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  1. I started around Christmas, but take private lessons at LYS. It's certainly not crochet that's for sure I told my husband I'm not gonna let that get the best of me. So far I've done a shoulder wrap and a beanie. Current project is child's sweater.
  2. Howdy neighbor...we're glad you're here.
  3. Here you go if you make it to Michigan: http://pkyarnoverknit.com/PKYarnOverKnit/Home.html
  4. Welcome from Detroit - we're glad you're here
  5. I've made several corner to corner blankets for guys. You may want to use his favorite team colors. One quick note - my brother asked me never to make him one because if he has one too many he'll straighten the stripes and the blanket won't cover him... :lol
  6. Welcome from Detroit... we're glad you're here
  7. What a great idea - love the heart box. DH got me 14 skeins of yarn. All of the brightest neon colors of simply soft. He is like you folks here at the ville - simply wonderful. Happy New year everybody.
  8. Welcome from Metro Detroit. Drive past you often on the way to the beautiful UP. This is a wonderful community, you'll be as glad to be here as we are to have you
  9. theres a group in troy, feel free to stop in if you're trolling under the bridge some Tuesday night
  10. Hello and Welcome from rainy Detroit, Michigan
  11. love it the bright colors and the simple edge. way to go
  12. great job and great eye for recycling the yarn. I love ctc blankets. they are my go too - different and the best part ---- you're always half done
  13. So sorry to hear the sad news. I would finish it and donate in honor of the baby. God Bless
  14. Yes the tree of life is a great idea. Not sure where you live but if it's cold, cute matching hat and scarfs might be something they will enjoy while you're finishing the blanket.
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