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  1. the colors are so pretty i would love to have one i have no hook holders annnie19603@yahoo.com
  2. i would love to be enterned in and welcome back; annie19603
  3. very nice where did you get pattern annie19603@yahoo.com
  4. 1. soft touch hook size G 2. dark purple and light purple 4 ply yarn 3.dark pink and light pink baby yarn 4. cotton thread any color
  5. i would like to have them annie19603@yahoo.com
  6. i would love to have pattern annie19603
  7. please inter me i would love to have it annie19603
  8. i don't no if this is right place to post i'm on a fixed income and would like to sell some crochet butterflies that go on your ice box i would like to get 5;00 for 2 if i did wrong please tell me annie19603
  9. i would like to enter i have won anything in my life annie
  10. sorry about your friend please inter me in annie19603
  11. no one in my family crochets i learn my self i love it i been doing it for 30 years now annie19603
  12. i would love to get a pen annie19603
  13. i really like it you done a great job where did you get the pattern? annie19603
  14. they are very pretty would love have the pattern annie19603
  15. they are very pretty i would love to have pattern for them annie19603
  16. i would love to enter as i can't afford to buy it it would be a blesseng annie19603
  17. it is much faster now you did a great job annie19603
  18. i would love too have it it matches my bathroom annie19603
  19. I have just started a pineapple table cloth with thread i hope i can do it. The pattern is hard annie19603
  20. they are so pretty please add me annie19603
  21. I don't no of this is the right place i hope it is i want to think yall for your kindness you all are great people. Yall made my chirstmas. I would still like to have a size g soft touch hook i would love to try one.i would loke to have enough yarn for a afghan in colors of red and white i love you all annie19603
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