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  1. I would like to learn how to design my own patterns...how does everyone do it? where do you find time to just sit and try to figure things out? any help would be great!
  2. I have a huge box of Sensations Sprinkles yarn, and I'm wondering if anyone has any crochet patterns I can do with it. It's all blue. I don't just want to make scarves either...
  3. yes, their website is in the back of the book...
  4. otherwise off ebay. I think that's where i got this one.
  5. The thing with the guage is the pattern says 6 dc with a H hook = 2 inches. The patterns don't even use a dc stitch. I'm using the same yarn that they used in their pattern
  6. I have contacted Annies Attic, and waiting on an answer. Hopefully I get one soon:) I'm anxious to get it started.
  7. I am wondering if any of you have crocheted the personality hats from American School of Needle work, (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=10635017) I used the recommended hook size and instead of turning out to be a size 2-3 years, it turned out to be about a 3-6 months (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=11624168) Last night I started by using 2 sizes bigger hook, and it didn't do much for the size, so I went to a K and then it was the right guage, but I didn't like the holy look. I don't crochet tight or loose, I usually don't have a problem with guage either. Anyone else have problems with these? Thanks
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