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  1. I'm in dire need of a copy of this Annie's Attic publishing of Sophie's Precious Bonnets. I found one copy and bought it but like an idget, I have somehow lost it and the bonnet I was working on. I want it back :cry Anyone know where I can find a copy? I'll pay untold amounts to recover this awesome booklet!
  2. Mermaiden, it is a quilt pattern wedding ring that I'm working on, like that picture, but that isn't the exact pattern. I've got that pattern though! It's from a book of quilt patterns for crochet. A great pattern for wedding gifts, but obviously it wouldn't work all in white! I've got another pattern that I am thinking about doing which is all in white and gorgeous, I don't have the book right here with me. If you PM me your e-mail addy, I'll tell you the name of the book when I find it!
  3. Hey all, I haven't been online much lately, so sorry to be silent! Nittany, I did receive the 2 scarves you sent, they're beautiful, I love the patterns and the yarns are so yummy and soft! Thanks for the candle, the cocoa and the Burt's Bees lip balm too! I'll post a pic of them when I get a chance. **Ann** your package is in the mail, I'm sorry I was a bit late posting it, I have had your stuff ready, I just kept forgetting to bring it to work with me so I can send it! But I dropped it in the mail Friday, it should arrive soon. I forgot to add the card, so it may come a day or two after Leslie
  4. I also recieved my July square from EB today, thanks EB, it's lovely!
  5. Oo, oo! I'm so in! I'm a scarf fiend, I think I have about 10 of them, but I love wearing them and I especially love making them!!
  6. airmedh, I sent out your August square last week (I think it was last week... could have been two weeks ago! ) ... anyhow, you should have gotten it by now, I was just checking to make sure that you got it and it wasn't lost in the mail!
  7. Welcome from your neighbor one state over in AL!
  8. Excellent! Thanks so much for the help!
  9. I've been desperately searching for the perfect cardigan pattern for a friend of mine and I've found it... and it's knit! Is anyone around here adept at converting knit to crochet, because I haven't a clue... I have basic knitting knowledge but this pattern is beyond me... http://www.tahkistacycharles.com/free_patterns/bravo.pdf Thanks to anyone who can offer any help!
  10. Here are the bookmarks I made for the bookmark swap. They're not the best pictures, I still haven't gotten the hang of taking close pictures with my digital camera...! They're small little projects, really I'm trying to learn how to post clickable thumbnails...
  11. Very cute, Mermy, how many fo's have you under your (crocheted) belt now? I bet you're close to surpassing the number of fo's I've got and you've only been crocheting a few short months!
  12. I agree, they are absolutely gorgeous! They look great on, too I am a lucky swap partner I've gotten so many compliments on them!
  13. oh, how cute is that!!!
  14. Love the blanket! No fringe, I think also. Where did you find that pattern??
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