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    The Good: My Husbunny, Cats, London, Reading, Milk, Arts&Crafts; The Bad: Clutter, Heat, Laundry
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    Arts&Crafts of any type, Reading, Computer Games, Shopping for Art&Craft supplies, "House, MD"
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    Homemaker, Crafter, Lover of Cats and my SO
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    Useful Household Items, Amigurumi
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  1. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  2. yeah... that's not really something I'd wear though... in TX layers are useless unless it's winter, it which that wouldn't be warm enough.
  3. ChasKitty

    Pattern Ideas?

    want to make my first-ever garment. I was thinking probably a top of some sort. I live in Texas, so nothing too warm, but possibly something I could wear alone or over a thin long-sleeve in the winter for the most use out of it. I need something easy, up til now I’ve done a purse, all kinds of dishclothes, amigurumi, scarves, but never anything where gauge really matters. Any pattern ideas? Would the S'nB Cupcake pattern be a good pattern to start with? Would I Love This Cotton be good with that pattern? I have the book, so I was thinking of trying it... Oh, and I’m a 34B typically sm/med shirt so what size should I follow?
  4. No biggie, I'm just impatient since I found it and was so excited cos it's JUST what I've been searching for!!
  5. Anybody have the pattern for this bunny or know where I can get it? I asked the maker for it with no answer It's just perfect for what I've been looking for! Thanks! Chastity
  6. Thank you all!!! Here's the spiral scrubbie link: http://crochetpatternsonly.blogspot.com/2005_05_16_crochetpatternsonly_archive.html
  7. Thanks! I think I'll try making it with embriodery floss & see how that works
  8. for the info, that makes more sense, I'll try it when my brain it's going to explode. About how big did yours turn out? I wish I could find a smaller heart, I really would like it to be no more than an inch X an inch.
  9. Yeah, I love her videos, I hope she makes more advanced ones too!
  10. :jumpyay I was able to make THIS heart & it turned out great!!! It's probably 1-3/4 inch by 2 inches so it's pretty small, I had a bit of trouble with the pattern but I figured it out. At the end the little dip in between the lobes wasn't very defined, but I was able to figure out a way to make it more defined all by myself. everyone!!! Chas
  11. The video above is 100-times easier to follow than the picture tutorials to me. I understood in 2 plays of the video where as 20-30 minutes of trying to follow the picture tute did me no good what-so-ever. Chas;
  12. :froged it. *gives up* I am not meant to make a crocheted heart apparently. :grump
  13. Just got a PM from pinsandneedles and she said she'd try to help but she's not the one who made the pattern. In the mean tine I'll try those other patterns you two gave me. The "mini hearts" one looks confusing too, but maybe I an do it...
  14. So sorry! I made it bigger and darker .
  15. Ohhh... here's a great foundation sc video!
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