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    Deirdre J. Williams
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    well, I am 16, haven't croched too long, but I'm still learning.
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    Monroe, Louisiana
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    knitting, crochet, reeading, music, ect, and yarn shopping
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    curently unemployed, however I hope to get a job this summer
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    amigurumi they just work up so fast!
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    since april, 2008 to be exact
  1. those are some of my favorites too! but when the are not on I usualy just pop in a DVD of Stargate(or Stargate Atlantis).. I've seen all the episodes allread so it's not a big deal If I miss a few details.
  2. I like to 'watch' TV(or a movie)while crocheting, althouhg it's more like listening to the Tv, but it's all good ^_^
  3. A Ripple Afgahn for my baby nephew, in blue shades, with green and black, worked on a K hook.
  4. At least I hope it can :/ I got it from Hot Topic for $1(yes, seriously $1) it's fabric's a little thin, and it has a skul on it, and is mesenger bag style... 100% of the procedes go to the Hot Topic foundation(to educate youth in music and other creative meda/art forms) just thought I'd share my find with you all ^_^
  5. Very pretty, I'm going to make one for my nephew and maybe even one for myself, thanks! ^_^
  6. I taught myself how to crochet(at the age of 16) with the help of a crochet book/kit my granny got me for my birthday last year. It honestly took me less than an hour to learn the single, half doubble, and doubble stiches. It kinda helped that I had a bit of knitting experence beforehand ^_^
  7. I'm working on my first Scrap gahan(yay me!) and, so far I've been selective about the colors I use, for this one, mostly blues, and a few greens and black and grey,
  8. I do get bored with it sometimes, like if I've been nonstop crocheting for a long period of time... and when I do I usualy set it down for a little bit do something else for a while, and then later get back to it
  9. I prefer Giant granny squares to smaler squares sewn together, to me it seems like less work, but personal preffresnce again..
  10. When I learend to knit for the first time, I would have loved it if someone taught me how to 'yarn over' I remember one time i was trying to make a ribbed scarf, and ever swich from knit to Purl looked like I was adding another stich. I finaly figured out thow to fix it, but I still wish I knew back then!
  11. oh I agree, sometimes I even say I'm going to knit when I mean crochet, old habbit! I might make some of those, it's a realy nice way to show off your talent!
  12. I've started a scarf, but wish me luck! I'm going to atempt amigurumi by 4-6 stranding with the Q!
  13. I prefer rounds, for some reason they go faster than when I do rows
  14. I bought one a few months ago, I haven't found a use for it yet, but I think I'll try and make a scarf.
  15. I've read it, but I don't have my own copy, all the paterns look super cute! I've only made the Cuthulu, only mine was blue but it turned out great!
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