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    I was taught to crochet when I was very young, but I just recently picked it back up again.
  1. Oh, thanks for the tip. I have been searching the internet but not finding anything. "knit fabric" will probably give me the results I need. Thanks!
  2. Hi. Can anyone tell me how to sew onto a crochet piece? I have a bonnet pattern that has lace or ribbon around the face. The pattern says to glue or sew the lace or ribbon to the hat. I'm thinking that gluing is probably not the best idea if I plan on selling it? So if I'm sewing it, what kind of stitch is best? What kind of thread? Is machine sewing a bad idea? TIA! Tiffany
  3. JellyBean

    hat help

    Thanks. I think it's just how I was holding it. I started a pumpkin hat that has a stem them runs into FPDC and I was positive it was inside out. Once I flipped it, it was definitely correct, so I must be doing something funky.
  4. JellyBean

    hat help

    This may be a silly question. I have been crocheting for years, but mainly blankets. I haven't made many hats. When you crochet a hat and it starts to curl into the hat shape, is it curling with the right or wrong side out? I finished a hat last night and when I turned it inside out, it looks better? TIA
  5. Oh and I am working with anti-pill and blizzard fleece.
  6. Thanks for the responses! Marleen - that's awesome info, thanks. My awl came all ready to use (just recently purchased). So I should be pressing down and squashing the orange thing a bit then? And do more than one piece of fabric at a time? Ok, I will try these things. Unfortunately my computer isn't hooked up at home at the moment and my dvd player will not play burned discs so I was unable to watch that for instructions. Thanks! I will let you all know how it goes.
  7. Hi everyone. I am having big problems. Leave it to me to have 2 projects with a deadline and no room to spare, using a brand new technique! I was asking for trouble. I just recently bought the edgerydoo kits. I am working on 2 blankets that will be using 12 each of the 12" squares. I cut the squares and started punching the holes last night. When I try to crochet into them, though, I am having the darnedest time getting the hook through the holes. I have to carefully force (so I don't rip the material) the crochet hook through. If I have to keep doing that these squares are going to take me forever to complete! I am using the recommended hook (from the edgerydoo website). Am I doing something wrong? Please help. I have 10 days to finish these blankets!!!!
  8. Awesome, thanks ladies! I'll try it tonight. I am so aggrivated...this hat should seriously take no time at all and I have frogged it like 5 times! Haha! I will get this crochet in the round stuff...I swear I will!
  9. So in the third ch of the ch3 then?
  10. OK...maybe I need to crochet in the round more or something, but I cannot get this simple hat pattern right! I am having a problem joining the rows. They end in double crochet, begin with a ch3, dc in joining space...but the directions for joining (mentioned at the beginning of the pattern) say: "Join each round with a sl st in first ch st. not the ch 1 or ch3." ummmm...WHERE? TIA! Tiff
  11. Those are so nice domermama! Do you mind sharing what pattern you used for that denim colored one? A friend of mine just started chemo for aggressive breast cancer, and I was looking for some good patterns to make her some hats! Thanks, Tiff
  12. Hi All! I would be happy to take any of these off your hands. They have been discontinued, so I'll take whatever I can get! Bernat Velour Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick Lion Suede Lion Color Waves LB Homespun Baby LB Trellis LB Watercolors LB BIG Yarn LB Cotton Thick & Quick LB Terryspun LB Magic Stripes Chenille Sensations Lion Chenille I also would also take any Velvetspun. I know it's not discontinued, but it's hard to find and most people I know refuse to work with it. So if you hate it, I'll take it! Thanks! Tiff
  13. See...been doing it wrong all this time...
  14. ...especially from someone who has been crocheting since I was a kid. LOL! I never crocheted with patterns until a couple years ago. I just did what my Mom and Grandma told me to do! Then I started following patterns, super simple ones, to make things like baby afghans as gifts. Made my first hats a couple of months ago (bear hat and stocking hat) from patterns I bought on etsy. I struggled a tad but "winged it" and they came out fairly cute. Now I'm making a hat by request for an old high school friend on facebook. It's for her son. I've been considering selling my crafts, and if she really likes this hat, I know it will be a future sales boost. So I've finally decided to make sure I'm doing things properly rather than winging it. After all that, here's my question: Say I'm on row 4...I've done the chain, the sc row, then dc into the sc row. Now when I get to row 4 it says something like "dc in each dc" or "2dc in each dc," or something to that effect. Am I supposed to be going into the space between posts, or the top loopy part of the dc? It sounds silly but I'm sure it makes a difference on something so small and wearable. I don't want to be selling under par work. TIA! Tiff
  15. I am totally loving this bubbles blanket pattern! Making it in two shades of turquois Simply Soft and it is looking really sharp! It's for a baby boy due anytime now... His parents are both African (Kenyan to be exact) and very dark skinned. So I thought something other than the traditional pastels would be more fun for him I am thinking that this might be a great pattern for at least one of the toddler blankets as well...I just love it! I'll post pics soon!
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