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  1. I imagine it would get pretty heavy as you are making it, but since felting shrinks it I think the finished product would be awesome! Really a great idea!
  2. I'm interested in seeing the responses on this one. I haven't but I imagine it would turn our beautifully felted. Eagerly awaiting... lol!
  3. mescovedo

    KISS Bunny

    omg! soooo stinking cute! thanks for the ravelry info! think that's going to get me in a lot of trouble now though lol!
  4. mescovedo

    KISS Bunny

    very cute! where would one find these KISS patterns?
  5. I was the same way! But like it was said before, bigger hook, J or K maybe, and loose stitching. The way I figured it, even w/the loose stitching, when you wash it, it fluffs nicely and is super soft. I did hate it at first and it can be frustrating but I've begun to come around to it and would love to make a ripple out of one next project.
  6. I did exactly what you did the first time around but didn't notice that it was wrong until now for whatever reason and I'm half done with it so i'm not frogging it. This one is for me anyway - maybe i'll get it right the next time. =( Now i'm sad.
  7. Yay! So I found my mistake and am back on track. Just finished up row 7 w/no issues! I didn't do a sc dec at the end of row 5 which gave me that extra stitch when I was doing row 6. But now I'm sad that I have to put it aside while I make my co-worker that hat. =(
  8. Well it is beautiful! I'm sure she was sending up prayers that you would get it back soon! LOL!
  9. Well I did frog row 6 - i went back and re-counted before doing so (I did not find a skipped stitch in that row at all) but I frogged it anyway. I'll re-count row 5 once I make it back home. But I have to make a hat for this girl at work who is paying for it so I need to get that done first. =( But then I can get back to my sweetheart ripple if time allows.
  10. so..... i thought when i had my lightbulb moment and finished row 5 i was all good.... well.... then i got to row 6 (which is to repeat row 2) - i get to the end of row 6 and something didn't come out right... the end part for row 2 (which is also row 6) says: ... across to last 7 sc, 3 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 4 sc, sc dec in next 2 sc... My problem is I had an extra stitch at the end. I don't know why. I didn't have that problem w/the original row 2. I suppose I'll need to go back and check my row 5 again. I know once I get it going I'll be fine. I just hope I can find where
  11. ok - I think I had a lightbulb moment and finally got to row 6! Then I came back and read comments which funny enough is what I did.. I think this is right: The colors are not true in the picture at all! I'm using a light and darker shades of purple.
  12. I'm having issues w/row 5... i don't know what i'm doing wrong. I just can't seem to get the hang for where to put my stitch at for the fptc-sc. I'll keep working at it...
  13. One of my grandmother's customer brought me over a couple bags of yarn! Yay me! And a bag of fabric too. The yarn that was in it was really old too, some of that Sayelle brand and some from a brand called Spinnerin that I never heard of. And a bunch more that I hadn't heard of (I'm at work so I don't have it here). But they were all in really good condition and yarn is yarn - I can't say no to it! LOL!
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