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    Blessed by many!
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    Photography, snow skiing, sailing, traveling, studying history & art, parasailing, making jewelry.
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    Retired Mom
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    Right now ... things for my grandchild.
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  1. This just popped into my pea-brain: Do you have a friend who either crochets or wants to learn to crochet? Make a gift basket filled with crochet related items such as hooks, books, yarn, notions, etc.
  2. Not enough. Bad Marilyn ... bad, bad Marilyn!
  3. Hello Fellow Crocheters, I have not been here in eons ... so let me re-introduce myself. I'm Marilyn (aka Nevie) ... live in Las Vegas ... wonderfully married forever ... mother to four (now grown) ... mother-in-law to two fine young men ... grandmother to 1.75 kids (one here & one due in August) ... Navy veteran & now Navy mom. Besides crocheting I enjoy photography (wildlife & landscape), camping, beading & jewelry making, cooking & hosting themed parties/dinners, traveling, reading, shooting table-top suffleboard, sailing, riding trains, fishing, studying history, and spending precious time with family & friends. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with old friend & making some new friends! Hugs ... Marilyn
  4. When I have a project with a lot of repitition, I put on the TV and just listen to it as I merrily work my hook along ... in the spring it's Major League Baseball (always a game on in the afternoons) ... or a cooking show ... Dog Whisperer is another favorite ... and when I want to hear the bad guys go down I put on COPS. Happy Hooking ... Sing with me ... sung to the tune of '99 Bottle of Beer On The Wall' 88 granny squares to crochet, 88 granny squares, work that hook, make it around ... 87 granny squares to crochet 87 granny squares to crochet, 87 granny squares, work that hook, make it around ... 86 granny squares to crochet 86 granny squares to crochet, 86 granny squares, work that hook, make it around ... 85 granny squares to crochet OKAY ... I DON'T HEAR YOU SINGING LOUD ENOUGH ! ! ! LOL!
  5. As of January 9th ... I became a Grandma ... now for the 'Show & Tell' ... Just a few things I made for my new Granddaughter ... And the blankie ... And the angel who now blesses our lives ... Many Hugs ... Marilyn (aka Nevie)
  6. My current project is ... a hat for my grand-nephew.
  7. Hello to the Buckeye Gal from Ohio! Hello from Nevada & welcome to the worlderful world of Crochetville!
  8. Nevie


    Hello from Nevada & welcome to the worlderful world of Crochetville!
  9. Hello from Nevada & welcome to the worlderful world of Crochetville!
  10. Since I'm usually having a morning cup of coffee, I swing by the 'Coffee Shop' to check in with the girls!
  11. Angel Christmas tree ornament (being made as a guardian angel for a friend) ... tiny crochet thread ... tiny hook ... eyes working overtime ... LOL!
  12. Advice ... great reading glasses ! ( I'm crocheting with thread for the first time in 20 years ... eye-yii-yii ... my eyes are popping out trying to see all those little itty-bitty stitiches ... ROTFLMBO! Gave up reading glasses ... put on magnifying headset ... oh my ... I'm getting old ... LOL!!! )
  13. Thank you so very much ! You always come through for me ! ! ! HUGS!!!!!
  14. Years ago, with #10 cotton thread (bedspread weight cotton thread), I would crochet angel Christmas ornaments ... and I would put SOMETHING on them to make them stiff ... and I do remember it was NOT a sugar solution ... but rather a product I purchased. Does anyone know what this stiff stuff was?
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