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  1. Bless all ofyou! I am well. I am using the Kindle I bought for Kyri ~ let me tell you about slow messaging. I spent some time getting K. situated in her new school, then, the realtor with whom I had been working came up with an apt for Gramma,but we had to sign papers w/i 10 days. Whirlwind trip followed! I was home for almost 2 wks and it wa time to bring the girls back to HI for our holiday. This is the 1st time I have tried to connect ANYTHING via wireless. It seems to work Love to you all!! I'll be home on the 11th. Til then...thank you SOOOOO much for your concern! This meth
  2. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!!! The car is packed, and we are ready to leave. This past week has been horrible for Kyri and me at school, with even two of the teachers making sneaky comments within Kyri's ear-shot and keeping her in from recess and away from her friends for the past two days to scrub her desk, run papers for the teacher down to the office, tear pages out of her workbooks, etc. We are both really looking forward to the upcoming break. I have not been sleeping for worrying about her, but she is going to be fine. My mum and Gramma can hardly wait for her t
  3. Oh, Mary ~ I could not help by laugh at Zoe's antics. I am so sorry she drowned your snowflake ornament, but it is good to hear that it survived pretty well. Christmas is such a tempting time for that kitty of yours, isn't it? Here's hoping you do not find anymore ornaments swimming, today Hope your DH's appt goes well this afternoon.
  4. Good morning, my friends. The weather is SOOOO unusual up our way this year! We had 53* and sunshine yesterday, on the 18th of December. It was a record-setting type of day We ran over to Grand Forks, ND, and it was quite a pleasure to spend the day all together. I have done all of the Christmas shopping and wrapping, so I was not feeling stressed at all. I had been hearing ads from IHOP about the White Chocolate Chip Mint Pancakes, and those flavors are my girls' absolute favorites . We went out to lunch, where the pancakes were as yummy as anticipated. DH had the Eggnogg ones, an
  5. :hug:hugOh, you are so wonderful. It has been a long and stressful week. DH flew home on Saturday, because he tore two muscles in his upper thigh, when he was riding snowmobiles out west for work (something about the machine falling into a big hole, while he had all of his weight on the right leg, "And then there was a *ping* and a bit of pain." ) Ugggh, the bruising is...colorful We spent Sunday having one muscle re-attached, and the other one was not damaged enough to require attention. He has to use heating pads to help the recovery and keep the leg elevated as much as possible. He's
  6. Hi, All ~ I am still here and reading, but I have just not had the energy to jump into the conversation. For that I apologize. A brief synopsis: Miss Kyri is having an incredibly trying (for lack of a better word) year in 4th Grade. The teacher is not giving the students the credit they deserve and letting them learn up to their potential. The teacher is extremely scattered and has poor time management skills. Before this year started, I took her high-energy to be enthusiasm for teaching, but now, I realize, she is just a different sort of individual who should not be teaching my chi
  7. Melissa ~ Glad you decided to join us. A square-a-day sounds challenging, what with all you have on your plate, but we wish you a lot of luck. Are you using a certain series of colors? We'd love to hear about your progress and :cheeryou on towards your goal. Thank you for the compliment on my gloves, Judy. If I forgot to mention it, I am using Lioan Brand Wool-ease in Seaspray. It is not something I would have immediately chosen, but I like it a lot as I am working with it. Glove #2 is finished. (Told you they do not take long ) Joanne ~ So sorry to hear that the weather is y
  8. Good morning ~ Temps are cool here, but the thermometer is supposed to climb into the 30s, today, which will be delightful. It is really windy out there, so the children are going to be happy to have their hats and warm gloves, but 30* in November is worth being thankful for I did not get further than half-way finished with the second fingerless glove, so I will not show you that one Here is the finished one and here is the pattern I used. After trying it on Kyri's hand, I opted not to do the final repeat of the pattern, as her fingers were just swallowed up, but this one fits
  9. Good afternoon, Friends We had a nice weekend at home. DH and I worked to take care of the little deer he got last week, and that seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Temps were a little cooler than we had been anticipating during the week, and the deer was very frozen. Hmmmm, how to work with that? DH built a temporary room in our garage, put the electric heaters in there with the deer and partially thawed it out. I was never so glad to sit down and put up my feet as I was last night after bending over a counter and trimming the venison before packaging it for the freezer. In addition t
  10. Hi, All I plan to do a better job than I have of late at writing individual comments, but before I do that, I just want to give you all a big hug . As I was reading back through all of the posts that I missed yesterday, my heart was warmed by the kindness and concern that weaves its way into all of your posts. I realize Our House is a very special place, but I want to thank you for making it as wonderful as it is Marisa ~ Congrats on your first patient and his repeat visits. Word-of-mouth is bound to send more business you way, too. I am soooo happy that you are able to re
  11. Good morning, Friends We have been crazy-busy over the past two weeks. I am not feeling frazzled or worried, but I am consistently crossing items off of my 'to do' list, which is a grand feeling DH spent 10 days at his family's cabin, and he finally saw and shot a deer on the final day of the season :whewI thought we were going to be going into winter without any venison in the freezer, but we will have enough to last us awhile. We process it ourselves, but not until later in the week -- temps are very cool and crisp, so it is perfect weather for processing. Next week, we are plann
  12. Good morning, All Our temps are unusually mild for this time of year, and we have been spending all of our spare time out-of-doors. The garden is all tilled-up, the autumn displays of gourds and corn stalks have disappeared, and the tools have been cleaned up 'til we need them in the spring. DH leaves this Friday for the cabin and a week of deer hunting. I broke-out the blaze-orange hats I made a couple of years ago for the girls, and soon, I will have to pull one on just to walk out to the mailbox I do not mind the whole idea of hunting, and I love having venison in the freezer all win
  13. Happy Halloween, Friends Goodness, gracious, it has been eons since I had a moment to sit and write to you all. I feel so badly for all of you on the East Coast, who are dealing with the heavy blanket of snow, icy conditions and power outages this week. Be really careful and I hope you are able to stay warm When last I wrote, I was on the road to visit friends in Wisconsin. It was a looong week. We stopped off and had coffee with my in-laws. MIL had invited all of my Sisters-in law and their kiddos (because she had not seen my girls for such a long time, and she was anxious to shar
  14. Thank you sooo much for the birthday wishes, Friends :hug I am on my mum's computer, and, somehow, it is even s-l-o-w-e-r than mine on dial-up. As a result, this is going to be super-quick, and I am going to try logging-in, again, tomorrow. This day was very wonderful for me. The girls set their alarms as if it were a school day, unbeknown to me, so we could all eat breakfast together, before DH had to leave for work. They ate so quickly, and there was a lot of giggling going on behind cupped hands, so I knew that 'something' was up. The three of them had bought me the huge, 8-quart K
  15. I am back -- better late than never The girls are off from school all week. Half of the week is due to parent/teacher conferences, and the rest is to allow the teachers to have in-service workshops. This means that we can go out and do some visiting Early tomorrow morning, we are heading down to my parents' house. Dinner with my whole family will be a real treat, as I have been missing them, lately. We will spend Wednesday just visiting and chatting as quickly as we can, and then we are invited to DH's parents' for dessert in the evening (MIL didn't want to think about feeding the 4 of
  16. Good morning! It is still really dark outside, even though it is not all that early in the morning -- not sure I am a fan of this 'fall' weather. I love the leaves and the colors , but the chilly temps and long, dark nights... We'll get used to it and find the beauty in it, I just am not fond of the change-over from lovely to gloomy. DH is home I survived the Book Fair :yay This a.m., we are off to Parent-Teacher conferences at 8:30. The girls have their books "to read quietly in the hallway," and I have my notebook for recording hints and comments to use during the rest of the year
  17. Oh, Tam, I can feel your happiness all of the way through the computer You just enjoy your time with your DS home!! Lovely photo of your kiddos together -- perfect for the Christmas cards Marisa and Judy ~ Good to see posts from both of you. Tab ~ Thanks for taking a moment to let us know that you are doing alright after your ob appointment, yesterday. I am sorry you were not able to get all of the info that you wanted, but, at least, you now have a date for your next ultrasound. Were you able to rouse your teens the other morning? I thought Marlene's tip about the aluminum pan
  18. Just a quick fly-by, as this is my super-busy week of volunteering. The committee at the girls' school I am most fond of organizes and runs the Scholastic Book Fair, and this is the week it's here. I have been on-the-go since Saturday afternoon, when we started decorating and setting up. I was on-site all day Monday, from 11-3 today, and all day, again, tomorrow. Thursday is a little lighter, but I have to be there into the evening, as we have an author/illustrator coming to give a presentation and sign copies of his books. It will be exciting, but it means a ton more work than usual. I
  19. Good morning We are supposed to see 88* today. I cannot believe that it is so lovely outside in October. This type of fall makes me really like this season best. We are having a very pink and sparkly day, in honor of Annika. She was soooo excited to wake up and be 7. I do not really know what is so important about this birthday, but she has been beside herself with waiting for this day. The dining room has balloons, a sign and gel 'birthday' decorations on the windows. The table was set with pink plates, forks and Hello Kitty napkins when she woke up. Caramel rolls came out perfec
  20. Hi, All I am in the same boat as Trish -- I am reading, but I am not keeping up too well. It is so wonderful to have Our House to come to when life is tough, when life is great, and even when life is on an even keel -- you all are so wonderful and friendly . Thank you for being here! Birthday Week is off to a great start. Sunday morning, DH and I surprised Kyri and Annika with invitations to a near-by waterpark and hotel. We scrambled to pack suitcases, backpacks, and everything else we would need (I had a list prepared for a couple of days earlier, so it was not as bad as it cou
  21. Oh, Friends ~ I feel so remiss about keeping in-touch with all of you I am sorry. I have been reading and trying to keep up, but I always run out of time to send a thoughtful response to everyone. DH returned home on Wednesday night, and I hope I can settle back into a routine that allows me chatting time with you. He had not suffered from the migraines he usually gets after traveling and being without good rest, and I am keeping my fingers crossed he continues to feel well. The girls and I have such a smooth system worked out for our mornings, that they have even had time to play befo
  22. Mary ~ I am so sorry for your and your DH's loss :hug Take good care of each other.
  23. Joanne ~ Your Sunday plans sound like my idea of 'the perfect way to spend my final day of vacation." you win some yarn in the give-away. I have never shopped in an A.C. Moore store, and I am curious: is it for all crafters? Is it similar to a super-center store? Just wondering However, Pumpkin Spice Latte, coupons and yarn.... Have a fabulous day! Mary ~ Your day with Luke sounded so wonderful My girls enjoy picnics at any time of the day, and they think it is funny to eat breakfast outside. LeAnna ~ Glad Hub-E's birthday was exactly as he wished it to be, and I am really gl
  24. Sooooo tired, tonight. I volunteered at school until 12:45 this afternoon (from 8), and I had to leave then, because my tummy was making some embarrassing grumbly noises Not expecting to be gone from home that long, I had only grabbed a quick snack with the girls in the morning, and I did not even have a granola bar in my purse, when I decided that I should eat a little "something." It did not matter, as I will be back on Tuesday, but I think there was enough work for me to do, if I had been able to stay the entire day -- I hate leaving, if I can still help, you know? Ah well, I needed to
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