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    Blessed by many!
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    Photography, snow skiing, sailing, traveling, studying history & art, parasailing, making jewelry.
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    Retired Mom
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    Right now ... things for my grandchild.
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  1. This just popped into my pea-brain: Do you have a friend who either crochets or wants to learn to crochet? Make a gift basket filled with crochet related items such as hooks, books, yarn, notions, etc.
  2. Not enough. Bad Marilyn ... bad, bad Marilyn!
  3. Hello Fellow Crocheters, I have not been here in eons ... so let me re-introduce myself. I'm Marilyn (aka Nevie) ... live in Las Vegas ... wonderfully married forever ... mother to four (now grown) ... mother-in-law to two fine young men ... grandmother to 1.75 kids (one here & one due in August) ... Navy veteran & now Navy mom. Besides crocheting I enjoy photography (wildlife & landscape), camping, beading & jewelry making, cooking & hosting themed parties/dinners, traveling, reading, shooting table-top suffleboard, sailing, riding trains, fishing, studying history, and spending precious time with family & friends. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with old friend & making some new friends! Hugs ... Marilyn
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