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  1. I put one in the mail to you Saturday. Hopefully, you will have it in a few days.
  2. This is so pretty! Congratulations on a great finish.
  3. Hello! I'm in Andersonville (not too far from Unicorn37757 in Lafollette).
  4. I can't answer your question but will be watching this thread with interest. Is your pattern a freebie?
  5. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  6. It is beautiful!!! Great work!
  7. Both are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  8. So far, I haven't carried my crochet anywhere but want to have a nice bag to carry it in when I do!
  9. I can't imagine spending the time to make something like that. To each their own, though.....
  10. Welcome, I'm Gail from East Tennessee
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