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  1. Here is the pattern I'm looking for. http://www.marymaxim.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10001_10054_3074457345616921554_-1_15046_15047 I'm pregnant (just found out), my 2 other children are 16 & 13 so this is truly like starting over for me. I love this pattern and #1 - they only sell it in the kit & #2 - they are backordered. I'm hoping someone has this pattern & are willing to sell it to me. Thanks in advance!! -Melissa
  2. I imagine it would get pretty heavy as you are making it, but since felting shrinks it I think the finished product would be awesome! Really a great idea!
  3. I'm interested in seeing the responses on this one. I haven't but I imagine it would turn our beautifully felted. Eagerly awaiting... lol!
  4. mescovedo

    KISS Bunny

    omg! soooo stinking cute! thanks for the ravelry info! think that's going to get me in a lot of trouble now though lol!
  5. mescovedo

    KISS Bunny

    very cute! where would one find these KISS patterns?
  6. Count me in! Lovely work btw, but as much as I've crocheted now, I don't have one single crocheted afghan that's mine. Lol!
  7. here's some nice pics of someone's crocheted one too: http://www.jobodesigns.com/_sites/JoboDesigns/post/2011/01/19/WIP-Wednesday-Falling-Blocks-Afghan.aspx
  8. and here's a take on one that may give you the right start... http://www.happyyellowhouse.com/htm/cubes.html
  9. red heart used to have a free leaflet of exactily what you're looking for called "tumbling blocks" i believe though i'm not able to locate it online - i think i may have the leaflet at home... i'd have to check.
  10. found this one free on lion brand: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/kwe-blok.html?r=1
  11. this also has something similar: http://www.123stitch.com/cgi-perl/itemdetail.pl?item=LA5285
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