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  1. Just-Jennfu

    New Ami

    I like the flower like that it looks like a pocket design or something. I was going to suggest Fifi just cause she looks saucy but Aztec is pretty cool too.
  2. oh sooo cute, my daughter LOVES the really small ones cause she can carry them in her pockets. Nice job!
  3. Oh they are all adorable... esp your daughter!
  4. Oh awesome, I always love curlies over fringe, good job!
  5. Awwwww, how CUTE is he!?!?!?! Nice work, on the cover as well!
  6. I wish my camera hadn't died, these pic do NOT do it justice in the cute dept. lol
  7. Absolutely adorable!
  8. So its silly but i made my Chili a taco, "Yo quiero taco bell" (sp?)and all that. LOL (battery on my phone died so I had to use my camera... blah it takes the lamest pics!)
  9. Just-Jennfu

    Another Mermaid

    Both are precious!!!
  10. Just-Jennfu

    Bear and Hare

    Ohhhhh soooo cute!
  11. Jack Skellington and Sally ami's for my cousin who is OBSESSED!
  12. I just saw this thread and figured why not list mine... I know I have linked several of yours and check them out frequently, so feel free http://just-jennfu.blogspot.com/
  13. Just-Jennfu

    Little Bamboo

    Here is my little Bamboo ami I made for a friends desk... she doesn't have room for big plants so I made her a tiny one... thinking I might have to write this one down he is sooo cute. Before I decorated the pot After decorations
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