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  1. Pat thank you so much I am sure I will love it. I am so sorry ladies I haven't been on much. We had one of our horses get sick and it took a while for us to find out what was wrong with her, then we found out it was cancer and we had to have her put down. It has been crazy and sad around here and I have not had a chance and I feel so bad for my partner Pat! It was supposed to be more involved but life got nuts.
  2. Oh ladies, I fell so bad. I have not been able to be on here and I have missed so much. I am trying to catch back up. One of our horses got really sick and it took us a while to find out what was wrong with her and then found out it was cancer and we had to have her put down so it has been crazy around here.
  3. pat- Of course I will! I have a few things but not done yet. It is a very different kind of swap. You really have to think about it lol. We are supposed to have weather in the 50's this weekend but it is cold right now!
  4. Pat I emailed you back a little while ago. I do hope you get to feeling better soon. We went through it too and it seemed to stick around forever.
  5. Haha, we are in GA and just dealt with tons of snow and ice lol. it is melting still in some places but we hit the 40's so it is almost gone now.
  6. Know exactly what you are talking about!! Breaking up ice in buckets is no fun wither lol.
  7. Thank you so much ladies. It is one of my faves.
  8. It is a challenge but so fun and very different. I think it is going to be so neat to see how others interpret resolutions others made.
  9. Here is my newest hat I made for my shop. I love it and I am going to make one the opposite too. Bright green cotton with the bow and a big pink button.
  10. Whatever you do I am sure will be perfect. I didn't really think about my goals till that survey so it just came out haha. I am so excited to do your package and will be shopping for it soon!!:hug
  11. It is such fun. You haven't done this before right?? Well, I am going to spoil you girl so get ready!! I can't wait to get to know you better and find all kinds of goodies for you!:yes
  12. pat54- can't wait to get your package together!!
  13. I really need to work on some snowflakes but I am having so much fun making hats for my shop lol. I love that the guidelines are loose Joanne, hope your vacation is awesome!
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