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    Crafts ,crochet,painting ect
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    since 2002
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    slippers and afghans
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  1. angels776

    Quick Easy Shawl

    that shawl is beautiful I love it and the color.good job:yayah and not to forget how good it looks on you .You know I'm going to walmart and bying all the yarn I can find in that color because my skin type is like your (hispanic)and will sute me as well,love it very much .
  2. angels776

    Alpaca Angel Crochet Shawl

    Hello hey you know ive been looking for a pattern like that,open in front .I made a poncho but it came out so funny that i want to make anotherone open in front like yours it's so nice I love that one.
  3. wow that is beautiful to say something i Love it ,i'm irikel's sister but to let you know i would for now never be able to get something like that done wounderful.
  4. angels776

    35 Granny Squares Afghan

    Hi Linda :clap it's ben like a week that you have desired me getting better and I answer now:lol lol ,ben very busy,more sick but trying to crochet as much as I can ,thanks . have a wonderful night . :hug
  5. angels776

    35 Granny Squares Afghan

    Hey Diane don't worry to much about it because if you get to see the sq's that i made and then all of it put together you will be amaized how good it looks .I was so supprized on how it looked after done that I'm makein two more not worring about that to much ,don't worry they fall all into place and staighten out.
  6. angels776

    35 Granny Squares Afghan

    Hello that afghan is beautiful and don't worry about the mes ,Hello talking messes you are not the only one believe me .lol:lol :lol we all have some of that but your afghan is what matters and i call your's afghan beautiful. :hug
  7. angels776

    35 Granny Squares Afghan

    Hi linda I believe you haven't seen me around because of my sinusis to, I thought i was the only one sick but now, I see that there are others that haven't ben here either, so lets see if we can catch up with the buch now i'm lost right now:eek lol hope you get better.popin all these pills in I'm num already.lol:lol :hug get well soon
  8. angels776

    Hi From Texas

    Welcome to our wonderful group ,your going to have alot of fun like me and all of us lol welcome.
  9. angels776

    I'm new here

    Hi! and welcome to the group we have alot of fun here and good time's,I don't know to much but it's fun learning and reading everyone's coments and the answers.welcome again.
  10. angels776

    Following a pattern

    You know I don't know how this happend because of all the crafts that i do i haited crochet,and since my mom pasted away 3 years ago on my brother's birthday nov 30th 2002,I grabes my hooks and started to fool around with them and made me some slipper's and 100 pairs more:lol then my sister irikel send me a book and i flew from there,then i started with the towel toppers,bathroom sets and now the 63 sqs and plan to keep on .but you know whats the big thing of this? that most of the time I can see a pictures and I can come out with it and make it from the picture.and it turns out the same.But now I love crocheting and can't put my needles down. :cheer :cheer :hug I think God has Blessed me with this.
  11. angels776

    63 Squares Crochet Along

    Hey Juliekay I got it #44 now I'm on #46 now got 4 rows to go,but my goal is to finnish it this weekend hopefully,if I don't get cought with another burden one lol lol lol:clap :clap
  12. angels776

    63 Squares Crochet Along

    Hi juliekay "yeah right" like my niece's daughter used to say,,,, well I'm not that bad either, well I've ben hanging in here .lol lol lol, :cheer :yayand I'm going to finnish this darn thing becase I can't wait to see it done lol lol. I'm so happy I even started it and being in this group give's me therapy,which I definitly need . Thank you all and God bless you all. :hug :hug
  13. angels776

    63 Squares Crochet Along

    Thank you Jimmielu for your advice but believe me if I leave this one I will not do it at all because of how many times I took it apart so i prefered to frog it as many time until I got it right ,now i can keep on thank God .God bless you all and for your help.thanks irikel too
  14. angels776

    63 Squares Crochet Along

    Howdy here today !hope everyone is doing good tonight,juliekay did you see what i did with my name? Yes I changed it now I'm juliaVC(angels776)lol.Hey I wanted to let you know that I have them 44 sq done but with a lot of trouble lol.but I'm very close to getting them done and I am demanding mysefl to finnish it.Well about the color's,it's a scrap afhgan ,it has all colors.As soon as i get it done i'll post them on my blog if i get to learn that part:lol :lol of how to post my stuff there.I did put some slippers that I made but I don't even remember how i did it.but it'll come to me again I hope soon lol well happy holidays everyone see ya soon God bless you all. :hug :hug
  15. angels776

    Slippers for the nursing home

    I hope it can help anyone that has that in mind.