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  1. Hi there! My bathroom, small and cramped as it is, doesn't have much of a theme, except for a framed sand dollar and conch shell my mother found at the beach after a hurricane. The only color in the room is the shower curtain which is a combination of light and navy blue. LG
  2. Thanks to those who want to give my unneeded yarn a home. I'm sure the way I buy yarn I'll have more to offer in a little while, but for now I'm happily destashed!
  3. I want to make a beach/summer/sun hat for my 6 year old niece. If I have to I can adapt the adult pattern I already have, but was wondering if any of you know of a pattern that's out there. Suprisingly I've struck out in my online searching. Thanks for your help! LG
  4. I have more scraps of yarn in more wieghts and types than I'll ever use in my lifetime. My offer to any of you wonderful charitable crafters out there is this: if you could use some bits and bobs of acrylic, cotton, superwash wool, etc., please personally message me with your address and I'll ship you some of my stuff. I've been looking for charities in this area to donate to, but most of the crafty ones aren't looking for yarn. Please let me know if this would help and I'll do my best to make making things for those less fortunate a little easier. LG
  5. Well, I guess the thread title says it all. I'm looking for an easy pair of mittens for a 4 and 5 year old. Thanks. LG:hook
  6. Thank you ladies! I appreciate the support. It's what keeps me going and trying new things.
  7. Wow! That looks great. I just finished my first blanket - there's nothing like that sense of accomplishment, is there?
  8. Gorgeous blankets. I love the colors of the RR and the last one the best, especially the pale green and lavender right next to each other.
  9. That looks so warm and snuggly. I'm sure whatever little schmoopy gets it will love it.
  10. This is amazing! I love all the colors, and I'm blown away by the thestrals. I'm pretty sure I couldn't do that.
  11. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. I worked hard on it, and decided that I didn't want to use the same square too many times - I wanted something different that would allow me to practice different techniques. I'm not sure I'll make another mitered square (mine were pretty weak) but I do love bobbles, and might someday make a blanket out of all the different bobble squares (that would be pretty warm anyway). As for the colors, well I love all shades of purple and most of green, so it was fun.
  12. Here's a pic of my afghan --it's my first, and even though there are a few things I'd do differently next time, I'm proud of it. This time last year I had no idea how to crochet and now I'm making blankets. Woohoo!:crocheting:c9:yay
  13. This scarf is for my mother's birthday, the first felted scarf I've ever made. It's 12 six inch (pre-felted size) squares made with Patons Classic Wool Merino (aran and new denim). It's square #98 from Jean Leinhauser's 101 Crochet Squares book. I may have been a little overzealous in my felting (heavy cycle instead of regular), but hey, it's the first attempt. Live and learn, right? lg
  14. Jewel tones are in? Cool. I love royal purple and emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue. I just love bright colors. My sister has asked me to make her an afghan with earth tones, and for that, I like coppery browns and heathered browns, with leafy greens. I'm not picky. Just give me the money to buy yarn and I'll happily crochet away.
  15. What a sweet baby. How can you dare interrupt her sleep when she's so comfy and happy? LOL.
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