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  1. Bless all ofyou! I am well. I am using the Kindle I bought for Kyri ~ let me tell you about

    slow messaging. I spent some time getting K. situated in her new school, then, the realtor

    with whom I had been working came up with an apt for Gramma,but we had to sign

    papers w/i 10 days. Whirlwind trip followed! I was home for almost 2 wks and it wa time to bring the girls back to HI for our holiday. This is the 1st time I have tried to connect ANYTHING via wireless. It seems to work :) Love to you all!! I'll be home on the 11th. Til then...thank you SOOOOO much for your concern! This method of scroll and click on each letter is slow,so I will catch up properly later.

  2. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!!!


    The car is packed, and we are ready to leave. This past week has been horrible for Kyri and me at school, with even two of the teachers making sneaky comments within Kyri's ear-shot and keeping her in from recess and away from her friends for the past two days to scrub her desk, run papers for the teacher down to the office, tear pages out of her workbooks, etc. We are both really looking forward to the upcoming break. I have not been sleeping for worrying about her, but she is going to be fine. My mum and Gramma can hardly wait for her to get down to them, where they will spoil her (and Annika) with lots of love and fun activities -- City of Lights tour, ice skating, snowshoeing, popcorn balls and a chance to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve are on the agenda, thus far. DH and I are welcome at Christmas, and then, we have been told, that the girls will be fine without us, so we are trying to decide whether we come back home to do chores, or if we continue on and holiday at a bed 'n' breakfast somewhere around the Great Lakes :think We will let the girls stay, though, and soak up the attention from my parents :manyheart


    Marisa and Cindy ~ all of the pictures you both posted are wonderful. I love your throw, Marisa. Your sewing projects look as though they took a whole lot of time, Cindy. Nice work.


    Linda ~ So glad to hear that you are feeling better. My goodness, was that ever a bad tumble you took. So glad it did not end up being a concussion, but, still.....:hug


    Mary ~ Have a safe trip, and all the best with your family get-togethers. Yaaay, for getting your DH's Nook up-and-running. I think that is a great gift for him. Christmas morning with Luke will be very fun, indeed!


    Trish ~ I hope you get your results from the biopsy back, and that you are going to be all right. Are you feeling stronger? Less pain? I sure hope so :hug


    Judy ~ Your calm Christmas plans sound soooo appealing. I will, definitely, keep an eye out for a new CAL in the New Year.

    Joanne ~ sewing linings into that many bags was "zen-like," huh :think I would have been a basket-case, if I had to do that much sewing at a stretch. :clap for getting it all done. Sure hope you get your wish of an early-out this afternoon.


    Marlene ~ So glad you were able to see your grandchildren, before they headed to FL this week. Maya must be so excited about Santa, and it is so nice for you to provide cookies to share with the jolly fellow tomorrow night. I will probably not get on the computer before you depart for Texas, so please have a safe trip! I do not envy you trying to pack and figure out what to bring south, household-wise or yarn-wise. Hope you had time to sit down and collect your thoughts a bit in all of the hustle and bustle.


    Tab ~ Hope your little guy is feeling better by now. Any news from the Dr? It is good to hear your little bundle is head-down and thinking about joining your family. Five pounds is a perfectly-good size for a newborn, and a baby this week would be fun ;) Hang in there.


    The girls just finished packing their little bags to take in the car.

    :check A couple of Polly Pockets

    :check Book light

    :check 3 books each

    :check Harmonica -- yes, Gramma gave them to the girls last year, and they think it's a blast to play in the car. Oh, how I wish the drive were a little shorter :P


    I am going to move the food from the refrigerator to the cooler, and I think I am ready.


    Have a great couple of days :wreath Warm wishes to all of you and your families :ctree



  3. Oh, Mary ~ I could not help by laugh at Zoe's antics. I am so sorry she drowned your snowflake ornament, but it is good to hear that it survived pretty well. Christmas is such a tempting time for that kitty of yours, isn't it? Here's hoping you do not find anymore ornaments swimming, today :ctree


    Hope your DH's appt goes well this afternoon.

  4. Good morning, my friends.


    The weather is SOOOO unusual up our way this year! We had 53* and sunshine yesterday, on the 18th of December. It was a record-setting type of day :sun We ran over to Grand Forks, ND, and it was quite a pleasure to spend the day all together. I have done all of the Christmas shopping and wrapping, so I was not feeling stressed at all. I had been hearing ads from IHOP about the White Chocolate Chip Mint Pancakes, and those flavors are my girls' absolute favorites :drool. We went out to lunch, where the pancakes were as yummy as anticipated. DH had the Eggnogg ones, and I ordered the Pumpkin Praline, so we tried every limited-time flavor available. To work off our lunch, we wandered through the home improvement store to find a fix for the leaking vent-fan in the bathroom, and then I used my coupon at JoAnn's to buy some plum Patons Classic Wool and clear, cellophane wrapping paper for the dishcloth bouquets. That's it. We were home in time for the girls to don their coveralls and run outside to play for a couple of hours. Definitely a good day :yes


    Mary ~ What a sweet picture of little Luke. Did he have fun helping his folks pick out their Christmas tree? He must be so excited this year. Has he visited with Santa, or is that too scary for him, yet?


    Joanne ~ Your weekend with your daughters sounded wonderful! So glad you got to enjoy your days together.


    Cindy ~ Hibernating does not sound all bad, especially if your surfaces are ice covered. Did you start another knitting project? Hope you have a good week.


    Linda ~ I hope you were able to go out antiquing. Mom, Gramma and I like to go out and wander through the shops along the northshore of Lake Superior, if we find a free day together. Did anything call out your name? I look for pewter cups and spoons, when I am out shopping. Sounds as though your party the other evening was very enjoyable. Good friends and good food are a true blessing :manyheart


    Phyllis ~ I do not think I had a chance to comment when you posted the picture in your hat last week, but I thought it looked wonderful :yarn How nice it was to put a face to your name :hug Ooooh, a day to yourself...how did you decide to spend it? Sorry to hear that the game was not that spectacular, but I am sure you enjoyed your quiet house to the hilt.


    Christi ~ Always busy and lively at your house, I expect. Nice of you to pop in, whenever time allows.


    Judy ~ Awwww, it must be fun to see Lucy being so gentle. And, doesn't she sound smart?!


    Shannon ~ Way to go on your book writing :cheer I am glad you were able to work-out an arrangement with your DS's school. Is he happier, now, too?


    This afternoon, Kyri will get to meet her new teacher. I had my meeting with the Principal of her current school on Friday, and I was a nervous wreck. I dislike confrontations :cry It went, surprisingly, smoothly. The Principal took many, many notes while I was talking and telling my reasons for wanting to move Kyri. She made me feel as though she will be looking into some of the time-managment issues and all of the independent reading time in the classroom. She seemed surprised at the gap between what the surrounding 4th graders are studying when compared with her students... At least I gave her something to ponder over the weekend :think. Four more days, and then we will begin our new adventure.


    I HAVE to write my final 4 Christmas letters today, so I am going to run. Wishing you all a great day :sheepxmas

  5. Dusti- I've been thinking of you and your dilemma with your DD---please know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you are able to come to the right decision! Oh, and BTW, the mittens, hat and scarves you sent look lovely on the giving tree at work!!! Thank you again for sending them along !!!!


    :hug:hug:hugOh, you are so wonderful. It has been a long and stressful week. DH flew home on Saturday, because he tore two muscles in his upper thigh, when he was riding snowmobiles out west for work (something about the machine falling into a big hole, while he had all of his weight on the right leg, "And then there was a *ping* and a bit of pain." :think) Ugggh, the bruising is...colorful :yuck We spent Sunday having one muscle re-attached, and the other one was not damaged enough to require attention. He has to use heating pads to help the recovery and keep the leg elevated as much as possible. He's at work, but, ai-yi-yi, what a time to be off his feet and unable to drive. I get to play chauffeur until he can extend his right leg enough to operate the gas and brake pedals on his car. I think I get to drive down to my parents' for Christmas, too, because I do not expect him to be up to that in just a week. We'll see.


    On the school-front, it has been a busy week. Thank you SOOOOOO much for all of your love, suggestions, and reassurances last week. I read each and every one, and I truly appreciate all of you for your support. I toured a couple of schools and found one which completely caught my attention -- 60 min of Math daily; Science, Music and Phys. Ed 3 x's/week; 90 min dedicated to reading/day; and a lot of positive energy expressed by the staff I met. Kyri and I went back to visit, yesterday, and she was as excited as I was. The Principal had already selected a teacher and 2 "buddies" to show Kyri around during her first few weeks. We are going to move her to this school on Jan. 3. They use the same computer-based testing system to which Kyri is accustomed, and her scores/grades ought to transfer seamlessly. Now, I have to suck-up my fear and make the call to our current Principal and meet with her and the classroom teacher. I am dreading this meeting, as I know the teacher is very good at creating drama :cry


    My parents and Gramma are driving up today to attend the girls' Christmas Program tonight. I have been scrambling to make the house ready for company. We have been working every night to decorate the trees, set-up my snowmen collection, and bake treats. I love to do Christmas cards, and I tend to write long letters in 60 out of the 75 cards we send. Sending and receiving mail is one of my very favorite things to do all year 'round, and this is no exception :ctree, so I do them up big. With everything else I have had going on, I have 10 letters left to write. Hmmmm, New Year's cards are popular in some parts of the world, mine might make it by then... :rofl I wrapped and wrapped Christmas presents for the past two days, and I am done :yay My parents will take the bins of presents down to their house, when they leave tomorrow, so I do not have to squeeze them into my trunk with our suitcases, cooler and play-outside gear next week. Aren't my folks wonderful?!? They are such a help to me :manyheart


    On the crochet-front, I have been working on a cable scarf for my sister-in-law. This is the last time I try to produce a 72-inch accessory using Fine Vanna's Glamour yarn quickly :P It's lovely, and I am close, but it is s-l-o-w going. The matching fingerless gloves are done, though, so this is the last piece I need before Christmas. I finished a RR for Annika's teacher and a felted purse for of of my girlfriends living in Japan.


    :hug:hug:manyheart:hug:hugto all of you!! Thank you for being here for me. Give me strength to make it through the meeting with the Principal. Have a good Thursday :flake

  6. Hi, All ~


    I am still here and reading, but I have just not had the energy to jump into the conversation. For that I apologize. A brief synopsis: Miss Kyri is having an incredibly trying (for lack of a better word) year in 4th Grade. The teacher is not giving the students the credit they deserve and letting them learn up to their potential. The teacher is extremely scattered and has poor time management skills. Before this year started, I took her high-energy to be enthusiasm for teaching, but now, I realize, she is just a different sort of individual who should not be teaching my child. I am not one to create waves, and I hate to speak-up to anyone in authority, so this has been terribly tough on me, as I see how this teacher is affecting Kyri's learning. Kyri is really a bright, inquisitive, polite child, but she is not being allowed to learn. The class had not studied Science since mid-September. They had a good unit about the northeastern states, but that wrapped-up in November, and they have not touched a Social Studies topic since then. The Reading groups have not met since October. A Math lesson is taught every 3-4 days, but there is homework only once/week, because the teacher believes the students did not understand the material after the first day or two of learning. What??? Give the students some credit! If the students are not "getting the material" in that amount of time, it seems to me as though the teacher's teaching style needs to change. They have covered only 15 lessons since the beginning of the year. Arrggghhhh. We (a large group of parents) have been in meetings with the Principal and Teacher, and it is as though we are beating our heads against a wall. We are essentially being told, "This teacher has 13 years of experience. It is her way or no way. Step back and do not question her methods, because she will teach your children as best she can." I have been in meetings for the past two weeks with principals at schools in neighboring towns. Kyri is in a private school, currently, but we are looking to move her to public school and get out of this horrible situation. Please bear with me a little longer. I have shed a bunch of frustrated tears, as has Kyri, but we think a move is in her best interest. We cannot get her into the public school in the same town as her current school due to Open Enrollment quotas, and we do not live in that county. I do not know what I am going to do, but I even thought of heading to Hawaii early and enrolling her in school there for the duration of the year. It is that upsetting to me.


    I will be back in a couple of days. Sorry for the 'downer' of a note, but I wanted to let you know that we'll be okay ~ just working on a little project at the moment, otherwise known as Kyri's future :( It will work out in the end. Talk to you, soon.

  7. Melissa ~ :welcome Glad you decided to join us. A square-a-day sounds challenging, what with all you have on your plate, but we wish you a lot of luck. Are you using a certain series of colors? We'd love to hear about your progress and :cheeryou on towards your goal.


    Thank you for the compliment on my gloves, Judy. If I forgot to mention it, I am using Lioan Brand Wool-ease in Seaspray. It is not something I would have immediately chosen, but I like it a lot as I am working with it. Glove #2 is finished. :yay (Told you they do not take long ;))


    Joanne ~ So sorry to hear that the weather is yucky up your way. All week, our weather forcaster has been lauding how much we have to be thankful for, what with temps in the 40s and no snow all weekend for traveling, I guess he was right :yes Be careful on your commute. I hear the lines and delays at many airports on the coasts are mounting, today. I am really glad we can reach my folks' by car. Once the girls are dismissed from school this afternoon, we will start the 5 hour drive :drive. This time, DH is with us, so I may get to work on some crocheting. That reminds me, I still have to pack my travel bag of yarn :hook

    I would love the mittens/loom hat for the mitten tree. All the donations are given to a shelter for battered mothers and their children. I always donate a lot to the "tree" - Such a small thing to do to help them! I'll PM you my address and again, thank you! Wonderful. I got your message, and I will package them up for you. Thank you for responding so quickly.


    Dusti, Those fingerless mittens are cute. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Good thinking on packing some Christmas presents up now. Safe travels on your way to your parents. Thank you :hug

    I hope your appointment with the physical therapist goes well, today. My DH was instructed to do similar-sounding exercises to ward off migraines. It must be quite a powerful exercise, if it is recommended to so many patients. I hope you get some answers :hugYour santa pins for Maya's classmates sound so cute. When I was young, I always had seasonal, crocheted pin on my jacket, when I went to school. My mum found them, when we were home earlier this month, and now my girls are alternating who wears them and when. Your work will be special to the children, just wait and see :)


    /˚ •* ˚ ˚˚ ˛★* ˛° *

    /*˛˚ •˚ ˚Good Morning! ** ~*

    / \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚.˚* ˚ ★ ˚. ★ *˛

    ˚* ˚ ˚* ˛˚ .. : ) ° ˚ • ★ *˚ .

    Just wanted to hop in and say HI......... thinking about you all!!

    Love you guys!!! Have a great day!!!!











    :hiTam!! Hope you are doing all right. Will you have all of your children together for Thanksgiving? Or, is your oldest DS back on-board his ship, again. Hope you have a good one!



    Oh Marisa~I felt so badly for you as I was reading about your accident, yesterday. It could have happened to any of us :hug:hugAre you still feeling okay, today? No pain or stiffness? Listen to me, asking a Dr. if she hurts :P Well, I am asking as a concerned friend, and I do hope you are all right! Congrats on getting your sign permit :clap I liked your sister's plan to layer the fingerless gloves with stretch gloves (that is what I always have in my pockets, anyway, at least until the frigid weather sets-in). I think I need a pair for myself, in pink, of course :D Thank you for enabling ;) I knew there had to be a way to make the gloves work for me. Safe travels as you head out this morning. Your parents sound as excited to be having you as mine always are. Isn't it grand?!? :manyheart Take your time this afternoon, and I will catch up with you again, after the weekend.


    I drove DH and the girls in to town this morning, and then I will pick them all up, again, at 3. From there, we will be on our way. The Christmas present wrapping took a long time, yesterday. Bunches and bunches of boxes are done, but I am not sure I am going to be able to fit all of them in the car this time, either. Oh well, they will get there, eventually. Our suitcase is packed. The girls' snowgear is packed. And I am off to take a loaf of Cranberry-Orange Bread out of the oven. This will be served at breakfast tomorrow, along with omelets at my parents'.


    Have a :ttalkHappy Thanksgiving :tdance. Stay safe.



  8. Good morning ~ Temps are cool here, but the thermometer is supposed to climb into the 30s, today, which will be delightful. It is really windy out there, so the children are going to be happy to have their hats and warm gloves, but 30* in November is worth being thankful for :yes


    I did not get further than half-way finished with the second fingerless glove, so I will not show you that one :lol Here is the finished one



    and here is the pattern I used. After trying it on Kyri's hand, I opted not to do the final repeat of the pattern, as her fingers were just swallowed up, but this one fits really cute. I wish I could think of a reason to make a pair for myself :think I have to wear gloves from October onward, so I am not sure I have a need for ones without fingers. My cell phone is super-basic and does not do anything aside from making calls, so I do not text...hmmmm, I will think on this one, because I LOVE the cables too much, not to do something with them.


    While I am thinking about gloves and/or mittens, I have a question for you Joanne. You had mentioned a mitten tree at your work. Do you need a couple of pairs of children's mittens and a loom-knit hat? The girls were given these pieces, but they are already too small, so they are brand new. I would be happy to send them to you, if you think you could use them.


    Thank you for your sympathies over packaging our venison. Really, it was a lot of work, but it does not bother me. Annika, on the other hand, could not even pass through the kitchen while we were working with "that cold thing" (said with a very wrinkled-up nose and forhead). Poor Dear. She is not fond of meat in any shape or form, so her response did not surprise me, but it made me smile. Where do sprites so little develop such strong convictions? It's a mystery to me, as she was raised and served the same foods as Kyri, yet she never developed a taste for beef, chicken, ham or turkey. I can get her to eat seafood, tofu and legumes, thank goodness. We ate venison steaks last night -- yummy. At this rate, we are not going to have any meat left in the freezer by the end of this winter, but we sure are enjoying the fruits of DH's labor.


    I have to pack a suitcase and wrap a bunch of Christmas gifts. I decided to bring the presents for my nephews and niece down this week, when my car is not so full. At Christmas-time, I seem to have it loaded to the maximum capicity, so I am trying to be proactive. I am not quite ready to work with holiday wrapping paper... I am in the mood for turkeys :ttalk, orange and gold colors :autumn, but not red and green yet. Ah well, off I go to make up packages :gift


    Have a good day, All :manyheart

  9. Good afternoon, Friends :manyheart


    We had a nice weekend at home. DH and I worked to take care of the little deer he got last week, and that seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Temps were a little cooler than we had been anticipating during the week, and the deer was very frozen. Hmmmm, how to work with that? :think DH built a temporary room in our garage, put the electric heaters in there with the deer and partially thawed it out. I was never so glad to sit down and put up my feet as I was last night after bending over a counter and trimming the venison before packaging it for the freezer. In addition to that task, DH and the girls ran the snowmobiles all over our land and the adjoining acres. They had so much fun! I started working on my Christmas cards, made a delicious batch of white chocolate fudge, simmered stroganoff, and baked a couple of batches of muffins to take to my mum's for breakfast munchies this week.


    Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? We are heading down to my parents' house after school on Wednesday. All of the food that I can make ahead of time is made and in the deep freezer. I have the turkeys out of the freezer and slow-defrosting in the refrigerator. tomorrow, I will have to tackle the 'packing the suitcase' chore. I started and finished one fingerless glove using the pattern from the 'Ville's own CroJulee. Super cute and quick!! I will have to post a link to the pattern and a pic tomorrow. I used Wool-ease in Seaspray, which is a light, grey-ish blue. I am thrilled with it, and I love the cables that run the length of the glove. It's a great pattern.


    I have to run, now, as both girls have homework questions. Have a good night!:hug

  10. Hi, All :waving


    I plan to do a better job than I have of late at writing individual comments, but before I do that, I just want to give you all a big :hug hug :hug. As I was reading back through all of the posts that I missed yesterday, my heart was warmed by the kindness and concern that weaves its way into all of your posts. I realize Our House is a very special place, but I want to thank you for making it as wonderful as it is :manyheart


    Marisa ~ Congrats on your first patient and his repeat visits. Word-of-mouth is bound to send more business you way, too. I am soooo happy that you are able to realize your dream of having your own practice. Keep your chin up and keep up the great work :hug I was sorry to hear that Sloan (How's he doing, today?) did not feel well enough to be able to spend time with you at his school the other day, but it worked well that you could be Averie's Special Guest -- she sounds like such an enthusiastic and cute child.


    Cindy ~ Even though I can see that you were heading out to work this morning, I am still going to send some 'Get Well' wishes your way, in the hopes that the germs leave you completely alone. It would be good if your could go and see your parents, though I know you will hold-off on visiting until you are healthy, if you have to. A cowl sounds like a good gift for your oldest DD. Do you get the Caron newsletter? They had a quick and easy infinity cowl pattern posted today, as part of thier countdown to the holidays... Sorry to hear that the slippers are still missing in action -- wonder where they are hiding :think You are bound to find them after you make a cowl ;)


    Phyllis ~ How nice to see you. And, a great big, "Congrats!" on your delivery for Project Linus.


    Joanne ~ I hope today went well for you. It's great to hear that you had so many trainees start this week, but I can just imagine the extra work involved in getting them comfortable with your practices and policies. Good luck. Hearing that you only have a couple of late evenings through next month is exciting. Since it still gets dark by 4:30 (at least it does here), your evening commute still takes place in the dark, but I am glad you are not out late too often. I am envious of your craft nights -- they sound perfect!


    Mary ~ I hope your DD feels better, quickly. I know you loved your time with little Luke, though. Did you make handprint turkeys for your house and DD's refrigerator? I have a whole flock of them decorating one wall right now from my girls. I like seeing the visual of how much they have grown (and how much their art talents have changed :lol) over the years. What did you choose to tackle on your "you" day? Over the years you have made oodles of scarves for your DD and her friends. Do you have an assignment before Christmas this year? What do you have on your hook, now?


    Marlene ~ Genealogy is so very interesting. How neat that you have some physical places to visit and some leads on your relatives. I am glad that Maya is finally feeling better. It sure sounded as though that bug hit her hard. Do you have the same snow and feeling that 'winter is here to stay' that I do? I have been so spoiled this fall with the warm temps, that I had almost convinced myself that snow would look good when it eventually arrived. "Nope," it still looks cold :lol You had asked me about my stuffed squash recipe, so I dug it out of my files. Here you go:

    2 med. acorn squash, halved & seeds removed

    4 slices bacon, diced

    1 med. onion, diced

    1 # ground beef

    1/4 C brown sugar

    1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

    1/2 tsp dried sage

    1/4 tsp salt

    1/4 tsp pepper

    2 Tbl dry bread crumbs


    Place squash halves, cut-side down, in a baking dish. Add 2C of water to this dish and bake at 350* for 40 minutes. Meanwhile, cook bacon in a large, nonstick skillet over medium heat for 4 minutes. Add onion. Cook an additional 4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in the ground beef. Cook, breaking beef apart, for 5 minutes. Add brown sugar & seasonings. Cook 1 min. Remove from heat and stir in crumbs. Drain water from the baking dish and flip the squash halves over. Spoon meat mixture into the squash halves. Return the pan to the oven and bake 20 minutes.


    Yield: 4 servings -- 398 calories, 12g Fat (5g Saturated Fat), 27g Protein, 48g Carbohydrates, 5g Fiber, 399mg Sodium, 76mg Cholesterol



    Linda ~Oh, your severe weather sounded scary. I am glad you and Kim and John survived alright, but what a nerve-wracking day you must have had. Did the storms leave your area overnight, so that you could get a peaceful sleep? I am like you, 'better safe than sorry.' When we have tornado warnings up here, I take everything down to the basement and listen to the weather radio from there, rather than sitting up near the big bay windows. I do not like storms :no I loved your plug for the Charity CAL with the calorie-free treats -- very enticing. I have never joined you all over there, but I do peek at all of the beautiful, finished projects. I have put a call in to a gal who is collecting bereavement blankets, and I hope she will be able to take some crocheted items from me in the New Year. If it works out, I may have to pop into the CAL and speak up:)


    Tam ~ Oh, Honey :hug:hugYou do not deserve to feel badly because of DS's ex. You are a wonderful, giving, strong woman, and I know you will do everything in your power to help your son and get time with your grandbabies. You are the perfect mama bear and such an inspiration to so many. Hang in there:hug We are happy to give support and encouragement whenever you need it! Do not beat yourself up for not seeing the woman's true personality in the past; I am sure you did your best to support your son and his whole family, and that may have prompted you to put on blinders, because your son needed you in his corner. You are still there for him, and you will all get through this rough time!

    Trish ~ Ohhh, my condolances to your BF on the loss of his grandfather. I am glad the family could be with him, and I am positive he is happier to be reunited with his wife, than to be feeling ill in a hospital. :hugto your family. I am sorry to hear you are suffering with an icky virus, too. Your shifts would be tough at any time, but when your body is fighting germs, I can only imagine how wrung-out you feel. Take good care.

    Wrennie ~ Are you close to having ample wood to last you through the winter? Every time I think about the hours and hours you have spent moving, stacking, etc. your woodpile, my arms and back ache for you. I know it did not get off to a great start, but, perhaps, this winter will not be too bad for y'all? Be careful with all of that heavy work!


    Winter snuck up on us and, then, hit hard and fast. Tuesday afternoon, there were a few, pretty snowflakes fluttering through the air as I picked the girls up from school. Three hours later, when DH drove home, the roads were covered in a thick layer of ice, and the snow was coming down so heavily, that it was tough for him to see the lines out on the highway. Temps only rose into the 'Teens, yesterday, so the sun did not have a chance to melt the roadways. It took me over an hour to get into town, and that was because I took as many dirt, backroads as I could find to give my tires traction. I could not psyche myself up enough to make the drive in this morning in the dark to volunteer, so I asked the teachers if I could not help them tomorrow. They were completely supportive, so here I am :hook I will have to go and pick the girls up in a few hours, but the sunshine is out and I am hopeful the road crews have scraped some of the ice off of the intersections :xfin 'Til then, I am going to work on a baby RR using Bernat Baby Boucle in Pale Pink and White.


    Have a good Thursday. :hugto all who need them.

  11. Good morning, Friends :ghug

    We have been crazy-busy over the past two weeks. I am not feeling frazzled or worried, but I am consistently crossing items off of my 'to do' list, which is a grand feeling :) DH spent 10 days at his family's cabin, and he finally saw and shot a deer on the final day of the season :whewI thought we were going to be going into winter without any venison in the freezer, but we will have enough to last us awhile. We process it ourselves, but not until later in the week -- temps are very cool and crisp, so it is perfect weather for processing. Next week, we are planning a big dinner of venison stroganoff with our neighbors, and I can hardly wait, as that is my favorite way to prepare it. Yummy.

    While DH was gone, the girls and I ran down to visit my parents for a weekend, I volunteered at school for 2 full days, we drove over to Grand Forks for a fun shopping trip and lunch out, and we made a gigantic mess in the kitchen as I let them play their version of 'Master Chef.' This latter was yesterday's activity, as it was really overcast and cool, and I wanted to reward them for being so good and helpful while DH was out hunting. I made a batch of pie crust in the morning, and then I let them at it to come up with their own (pop-tart) toaster pastry concoctions. I had set out varieties of jam, peanut butter, pumpkin butter, mini chocolate chips, ground cinnamon and ginger, chocolate sauce, cream cheese, marshmallows, and sliced strawberries. Yes, the end results were just as sweet and crunchy as you are imagining :lol But, they had fun, and dessert was made for me :tup I chose a pumpkin butter with marshmallows and ground ginger for my taste test, and I thought it was pretty good. The girls were still giggling and surprised that, "Mommy ate our winning recipe," when they talked with my mum on the telephone last night. It does not take much to make them happy :manyheart

    I have been crocheting right-along. I finished all of the flower bouquets and leaves that I want to give away during the upcoming holidays. I still need to find 4 mugs to fill, but that will not be too hard in one of my shopping trips. I picked up a tear-off pattern at Jo-Ann's for a Crochet Bobble Bangle, and I love this pattern. I have made 5 already, using Red Heart Shimmer. Gramma, Mum, the girls and I are all going to be sporting them this winter. If you are interested, Wal-mart sells 1-inch wide rubber bracelets for $1.88, and they are absolutely perfect for this pattern. Much more economical than the 1" cuff bracelets I originally thought I would use, which were upwards of $6 each :eek. I made a quick, slouch-y beret of my own design for Kyri last week, when we realized her hat from last year did not fit. Whose head grows over the summer?!? Apparently, "A 4th grader's." :lol

    I see we are all starting to get into the Thanksgiving-mode. If all goes well, we will go down and have Thanksgiving Dinner with DH's family on Thursday, and then, we will have a dinner with my relatives on Saturday evening. It is kind of nice to spread-out the large meals. I am bringing the turkeys for my family's gathering, and I will help Mum pull the rest of the meal together in her kitchen. To DH's, I will bring a couple of pecan pies and a crockpot full of cornbread-sausage dressing. So much can be done ahead of time, that I am not even worried. I do not have to clean my house, too, and that helps ;)


    Have a good Monday:flower

  12. Good morning, All :autumn Our temps are unusually mild for this time of year, and we have been spending all of our spare time out-of-doors. The garden is all tilled-up, the autumn displays of gourds and corn stalks have disappeared, and the tools have been cleaned up 'til we need them in the spring. DH leaves this Friday for the cabin and a week of deer hunting. I broke-out the blaze-orange hats I made a couple of years ago for the girls, and soon, I will have to pull one on just to walk out to the mailbox :( I do not mind the whole idea of hunting, and I love having venison in the freezer all winter, but I hate the over-zealous 'crazies' who are not local, but who drive around looking for deer. I always worry, when folks are not very familiar with the area, that they will shoot too near the house. Thankfully, the season only lasts 9 days up here. Then, we can go back to feeling safe and not seeing oodles of extra traffic in our quiet little corner of the county.


    I have been working on the dishcloths needed for the bouquets for Christmas gifts -- only 4 more to go, and I will be done with those. Have any of you seen the CAL taking place on the Lion Brand Website for the Half Medallion Bag? I had printed out the pattern, before it came up as a CAL, but I was not planning to use the recommended yarn :blush I want a purse out of a solid purple, so I was sitting here trying to decide if Caron SS would be too slippery to use, or if I would like it better in I Love This Cotton - Amethyst. I was gifted a skein of it in a recent swap, and I really do love it :lol I figured I could just order 2 more skeins, to make sure I had enough for the bag... I am not going to get to start it before this weekend, so I have a couple of days to think:think


    Tomorrow is my day to volunteer at school, so I had better get my chores done around the house, today. Thank you for the compliments on my photos the other day :manyheart I had tried inserting them with the paper clip thingie at the top of the Message screen, but I always write my responses and then connect to the Internet, and the links got lost in the meantime. Oops :P


    Thanks for the quick recipe this morning, Cindy. I love any- and everything pumpkin, so I copied your suggestions and will pick up the boxed mix at the market. Along that same line of thought, I have made "cookies" with just a chocolate cake mix, 1/2 C butter and 1/4 tsp peppermint extract. Like you said, they look a little drier than usual cookies, but they work in a pinch until I really have time to bake. Our neighbors gave us 3 huge winter squash and 3 (think 'larger than a softball-size') gigantic onions from their garden the other night. Even I received treats on Halloween :lol Stuffed Squash is definitely on the menu this weekend, but it is going to take me awhile to use up these onions. At least, I can dice and freeze them for soup and stew.


    Have a good day, My Friends :hug

  13. :jackHappy Halloween, Friends :jack

    Goodness, gracious, it has been eons since I had a moment to sit and write to you all. I feel so badly for all of you on the East Coast, who are dealing with the heavy blanket of snow, icy conditions and power outages this week. Be really careful and I hope you are able to stay warm :hug


    When last I wrote, I was on the road to visit friends in Wisconsin. It was a looong week. We stopped off and had coffee with my in-laws. MIL had invited all of my Sisters-in law and their kiddos (because she had not seen my girls for such a long time, and she was anxious to share her time with them...:shrug) So, we had 16 for coffee at 6:30pm :lol I can laugh, now. It, actually was not that bad; we visited and then went back to my parents' house for the night, where my dad had popped corn and set-out a snack he knew would make Kyri and Annika happy :manyheart Our drive to WI was beautiful and passed quickly, despite being 7 hours long :drive. The baby we went to meet was super-sweet. Her mom took me at my word, when I offered to take over the household to give her a break. She moved Baby's bassinet into our room, gave me instructions on making bottles of formula (never done that before, so I really needed the tips) and heating them in a bottle warmer, and then she disappeared into her bedroom for 4 days. Her hubby worked as per usual, and we saw him in the evenings, in time for dinner. We took the baby out to a park for fresh air and her first swing ride, we went to a pumpkin patch another day, and then, we just hung around the neighborhood and gave the baby a couple of rides in the Baby Bjorn carrier. My muscles were not used to the sway-walk-sway motion, and I was quite sore by the end of the visit, but we all survived, and Baby was content and smiley. Here she is (8 weeks old) with my DH, Kyri and Annika with her favorite sea turtle ;)post-20536-135897708362_thumb.jpg


    The house is decorated, I baked a half-dozen batches of cranberry-pumpkin scones for the girls' teachers and our neighbors. Tonight, we will go out trick-or-treating to just one house, but the girls are anxious to visit with the particular family we are going to see, and so am I :yes I have laundry hanging out on the clotheslines and I am going to peruse my recipe files this morning, to see what I want to bake for the cookie swap/fundraiser at the girls' school later this month.

    Here is a pic of the Gaelic Bay Ripple Afghan I worked on last month. I finished it just before we left on holiday and sent it to DH's uncle. He called me and thanked me for the cuddly gift, and I could not be happier with how it turned out.




    When we were at the pumpkin patch, we asked someone to snap a family picture. I love how clear it came out, and I plan on using it in our Christmas cards this year. post-20536-135897708366_thumb.jpg


    Take care and have a good Monday :skeleton

  14. Thank you sooo much for the birthday wishes, Friends :hug:hug I am on my mum's computer, and, somehow, it is even s-l-o-w-e-r than mine on dial-up. As a result, this is going to be super-quick, and I am going to try logging-in, again, tomorrow.


    This day was very wonderful for me. The girls set their alarms as if it were a school day, unbeknown to me, so we could all eat breakfast together, before DH had to leave for work. They ate so quickly, and there was a lot of giggling going on behind cupped hands, so I knew that 'something' was up. The three of them had bought me the huge, 8-quart Kitchen Aide stand mixer I had been dreaming about for years. It's pink :yay:yay I had to open it, and then leave the lovely thing on my kitchen counter, as we had to depart for my parents' house, but I can hardly wait to get acquainted next week :D I also received a Japanese cookbook/storybook from inns in the northern part of the country, where I studied, and I tucked that into my bag to read in the evenings this week. The girls were soooo good about keeping my presents a secret, I had no idea. So, DH left for work, the girls and I loaded the car, and then we headed southeast. We called Gramma, when we were about 1 hour out, and asked if we could all eat lunch together :manyheart She and I sat and gabbed over coffee all afternoon, while the girls played and chattered with us, off-and-on. This evening, we went out to dinner with my parents, my brother, Sis-in-law and nephews. The girls were spoiled with birthday presents, when we arrived back at the house. Tonight, they are having a sleepover at my Gramma's house (at the end of the driveway), and I am sleeping in my former room. Tomorrow night, we will go to my in-law's. DH is planning to meet us here, but he has an afternoon meeting at work, and he will probably miss the bulk of our visit. MIL is quite a good cook, and she is very vocal about 'missing her darling granddaughters,' but she never called or sent gifts on their birthdays, and when we are planning to go and visit, she invited the neighbors and an aunt and uncle over at the same time. We'll go for a bit, but we will be anxious to get back to my parents' house, after we have made an appearance and given her a chance to see the girls and ask them a question or two. She's not elderly, and there is nothing really wrong with her, she is just self-absorbed and uninterested in us, when we are not in town. FIL is a wonderful grandpa, and he is more likely to call and chat with me during the week than MIL is, so we like going to see him. The visit will be fine, it always is, once we get there, but I grump about the different personalities, when I get caught in the middle. Tomorrow will be one of those days.


    Our trip to WI will take another 8 hours, or so. The girls have new drawing tablets, erasable colored pencils, The Secret Garden on CD to listen to, and their new dollies to dress and play with. They are such good car travelers, I am not anticipating any problems. I have oodles of yarn with me, so that I can work on the cotton dishcloth bouquets for Christmas presents. Twelve bouquets with 4 dishcloths each = enough crocheting to keep me busy for awhile :hook


    I am off, for the night. Again, thank you for thinking of me. We went out to a buffet-type restaurant, so no one was interested in dessert, when we got home this evening. Mum always makes me a German chocolate cake with the gooey coconut-caramel frosting, so I know she will send one home with me at the end of this weekend. Yummy!


    Talk to you, tomorrow.

  15. I am back -- better late than never ;) The girls are off from school all week. Half of the week is due to parent/teacher conferences, and the rest is to allow the teachers to have in-service workshops. This means that we can go out and do some visiting :yay Early tomorrow morning, we are heading down to my parents' house. Dinner with my whole family will be a real treat, as I have been missing them, lately. We will spend Wednesday just visiting and chatting as quickly as we can, and then we are invited to DH's parents' for dessert in the evening (MIL didn't want to think about feeding the 4 of us, so she suggested she would make coffee, if I wanted to bring a dessert. :think "Ooookaaaaay." "It takes all sorts to make the world go 'round," I keep muttering to myself.) Early Thursday, we are heading south towards Madison, WI to visit some really good friends of ours. They had their first child in August, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on Baby Abby Marie :c9 The girls are just as excited about seeing the baby, and DH is going to help is friend put in stone pavers from the house to an outdoor patio, while we are there. The trip is going to be short (long on miles in the car, but not on actual face-time, unfortunately), but we have been anticipating it for weeks.


    I have enjoyed reading everyone's news and updates.


    Cindy ~ I hope you do not come down with a serious cold, and that your attempt to rest and recuperate, today, helps you to feel better, tomorrow.


    Linda ~ Have just the grandest time at the Quilt Expo this weekend. Be sure to snap pics of the beautiful fabrics you buy and of the sample projects you bring home.


    Judy ~ I really like the textured throw you did in the green fleck for your DS. I have made that pattern using RH Fiesta Black for a housewarming gift for a cousin, and it received rave reviews from her hubby for being 'guy-sized.' :lol


    Marisa ~ Oh the little details are going to drive you batty, aren't they? No gas, wrong parts for the reception desk, ai-yi-yi. Glad your dad was there to lend a hand and work through some of the issues with you. How exciting to hear that you are getting closer to opening your doors. Hang in there. You are doing a great job, and it will come together for you :hug


    Joanne ~ Were you able to make good progress on the Baby Bubbles blanket this evening at Craft Night? You can do it by this weekend :cheer


    Mary ~ CUTE picture of Luke on the train! I am sorry he was so distressed about having to get off of it, but it made for a sweet story. Have you finished all of your chores while your DH is gone, so that you can crochet the day away, tomorrow? When will he be back home?


    Marlene ~ How is it going at your house this week? How is your husband feeling? You had Maya staying with you (if I remember correctly) over the weekend. Was the rivalry during the football game just as cute as I am imagining? I'll bet she loved your hugs and attention.


    Trish ~ How are you holding up after your long shifts at work? Is your shoulder doing okay? Is your DD home with the new, little GD?


    I have one more row to go, before the Gaelic (ripple) Afghan is complete. I want to mail it off, tomorrow, so I am going to go and :crocheting like crazy. I will have to take a pic to share, too :yes


    Have a good night, Everyone :night

  16. Good morning! It is still really dark outside, even though it is not all that early in the morning -- not sure I am a fan of this 'fall' weather. I love the leaves and the colors :autumn, but the chilly temps and long, dark nights...:think We'll get used to it and find the beauty in it, I just am not fond of the change-over from lovely to gloomy.


    DH is home :yay I survived the Book Fair :yay:yay This a.m., we are off to Parent-Teacher conferences at 8:30. The girls have their books "to read quietly in the hallway," and I have my notebook for recording hints and comments to use during the rest of the year. I have to ask one of the teachers about taking Kyri for Hawaii...Little nervous on this one, as the teacher has a strict policy on absences and being part of the 'group dynamic on the classroom each and every day.' We'll see. I AM going to be back here this afternoon to catch-up, properly, with all of you, so I'll let you know how it goes.


    Have a good Monday. Talk to you in a few hours :manyheart

  17. Oh, Tam, I can feel your happiness all of the way through the computer :manyheart You just enjoy your time with your DS home!! Lovely photo of your kiddos together -- perfect for the Christmas cards ;)


    Marisa and Judy ~ Good to see posts from both of you.


    Tab ~ Thanks for taking a moment to let us know that you are doing alright after your ob appointment, yesterday. I am sorry you were not able to get all of the info that you wanted, but, at least, you now have a date for your next ultrasound. Were you able to rouse your teens the other morning? I thought Marlene's tip about the aluminum pan was funny, but it ought to be effective.


    I just popped in to say, "Hi." The Book Fair is going well, and it will wrap-up, tomorrow afternoon. 'Til then (when I hope to have more than a moment here and a moment there to check the computer), take care, Everyone :hug

  18. Just a quick fly-by, as this is my super-busy week of volunteering. The committee at the girls' school I am most fond of organizes and runs the Scholastic Book Fair, and this is the week it's here. I have been on-the-go since Saturday afternoon, when we started decorating and setting up. I was on-site all day Monday, from 11-3 today, and all day, again, tomorrow. Thursday is a little lighter, but I have to be there into the evening, as we have an author/illustrator coming to give a presentation and sign copies of his books. It will be exciting, but it means a ton more work than usual. I am already looking forward to putting up my feet on Friday evening and not moving off of the sofa, once the day is done :lol.


    That said, I just have to wish Joanne a belated :birthday. Your extended weekend with your oldest DD sounded perfect and extra-special. I am glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly.


    Linda ~ Glad you, Kim and John had such a nice time at the family reunion. It sounds as though your name quilt is off to a great start; it truly will be a keepsake.


    Mary ~ :hugI hope your days continue to pass and that you (and your DH) feel the love and support of those around you :hug


    Marisa ~ Thanks for the pictures and the update. It really sounds as though you are doing so well in Pittsburgh :manyheart I am often thinking about you and wondering how your tasks are coming along.


    Marlene ~ So glad your brother was not hurt any worse than he was, but, how scary :( You sound as though you will have all of the small pumpkins done for Maya's class in-time for Halloween. How many do you need? She will love that you are making them for her friends.


    Cindy, Trish, Kiyo, All Others ~ Sorry I missed you on this go-round. Take care, and I will try to get back sooner, rather than later.:crocheting

  19. Good morning :autumn We are supposed to see 88* today. I cannot believe that it is so lovely outside in October. This type of fall makes me really like this season best.


    We are having a very pink and sparkly day, in honor of Annika. She was soooo excited to wake up and be 7. I do not really know what is so important about this birthday, but she has been beside herself with waiting for this day. The dining room has balloons, a sign and gel 'birthday' decorations on the windows. The table was set with pink plates, forks and Hello Kitty napkins when she woke up. Caramel rolls came out perfectly, and I tinted her yogurt pink before school. The cake is baking, and I have all of the ingredients on the counter for the frosting, but I wanted to take a few minutes and check-in here, before my day gets away from me.


    Thank you for all of the kind comments on Kyri's projects. Yes, she crocheted all of them by herself. Whenever I am working on a project, she asks what stitch I am doing and asks me to describe it, and off she goes to duplicate it. The child increases and decreases with ease, she uses front- and back-post stitches to add texture to dishcloths, and she made a cover for her friend's diary with a button hole after asking how to figure out the decreasing in a shell pattern for the fold-over flap. She amazes me, honestly :faint She whips up some design in an afternoon, and here I am, still working on the ripple afghan I started 10 days ago. I ordered some patterns using thread for the 18" doll we bought for her birthday, and I am excited to see if she wants to learn to read the patterns, or if she will just look at the clothing and figure it out by herself. Stay tuned.


    Tam ~ Love the picture of Patrick with his Jeep! Nice work on your on-line store. I clicked on the link a couple of days ago, but then I had to turn off the computer, but I have it marked to go back and browse in a more liesurely fashion. Good luck to you.


    Linda ~ I am so glad to read that Kim is improving with every passing day. I hope she feels perky enough for the two of you to go out and get your nails done before the family reunion. Your quilt projects are so ambitious, but your work is always gorgeous! You are bound to get rave reviews, when you show your samples around this weekend.


    Cindy ~ Enjoy your day off, today. I really like the color and pattern of the scarf you knit last week. Yaaay on the matching pair of slippers. They are going to your DD, aren't they? My girls like the International House Hunters, too. We do not get more than one channel on our television at home, so it is always a treat, when we can watch HGTV. We could not watch too late last weekend, as Monday was a school day, but an episode here-and-there is still enjoyable.


    Trish ~ We are going to miss you when you have to go back to work, but it is really good news to hear that you have recovered well enough to return to your job. How sweet your new granddaughter sounds :c9


    Joanne ~ Glad that your baseball team pulled off a win last night. Your craft club sounds wonderful. Glad you went and had a good time the other evening. Sorry to hear about the smoke alarm interrupting your all-important sleep over and over again, last night. Did your DH figure out the problem? We replaced one of our detectors a short time ago for the same issue. Better safe than sorry :yes


    Marlene ~ Your home improvements just keep on rolling. My goodness you have completed a great number of projects in the past few weeks. Congratulations to Payton's football team -- that was quite a win for little tikes. How nice you can see both him and Jocelyn at the outdoor games this fall. It sounds as though Maya is doing well and flourishing in school -- good for her! Snow by the middle of November, huh? That sounds about right, but I am not liking the thought of it now :ohdear DH says it is too tough to hunt the grouse/partridges right now, because it is still so green in the woods. He wants snow for the deer season opener, you are right. Is your hand holding up alright for you to make the pumpkin pins for Maya's classmates? The idea sounds so cute -- how nice of you to make them for her :manyheart


    Mary ~ Glad to hear you are taking breaks from the 'thank yous' and paper work to crochet and rest. I was thinking of you, as we heard the score of the Texas baseball game last night.


    Tab ~ :hugHope your swelling issues resolve with some rest and hydration. Glad to hear that Elijah is as active as ever. Give him a pat from us. Bless your heart for having to wait so long for another u/s appointment. You are doing good to hold-off on calling the doctor's office, but I DO side more with you than the nurses. They should know better than to cause a pregnant woman to worry; shame on them :2nono Praying for you and some information, soon.


    Hope you all have a great day! :crocheting

  20. Hi, All :waving


    I am in the same boat as Trish -- I am reading, but I am not keeping up too well. It is so wonderful to have Our House to come to when life is tough, when life is great, and even when life is on an even keel -- you all are so wonderful and friendly :ghug . Thank you for being here!


    Birthday Week is off to a great start. Sunday morning, DH and I surprised Kyri and Annika with invitations to a near-by waterpark and hotel. We scrambled to pack suitcases, backpacks, and everything else we would need (I had a list prepared for a couple of days earlier, so it was not as bad as it could have been.) We thought the waterpark would be less crowded at the end of a weekend, rather than staying there on Saturday night, which is why we planned the treat as we did. It was perfect! So many times, the girls told us, "This is THE best day, ever." :manyheart We were in the hotel lobby at 3 pm, when we were allowed to check-into our suite. The girls had their suits on under their clothes, and we were riding the first waterslides by 3:30. We played until 6, then we drove into town for pizza and shakes, which we took into a park to eat out-of-doors. By 7:15, we were back in (dry) suits and heading out for Round 2 on the waterslides. We closed the park down that night. Oh, were my legs tired, as it was a minimum of 52 stairs up to the platforms for the waterslides, and, sometimes, we were hauling innertubes to ride on the larger slides. It was a great workout for me and DH :lol The girls just thought it was fun. I had brought bags of microwave popcorn, and we let them have a quick treat while watching HGTV's House Hunters on the cable television in the room. It was tough to settle-down and go to sleep, but we knew we had to, because Monday morning was going to dawn before we were ready for it. The girls were a little more tired than usual, but we ate a quick breakfast at the hotel, before DH drove them in to school. I took a little longer to pick up our room, but I was home by 9:30, I think. I am just thrilled that the girls had so much fun :c9 Today, Kyri brought a posterboard we were asked to make, highlighting her likes and interests. We printed pictures of her with her grandparents and cousins, of the teddy bear clothing she has crocheted (I ought to show you ladies her designs. I am always so impressed with what she makes without using a pattern.), of her and Annika playing outside at our house, and of her school friends. She decorated the "empty" spaces on the posterboard with tropical stickers and sparkly glitter glue -- it's eye-catching :lol. Tomorrow, Annika wants caramel rolls for breakfast, stromboli for dinner, a cookie cake and mint- chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. I have her presents wrapped, and I will decorate the dining room with pink as soon as she goes to bed this evening. Right now, I feel as though I have all of the details under control. Talk to me Friday, and we'll see if I was as prepared as I thought.


    Our weather is absolutely un-October-like and gorgeous :sun. It was 82* here, yesterday :dance I washed all of our swimsuits, the girls' sleeping bags, and while the going was good, I threw in two additional loads of laundry. Today, I have to finish up that chore, but it really is not going to take me too long. The ironing on the other hand :faint Sure wish I could let that wait for another day, but I had better get to it, so DH has a pressed shirt to wear tomorrow.



    Before I go, here is Kyri's teddy in a halter dress and with matching shoes post-20536-135897701314_thumb.jpg


    A shrug with angora trim post-20536-135897701337_thumb.jpg


    And, a dress with pleats post-20536-135897701343_thumb.jpg My Gramma has oodles of costume jewelry, which Kyri likes to use to accessorize her ensembles. :)



    Talk to you, later.

  21. I came home today from doing some wedding shopping and there was a box for me and this is what was inside. Isn't she beautiful. She came from someone very special in Tampa, FL. Thank you so much FGM for the beautiful doll. She will be on my wedding table.

    OH, she is lovely!! What a treasure :heart

  22. Oh, Friends ~ :ghug I feel so remiss about keeping in-touch with all of you :cry I am sorry. I have been reading and trying to keep up, but I always run out of time to send a thoughtful response to everyone. DH returned home on Wednesday night, and I hope I can settle back into a routine that allows me chatting time with you. He had not suffered from the migraines he usually gets after traveling and being without good rest, and I am keeping my fingers crossed he continues to feel well. The girls and I have such a smooth system worked out for our mornings, that they have even had time to play before we head out the door, because they were dressed and fed by 7:05. How that happened, I am not sure, but it sure was pleasant not to feel rushed. Here are a couple of recent pics of them wearing tops I crocheted in the past month:






    Next week is Birthday Week with Annika's 7th birthday on Wednesday and Kyri's 10th on Friday. We will do mini golf with DH and fireworks in our field this weekend to kick-off the festivities :mdust I am in the process of planning my menus for each girl's special day, and then I need to spend some time making sure I have presents wrapped and ready-to-go. It will be a busy, but fun, week!


    I have just a bit of time left, here, before I need to get ready to go in to school. Today, it is Homecoming for the local high school, and our students have a float in the parade. Kyri is riding on the float and tossing candy to the crowd, and she is SO excited. I am going to help put the finishing decorative touches on the float and organize our students. The sun is shining and it should be in the 60s, pefect Homecoming weather.


    Before I go, I have to make a few comments:


    Trish ~ Congratulations on your beautiful, new granddaughter. I hope she and your DD continue to heal and feel better with each passing day. Lovely hat and blankie you made for her!


    Linda ~ I am going to have to go back and see if I missed the finished post about your Uglee Dolls, but you sure have been working non-stop on those critters. I know they will be a hit at the bazaar. I hope you and Kim are happy with this afternoon's haircuts. Continue to take care of your back and rest with that heating pad. Is John heading to the camp after work for Round 2 with the deer?


    Joanne ~ You have had such a long week, it sounds like. Are you getting the awful rains that I am seeing in VA on my news? Just what y'all do not need :ohdear I was sorry to hear that your name did not get drawn for the yarn gift certificate last weekend, but it still sounds as though you had a nice outing. Thank you for the update of Cheeria and her grandboys. What are your weekend plans? Can you relax and crochet, or are you starting to get your house ready for fall?


    Cindy ~ Have a safe trip. I hope you have a good visit with your folks. Are you taking the second slipper to work on? I have never made slippers bigger than a 6-month-size, so I have not fought with size variations, but it made me smile, because I could picture one lonely slipper, waiting for a match. If the slipper-project does not make the cut for your travel bag, it sounded as though you had a couple of other projects on your hooks, so I hope you get some relaxing moments with your yarn over the weekend.


    Tab ~ Congratulations on graduating, and, also, on finding out that your little 'un is going to be a boy. I am praying you are able to get an ultrasound appointment sooner rather than later, so that you do not have to worry any longer. God bless Baby Elijah:heart I hope you will get some answers, shortly.


    Marlene ~ Your lunch out with the neighbors sounds nice and relaxing -- just what you needed to give your neck and head a rest. How long will you have to wait for the new counter top? We had to return one for our bathroom a few years ago, as the angles had been incorrectly cut, but it did not take long to get the correct piece, if I recall right. Are you sticking with your Tailgating Menu of hotdogs and popcorn, tonight? My girls would love sharing the meal with you, as those are two of their favorite foods, when they visit my folks in the summer. Hope you enjoy the baseball game.


    Mary ~ Continued hugs to lift up your spirits this weekend :hug


    Talk to you All, later :compute


  23. Joanne ~ Your Sunday plans sound like my idea of 'the perfect way to spend my final day of vacation." :xfin you win some yarn in the give-away. I have never shopped in an A.C. Moore store, and I am curious: is it for all crafters? Is it similar to a super-center store? Just wondering :think However, Pumpkin Spice Latte, coupons and yarn.... :c9 Have a fabulous day!


    Mary ~ Your day with Luke sounded so wonderful :sun My girls enjoy picnics at any time of the day, and they think it is funny to eat breakfast outside.


    LeAnna ~ Glad Hub-E's birthday was exactly as he wished it to be, and I am really glad to read that your kitty came home. Any time you check-in, it is great to hear from you.


    Linda ~ It would be so hard for me to sit through scary movies with Kim -- just thinking about the subject gives me shivers. Kyri has found she like suspenseful books, but she reads them to herself in bed and continues to let me read the less-scary books out-loud with her and Annika. I remember going through a phase of reading every "Nancy Drew" mystery I could get my hands on, and that is what she is doing, now :manyheart For the sake of your neighbors' and friends' freezers, I hope John is successful in the woods this weekend ;) It sounds as though you are moving right along on the Uglee Dolls. I go in spurts, when I enjoy working on amigurumi projects, and then I remember all of the assembly involved, and I talk myself into starting other projects. I do not mind making the little pieces, or even stuffing them, but I dislike working with all of those ends and getting legs, etc. attached, so that they do not look too funky. What a kind act you are doing to make and donate them.


    Cindy ~ I sure hope you were able to enjoy some reading and crafting time, yesterday, since you were banned from doing housework. Glad to hear you enjoyed some time out, even though it would have been too late for me :lol


    Trish ~ How are you doing? Are your temps back to mild and normal, yet? I was thinking about your younger DD the other day, how is she feeling? Has the change in diet made a difference, or will it take longer than that for her body to realize it is not fighting the gluten in foods? Softball games this weekend for you?


    Tam ~ How did the craft fair go, yesterday? Did you and your mom have a good day? I'll bet your table-space was swamped with shoppers :hug


    Marisa ~ Another busy week is about to kick-off. What are you planning? Is the office space coming together the way you pictured it in your mind? Hope you are doing well!!


    Toni ~ So happy to read your update. I am sorry your time with us has to be limited, but I sure understand! My dial-up only allows for 50 hours/month, so I have to be careful about how I spend my time on-line, too. I cannot even imagine fitting "work" into my allotment. It would be a struggle :hugContinue to take care!

    Marlene ~ I know you were busy this weekend with football and a birthday. How excited was Maya to spend time with you?! I can only imagine :yes Do you have your living room area arranged the way you want it over the new carpeting? What else are you planning to tackle before you head to Texas? Flooring in the kitchen, right?


    Wrennie, Julie, Tab, Faile, Christi, Judy, Phyllis, Cheeria ~ Hope you are doing alright :manyheart


    If I missed someone, I am sorry. The girls are ready for breakfast, and the timer is going-off for my cinnamon rolls -- I guess it is time to run. Catch you, later.

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