great work.. rose red, i havent made a round ripple yet..i started one right before i stopped crocheting (about 1 1/2 years ago). the varigated yarn looks great there too! i'll probably end up making those for my kids...2 in girly colors, and camo (of course) for my son... ladycrochat is right, i dont want that "pooling" effect that comes with variaged yarn..isnt it funny how some sections wind up looking flecked, some striped, and some blotchy?
  4. ha ha..yeah, sorry. CAMOflauge...
  5. hey everyone, been a long time since ive been to this forum (or crocheted, for that matter ) ...but i feel the need to get back into it. i'd like to do an afghan in the red-hart camo (never used it)..just putting this thread out there to see if any of you have had good results with a pattern for varigated yarn...i dont think i want to do another color...just the green camo. im thinking of this one: http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/antarctic/antarctic.html but please give me your favorites...i'd really like to see what you all have worked with and to just say "HI". -val
  6. bubbles baby blanket!! one of my all time favorites. here's a link to a thread i started about it.. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15334 my pics are gone cuz it was so long ago. but this is def. worth a try!
  7. that looks really cool!! i do love that self striping yarn
  8. great pattern!! the wide stripes really show off your color choices.
  9. love this one! colors perfect for a boy..and the stitches look great! :
  10. i love how you put the scarf on that sky blue background..looks so real! great design
  11. love your stuff!! i really like the "splendor afghan"..and has anyone ever told you that your daughter looks like janet jackson..rhythm nation 1814 era!
  12. that is so cool!!!! is it for a little girl? my 5 year old would that!!
  13. VERY NICE!! this would make a great blanket as well..line it with flannel and tie off the top at every "x"... thanks for posting that!
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