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  1. that shawl is beautiful I love it and the color.good job:yayah and not to forget how good it looks on you .You know I'm going to walmart and bying all the yarn I can find in that color because my skin type is like your (hispanic)and will sute me as well,love it very much .
  2. I also like making slippers for everyone ;My question is what do you guys use on the sole to make them none skid? I use rug backing (i think that's the name.
  3. Hello I also like crochetting for baby's and that is adorable i love the colores.Good luck with your baby.
  4. Hello hey you know ive been looking for a pattern like that,open in front .I made a poncho but it came out so funny that i want to make anotherone open in front like yours it's so nice I love that one.
  5. wow that is beautiful to say something i Love it ,i'm irikel's sister but to let you know i would for now never be able to get something like that done wounderful.
  6. Hey juliekay I want to join but i have to finnish the 2 that I'm making right now but that will be the one i will keep for me , the 2 that I am making probebly are going to be gifts:) so this one will be in delft blue and it will be all mine, no way that i will give this one up,it's the perfect one for me .all blue I love it:lol one will be for my godmother and the other for the lady of a dorm I stayed when I was studding in Puerto Rico (cosmetology)These are my 2 lights after my mother passed awy they have ben my support God bless them both. :hug
  7. Hi Linda :clap it's ben like a week that you have desired me getting better and I answer now:lol lol ,ben very busy,more sick but trying to crochet as much as I can ,thanks . have a wonderful night . :hug
  8. Hey Diane don't worry to much about it because if you get to see the sq's that i made and then all of it put together you will be amaized how good it looks .I was so supprized on how it looked after done that I'm makein two more not worring about that to much ,don't worry they fall all into place and staighten out.
  9. Hey that is awesome ,beautiful and everything good you want to say abaout it wow
  10. hello juliekay you know i went to the doctor and yes my migraine's were cronic sinus and my bronchial problems but I was put on meds so lets see what happends.hope get better fast.but I have ben working on my flowers yet slowly but surely lol :hug :hugin fact I'm going to work on them for a little:knit .I need a lot of this:sleep
  11. Hey you know juliekay my hubby says that he really woulden't want to hear us together because me alone drive him crazy he can't imagine us together lol lol lol lol so if you come on with your mother in law that will be are day alone without disturbances lol lol that will be a womans day for us lol.
  12. Hey sue you know that is very true that that gage is not a big thing because mine came out very nice I posted it you can see it on my photobucket and he love it,I gave it to my hubby on New Yeatrs like i said and immediatly I started the flower afghan.
  13. Hello Tandy keep on going it's the most wonderful feeling to be so close to the finnished line that when you do finnish omg how wonderful it is.keep them hands busy.
  14. Hey that's my place I also like to talk alot as irikel she will tell you ,so we will be in competition if we were together lol:lol :lol :hug :hugjust stoped in to say hello to everyone love and hugs
  15. Hello that afghan is beautiful and don't worry about the mes ,Hello talking messes you are not the only one believe me .lol:lol :lol we all have some of that but your afghan is what matters and i call your's afghan beautiful. :hug
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