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    Mary Catherine
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    crochet,reading,watching TV and showing support for my Army Son and family
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    homemaker for 35 years
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    afghans,baby stuff
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    over 10 yrs,cross stitched for 10 yrs
  1. Haven't been able to crochet since May 2010 due to elbow,arm and shoulder pain.Tried again and suceeded in finishing this for my son.He has been waiting for years to get his blanket.
  2. My latest finished round ripple.It's for my granddaughter Alex.
  3. I have finished this years Christmas RR gifts....here is a pic of the last one I did for my Mom.....if you wanna see some more of my finished ones go to crafters community picture hosting under my name marycatherine....they are posted there.....
  4. Yes As the RR grows it can take hrs to do one round.I have done loads of these.Just finished 4 for Christmas gifts.It took at least 1 1/2 hrs to do the blue rounds .....but when it is done it is worth it.Keep going!! This is 76 inches across from one point to the other.I hated the last 7 rounds but they needed done.You may not make yours as big but like I said it is worth the time to do it. To see my other RR's go here: http://www.craftster.org/pictures/showgallery.php?ppuser=114788&cat=500 Hope this helps......
  5. These are my lastest RR's.For Christmas gifts...........
  6. When you get it all figured out Please share your pattern......I also need a pattern to follow and would just Love to do a RR this way!! Thanks
  7. Finished a 12 point RR....it is a Christmas gift
  8. How do you do a 2 strand round ripple?Follow a pattern and use an L,M or N hook??Does that work??Sounds like a great stash buster (I have loads of yarn) and a Christmas gift idea too!
  9. Frog the green and varigated....do the burgundy than finish with your green and varigated.....but you might not have enough to go around so if you dont mind weaving in ends,do a point with green,than next point varigated than repeat to end....how's that sound??
  10. You can see other finished RR's at my website in my sig line..........most are 12 points
  11. you may be crocheting too tight..........loosen up in the beginning.....my first rr did that too but my others didnt.I also used a bigger hook,a J,but I crochet tight......hope this helps.If the puffiness isnt too bad keep going...it may get better with the weight.....my first rr was for my granddaughter and the puffiness wasnt too bad.........
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