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  1. The "Cleaning, Organizing and De-stashing Before a New School Year" bug has hit our house. My goodness, we have been un-earthing items I did not even remember that we had...but it is kind of fun, too, to neaten up the workshop and some of the storage buildings. The girls are making good progress in going through their closets and drawers to weed-out the clothing items that no longer fit. The shoes these girls have Yikes!! The funny thing is that all of the shoes are well-worn and loved, but I did not realize they had so many pairs between them. I have been having some success selling th
  2. Hi All This is going to have to be quick, as I still have to start dinner, but I just finished downloading a few pictures. Since Phyllis asked for some new ones over the weekend , I thought I could get the ball rolling. Let's see, Here are the items I am sending off to Tammy tomorrow A felted ruffle purse, a newborn pinafore and hat, and a scalloped moebius cowl Then, I have a collection of scarves and hats for Kiyo ready to ship (You just have to answer your PM and get your address to me ) Here is the Raglan Top the Lion Brand site is doing as a CAL, but which I finished a
  3. Hi Everyone We are having a lovely day on this front, too The sunshine has been cheerfully hanging out in the sky all day long. I've washed all of my laundry and the curtains from the bathroom, and then I dried them out on the clotheslines. *Bliss* All of the closet doors and the trim boards have been stained, and the final coat of polyurethane has been applied. Tonight, we can start staining the interior doors, but that will be a slower process, as we only have two sets of sawhorses on which to lean the project-at-hand. It will get done, though Before I am needed for another tas
  4. Hi Kiyo ~ Good to hear from you. I am soooo glad that you agreed to go to the doctor's office, and that they were able to interpret your symptoms so quickly. Take good care of yourself . Wow, have you ever been working like crazy to get your father's house ready to rent next month. I am glad your brother is going to lend a hand this weekend, you need to catch a break. Hang in there Cindy ~ Did you go someplace fun for dinner last night? Any time you do not have to put together a meal is great, isn't it?! Glad I could give you the reminder about Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Do you
  5. :yay What wonderful news, Tam. Congratulations, Patrick!!
  6. Good Morning Glories I sent a grocery list to DH via e-mail this morning, so that I can cook at home over the weekend with fresh groceries. Since the computer was turned on, I might as well pop in and send a greeting out to all of you . How is your a.m. going? I have had my coffee , play time with my nephews, and the girls and I started reading a new book together (Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder). All is well in this little corner of Our House I have no art ability whatsoever, so it amazes me the girls have always been so interested in drawing, painting and
  7. Hello House Friends!! Art class is half-over, and Kyri tells me that she wishes it met every day from now until the real school year starts, because she is enjoying it so much. Annika has come home looking like a canvas these past two afternoons -- not exactly sure how yellow paint ended up on the upper portion of the back of her leg..., and the red paint on her ear was pretty... -- but she's washable . My Gramma accompanied me on errands both afternoons, and then, we got to sit and have coffee together, which was very special. I do not get enough time to just sit and visit with her, qu
  8. Good Saturday afternoon, Ladies DH's cousin called late last night to tell us that he is working (construction) in North Dakota this month, and to ask if he could drive over for a visit. I figured he was really in need of a home-cooked meal, so I worked quickly this morning and had a big dinner ready to serve when he arrived around noon. It was only 105 miles from his hotel to our house -- just a short jaunt for a visit Despite my teasing, we had a nice chat over Mozzarella-stuffed Rice Balls, which were deep fried and served with a spicy-sweet marinara sauce, Tossed Salad, fresh Brea
  9. Friends!! It's been aeons since I was last able to chat with you all; I missed you Our summer has been incredibly busy, and I have not been home a whole lot to play on the computer, but, other than that, all is well up here. The highlights DH and I celebrated our 14th anniversary with a trip to Michigan's Upper Penninsula Girls took 2 sessions of swimming lessons and passed their respective levels with flying colors I played nanny for 10 days in Chicago to my college friend's 18-month-old DD. What a blast!! We had such a grand time together. Do you know what bro
  10. Oh my gosh -- Wrennie! I am so very sorry to read this :hug:hug Our thoughts and love are with you right now :hug
  11. Good morning! We must have the same weather this morning, Joanne. It's lovely outside. I opened the windows wider, so that I could hear the birdies singing while I drink my coffee and write a note to all of you. My suitcase is packed, as is my travel crochet bag -- can't leave home without that . After breakfast, I will head-out, and I will be able to have dinner with Kyri and Annika tonight. It feels as though it has been forever since I saw them, though in reality it was just on the 2nd. This year, I am having a harder time leaving them than in the past -- odd . Thank you for the
  12. Good Saturday Morning! It is DH's birthday, so I woke up early to start the preparations for a good dinner. Julie ~ The cake is am baking is plain yellow, but I stirred in some vanilla bean paste for some taste ooph. DH always wants a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, nothing fussier than that. I did use my heart-shaped baking pans, and I have the ingredients for a dark chocolate frosting out in the counter . He is helping a friend move furniture to a new house all day, so the meal will be a pleasant surprise when he gets home. I have a baby shower to attend this afternoon, but the pr
  13. Hello, Friends We returned home on Wednesday night, after a wonderfully relaxing get-away in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Cindy, thank you for the reminder about the docks at McLain State Park. The weather cooperated beautifully, and we caught a number of sunsets and even a couple of pretty sunrises while we were away. We hiked and hiked and hiked. Mercy -- one day, we did 17 miles. There are all sorts of trails at the tippy-top of the Peninsula, and we just walked and climbed until dinnertime. We were on a mission to find a number of different waterfalls that we had visited on
  14. Good morning Once DH finishes work this evening, we will be on our way. Where did we decide to go? After a lot of price-checking and calling properties directly, I was able to get a nice rate at a bed-and-breakfast in Hancock, Michigan. We, usually, spend 90% of our vacation time outside, shopping, hiking, playing tourist, so I hated to spend a bundle on a place to sleep. When we do come in for the night, we will have a nice suite, which is going to be a treat. I cannot wait to close-up the house and head out . We will stay with my parents, tonight, and once Kyri and I are done lear
  15. Good Afternoon, Friends ~ It has been a bliss-fully, lazy Sunday. Rain started falling a couple of hours ago (Heaven knows, we do not need any more after the 4.5-inches that fell in the middle of the week...), but it is a gentle, soaking kind of rain. Nothing to worry about on the 'severe weather' scale, so we are making the most of it. I did a bit of light housekeeping earlier, baked some goodies for this week's lunches, and then I sat for a long stretch and crocheted the little jacket I need to make to finish this baby gift. I was able to come up with a solution to my problem of, "
  16. Hello, Friends My family went on a holiday to my parents' time-share as soon as the girls wrapped-up the school year. We had a wonderful time with a lot of swimming, some hiking, a bit of playing at the playground, crafting, and then we discovered Food Network. I was in love! The girls watched with me, too, and we could not get enough of the cooking competitions and challenges in the evening. Upon our return home, I came down with a sinus and throat infection that I thought was going to 'do me in.' DH was working out-of-town and the girls were having the grandest time at Va
  17. Good afternoon ~ This is going to be *super quick.* ... No, seriously, stop laughing... :lol:lol I have to be ready to walk out the door, as soon as DH gets home from work. I am finished packing, the food is made, the girls have their projects to work on in the car, so...I think we are good to go. I will not have access to a computer until next weekend, so I wish you a fun, safe, relaxing week Glad to hear from you, Marlene. Sorry to hear that you and hubby have been doctoring quite a bit, recently, but I hope you are able to figure out something about your wrist,
  18. Good morning! We had a Freeze Warning issued for last night, so DH and I spent a bit of time rigging tarps and blankets and pots and covers for my pretty flowers and the fragile vegetation we have sprouting up in the garden. Everything looks good this morning, so that is a relief . Temps are supposed to be cool for the forseeable future, in the high 60s, but we can always pull on a sweatshirt if it gets too chilly. I do not have any outings with the girls this afternoon. When was the last time I did not have to run into town at noon? I think I am going to just sit out on the deck, cr
  19. Oh my -- that does put Heidi's growth into perspective. With that in mind, I am really glad Sparkie "took" to Heidi so quickly and plays so nicely with her. My little ones make it so easy for me. They get excited and inspired by a bundle of pipe cleaners and some leftover variegated yarn (With those materials, they made a mobile for over one of their teddy's beds and some nifty bubble-blowing wands, which lead to mixing up bubble juice to try them out. More time outside in the yard? You bet, I am game! ) For our condo week, I know I have talked about the project before, but we are
  20. Pretty kitties -- thank you for sharing them with us. Hi! Congrats on Sean being an official Walker Sounds as though he is so excited about his new accomplishment, that he does not even want to slow down for a nap Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Wonderful to hear that the gas bubble in your line of sight is gone. Best wishes for a steady recovery Were you back up-and-running at work this afternoon, or will it be another couple of days? That just means you have time for lots of crocheting Ooooh, another tote bag on the horizon from one of the talented designers here..
  21. I am sorry you are not overly thrilled with your pattern, but I think it looks really nice I like the color blocks off-set with the black boarders. Keep the idea in mind, and, perhaps, you can come up with an easy fix to make the tote look more like the picture you had in your mind. A very nice contribution to the Goodwill, nonetheless.
  22. Judy, Linda, Joanne, Marisa, and Cindy ~ Thank you for the kind words about my projects from last week. :hugI really like to keep my fingers busy with hooks and yarn, and I am just so blessed to have found this supportive and encouraging "House." Julie and Joanne ~ our projects do sound a little bit out-of-control, don't they? When I look at the list, it seems as though our house must be *this close* to being condemned, but, honestly, it's very livable "as is." It was built by the previous owners in 1979, so it is not all that old, it is just that dated. They were not much for improveme
  23. Wrennie ~ Fun pictures -- thanks for sharing. Can I be nosy and ask if that is you holding Monkey? Your doily-ghan looks really special. Nice job on all of your projects Did you get out and back home again before your birdies mutinied? Hope so Julie ~ Cam sounds so wise with come of his observations. He has the wonderful memories of playing with you outside, when you were younger, and nothing can take those away from him. Love the shot of him in the mud!! You have to let kids get dirty, sometimes, right? ...if for no other reason than to take some cute and memorable photos.
  24. Hi there, Miss Julie:hi I hope you can get your errands finished, quickly, so that you and Cam can get back to playing at home. Enjoy your day with him, and tell him, "Way to go," on knowing so many of the answers to the game's questions .
  25. Toni ~ I am so thrilled by this news. :yay You have been such an inspiration and good sport through all of your medical restrictions, but to have your freedom to 'just get in the car and go where you want to when you want to has got to feel fabulous. Congratulations, M'friend Glad you made it safe and sound. I am anxious to hear how the rest of your properties look, once you return home. you have a great day! Is that set ever wonderful, Joanne I love the idea of giving the blankie with a matching tote bag. And, such a pretty color combination. Very nice Same to you
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