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  1. The doily is stunning. Love the vibrant colours you used in it.
  2. Beautiful! I love the colour you chose.
  3. Hi, I've just taken the plunge into thread crochet and love it. I've done one bookmark and a couple of small doily's using #10 thread and would like advice on how to wash/block or whatever. I'd also like to try a slightly finer thread next time so wonder which would be the one to go for. Thanks for your help. Margaret
  4. Very beautiful! As a beginner threadie I am inspired!
  5. Absolutely stunning! Great job.
  6. Looks great! Love the colour.
  7. I have one of those Clover pendants already that I use for my cross stitch. If anyone else is thinking about buying one they are excellent. I'd love to think I'd get the chance to fondle "real" yarn rather than buying online but I'm not sure how much time I might get for shopping. I'm going home because my daughter is going into hospital for five days. I'll be looking after an eighteen month old and a five year old. Help! I will have access to the PC so should still be able to check in now and again. Great job Sue - you are nearly there! Margaret
  8. It is adorable and the buttons are perfect. Great job.
  9. Hi Gina, Thanks for the info. I'm in Spain and will be flying with a small UK airline Flybe. I'm just going to take the chance - bury my hook in a nice fat ball of yarn and hope for the best. I'll let you know what happens! About your six squares..........maybe JulieKay can help you to increase your output with the help of her baseball bat I'm crawling along with an output of two squares per day but if we just do even a little each day we WILL finish it. I want my afghan finished before Christmas. That's my goal. What's yours? Margaret
  10. Well, I figure the worst that can happen is that they will take my hook. I'd rather take the chance and try to get away with it than sit bored stiff for hours on end. My daughter flew back to UK last week. Her plane was delayed and they spent six and a half hours in the airport - enough to drive me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have managed another two squares today bringing my grand total to twelve. I seem like I can only get two done per day but I'm plugging away. Can't wait to see your pic! Margaret
  11. It's gorgeous! Great job Celeste.
  12. Hi everyone, Just checking in to report my small progress to date. I now have ten squares finished (in no particular order) edged and ends woven in. I must be the slowest 63 Wannabe on the board but I will be in til the end I have to go to UK unexpectedly on Monday and will be gone for two weeks or so. I am hoping to crochet at the airport and on the plane!!!!!!! Please let there be no restrictions. I don't want to lose my hook I should still have Internet access while I'm gone so can check back now and again. Congratulations Celeste on finishing! I can't wait to see your finished afghan. Margaret
  13. Hi everyone, I haven't checked in for a couple of weeks due to a family visit. I thought you would all have packed up your workbaskets (with finished afghan inside) and moved on to pastures new so I am glad to see this thread is still active. I'm pleased to see there are some still in the early stages of the CAL so I am here to report on my small progress and to have a bit of a whine as well I have managed to finish squares #2, #3, #4 and #5 and, after several failed attempts, have even managed to edge them to my liking. The thing that is driving me demented is that it is almost impossible to get two squares to come out the same size! Now I was ready to throw in the towel until I saw JulieKay's rallying message re not jumping off bridges (yes, I've been on the edge) and just to adjust the edging here and there to make the edges line up. Well, that might work for some but not for me. The difference in the width of one of my squares was so great that I had to re-do it completely adding enough extra stitches for a further repeat of the pattern. Now I'm wondering if this is just me or has anyone else had to do this? I hold my yarn and tension it the way I am supposed to so can't figure out the problem. Help!!! OK, off to do another square - only 59 to go! Margaret
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