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  1. LeAnna ~ To you. Wishing you a blessed year ahead.
  2. It is so good to hear from so many of you friends, since I last checked-in. Toni ~ Glad to hear that your surgery went well, and that you are on the road to recovery. I do hope your vision continues to clear up, but it must be a wonderful feeling to be so positive about the outcome. Continue to rest and recuperate -- we'll be waiting for you, once you can spend more time at the computer. Julie ~ Hi, there!! Great to hear that Cam had a fun birthday, and that he received the trampoline, which sounded right up his alley. Were you able to get to one of his baseball games this week, or
  3. Good Monday Morning! We had a lovely, if somewhat busy, weekend. On Friday and Saturday, DH helped one of his friends finish sanding, seal and varnish the hardwood floors of his home. The friend is expecting his 1st baby this summer, and he wants the house perfect for his new daughter . He sent his wife to stay with her parents over the weekend and the two guys worked long hours to get the floors done. I cooked dinners (stew, bread and pecan pie Friday night and Mexican Chicken Calzones, tossed salad and rhubarb crisp on Saturday), provided warm showers and soft beds, and then handed o
  4. Good Friday ~ Safe travels, today, Cindy. I hope your mom and mil are doing better, by the time you see them. And, very cute that your grandson wanted your help with his room decorating Marisa ~ Sounds as though you have a couple of busy weekends on the horizon Good luck lining up appointments to look into some property next weekend. Are you also going up to look for a new apartment or condo to rend in Pittsburgh? Or, do you already have that figured out? Sorry, if you have already mentioned this. Joanne ~ Spring will, eventually, get here. Not today, though It was 40*,
  5. Good morning ~ I am rather envious of those of you with warm, summer-like temps. Oh, I understand that humidity and *hot* temps are no fun, but this morning's 37* was not too great, either . My baskets of tulips, strawberries and geraniums are on wagons, so we just wheeled them into the garage last night, and they look alright, today . I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but, "Come on, Spring!" I finished the little, drawstring purse last night, so it looks as though I am going to have a couple of different projects to show-off on Photo Friday I have a hexagon-shaped to
  6. G'morning Yes, we all had a good time with the roller skating lessons, yesterday. As a child, I used to skate everywhere, when I lived in Hawaii. We did not have a car, there, so I skated to school, I remember having birthday parties at the roller skating rink, with the lights and music...very fun . When I went to college, I bought my first pair of rollerblades, and I did not go back to my skates. Now, both girls have had rollerblades for years, and they are quite proficient on them. Neither had any bruises from hitting the auditorium floor, yesterday, and they cannot wait until they
  7. Good afternoon ~ How is everyone this fine Tuesday? I read through everyone's posts and was preparing to write responses, when my agenda for the day was up-ended -- for a good reason, though. The girls' school won a grant, allowing a few different 'lifetime sports' to be introduced to the students, and this month, the students are rollerskating. The grant allows for a company to come in with skates, wrist guards, knee pads and helmets for the students, as well as an overlay to protect our auditorium's wood flooring. The school sent out an S.O.S. for any parent willing to come in to put
  8. Good morning!! The day is running away from me.... I drove everyone in to town this morning, so that we can leave for my parents' as soon as school lets out. There is a Sock Hop planned for the entire afternoon for the students, today, so the girls were decked-out in crinolines, bobby socks, cardigan sweaters, a swing-y ponytail for Kyri and a ribbon headband with her hair curled into a cute bob for Annika. Can you imagine the giggles and chattering that was taking place, while they got ready? I feel for the teachers trying to teach lessons this morning, because I fear all of the students
  9. Good morning ~ Toni ~ I am thinking of you during your eye surgery, today. All the best for a quick and full recovery. The sun is shining, and I am planning to spend the morning making a quick gift bag for MIL's gift. I bought her a nice-looking glass vessel with a long cylinder in it for infusing olive oil or vinegar with herb flavors (I know, really great explanation , but it is perfect for her, as she would eat salads for 3 meals/day, if FIL did not insist on some heartier fare ) So, I have this vessel, a bottle of fancy, EVOO and I will pick up some fresh tarragon and basil from
  10. A break, away, sounds like the perfect medicine, LeAnna. Hang in there, and we'll be waiting for you, once you get home and your computer issues get fixed Safe travels.
  11. You have been in my thoughts, Toni, and I will continue to pray for you :hug Such an awful lot of devastation and sadness. I am very glad your downed tree has already been taken care of by your neighbor, and I am thankful the small tornado (is there really such a thing?? They all scare me, I do not care what size they are!) did not do much damage on your brother's property. I will be praying for you through your surgery tomorrow. Is it out-patient type surgery, or will you be in the hospital for a night? We'll be looking forward to hearing that you are back home and recuperating. Here's
  12. Hello, Friends!! Time just gets away from me, and then I am embarrassed to pop back in here quickly. You know me, I am never brief , but I'll do my best, as I have a hundred-and-one things I want to accomplish before we go to my parents' house for the weekend. Temps have been in the high 40s and low 50s, which is not fabulous, but I am learning to work with it . Yesterday, I was just antsy and could not settle on anything in particular that I wanted to do in the house. I put on my work clothes and spent a few hours out in the yard cleaning up the rhubarb beds, the raised garde
  13. Awwwww, aren't you sweet?!? Thank you. And, you are more than welcome to come for dinner. I'll even send home leftovers to make your roadtrip worthwhile
  14. Julie & Marisa ~ Thanks for passing along the information about Toni. I will be keeping her and her daughter in my prayers. If you hear there is anything we can do to help them, will you share that, too? Thanks. About 17 times on the Chicken game, huh? Must be a goodie If you get to grill out for dinner, tonight, have a burger for me, okay? Our grill has been in hibernation since October... Looooove that second purse you picked up, Marisa. Very nice How fun that your parents enjoyed the Wine Tour last year, and that you are all going again this year. Gre
  15. Thank you. DH was gone for three weeks, but it, honestly, it passed pretty quickly. I just am not used to making so many trips into town each day . Usually, he drives the girls to school in the morning, and then I pick them up at the end of the day, but as I was the only chauffeur, my car is due for another oil change after this month At 100 miles/day...it does not take too long. It remains to be seen whether DH flies to Japan next month. Now, at least, I know the girls and I will be just fine on our own Thank you. How did you guess? Kyri wants another hat from the same pattern
  16. Thank you, Judy. I hope your baseball game is a good one. And, I forgot that this is your weekend to meet-up with Marisa, Joanne and Cheeria. Have a wonderful visit
  17. Hi, Trish ~ Glad that your camping trip did not get washed-out. We camped every weekend as I was growing up, and, I agree with Julie, it is great fun to give up one's regular routine and spend some time out-of-doors. Hope it does not take you too long to get your chores finished. Mmmmm, chili in the crockpot, that's the way to do it!! Have a good one! Ask, and you shall receive I will post it at the bottom of my comments and rambling, here. Speaking of pics, your tote is wonderful, and that baby blanket looks soooo cuddly. Is it for your hubby's daughter? Very nice work
  18. Hi Tam What lovely work you do!!! I adore both patterns that you have designed, but the sage green (my computer monitor may show the color waaaay off from what you used ) one on the left is gorgeous. Will you let us know when/if you have it ready for purchase? I think I need that pattern Hope you and your family are safe and dry this week
  19. Marlene It's so lucky for your grandchildren that you are able to spend so much quality, bonding time with them. I am sure you will like getting back to your own house for the next week, but the children are going to miss you. Morning, All Temps are supposed to be in the high 50s, today. My laundry is finished for the week, so I cannot hang that outside, but I plan on tossing the rug from the entryway and bathroom out on the deck to dry and get some fresh air. Linda and Toni, I hope you were spared during these awful, strong storms. To Judy, Marisa, Wrennie, Cheeria, and other
  20. Well, please keep us posted. That's about as far as we live from my folks', and, like you said, it is do-able, and I am glad to hear that you could get off of work on Friday to hurry to your parents', if the need arises. I am hoping that with a night's rest, your mom will be more clear to understand, and that the doctors will have some ideas for what befell her. My MIL had similar symptoms the day after Christmas, and after the usual MRI and CT scans, it was determined that she had suffered a seizure -- no stroke, and her speech came back within 24 hours, though she still had a bit of numbn
  21. :hug Cindy :hug I will definitely say a prayer for your mom, tonight. How scary for all of you. I hope you will be able to talk with your sis-in-law, soon, and hear a little bit about what the doctors are thinking right now. How far away do your parents live from you? It is encouraging to hear that your mom is talking, and I will pray for a brighter tomorrow.
  22. Good morning, Friends The sun is shining , the girls are back at school , and I am happy No real reason, it just feels like a great day. I DO hope all is well on your end, too! LeAnna ~ It's good to see you, again. I'll keep Hub-E's brother and nephew in my prayers, and your mom, too. What a schedule you have been keeping -- you sound busy. Cheeria ~ Good of you to stop in, too. I am happy to hear that you are still enjoying your weaving so much. It has got to be nice to spend a little one-on-one time with your youngest grandson while Jaedon is at pre-school -- different
  23. Happy Easter morning Thank you for the coffee this a.m., Joanne, I am enjoying a cup right now Littlest Miss has been looking forward to the Easter Bunny's visit all week, and, needless to say, she was up at 6 this morning, just to make sure he had been here. It was so cute last night, I just have to tell you: You have heard me whine about all of the rain we have been getting, right? Well, before bedtime, Annika was quizzing me as to what size of feet I thought the Bunny had. I told her they were probably closer to my size than DH's "Oh, good," she tells me, "Because, you do not
  24. Good afternoon, Friends I have been working all day, but I think we are ready for Easter . The weather has been icky and damp for the past number of days, so the girls and I decided to run away from home and go shopping. "Shopping" to the munchkins means strolling the aisles of JoAnn's and 'petting' the soft, sample swatches hanging from the display racks Haven't I taught them well?!? Of course, we picked up a few things there, but I did not need much -- 5"x5"x5" foam blocks for a baby shower gift, a skein of Patons Classic in denim to edge a purse, and some felt squares for the girl
  25. Good afternoon ~ I missed a good bunch of chatter, after I logged off the other afternoon. Boo! You ladies are doing such nice work on all of the tote bags Keep the pictures coming, please -- I love them all. I am not going to jump into that other CAL, as I am in love with making smaller purses at the moment, but I will sure be here to admire your work. Kiyo ~ You had asked what my DH does to keep him away from home, and I have been meaning to get back to you. He is an Engineer and dept. head for a snowmobile manufacturer. He's in charge of designing engines and exhaust syst
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