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  1. Here is Tenney's new ballerina style dress. I pieced it together as I could not find a pattern I loved. It needs some adjustment in the next version at the waist. My daughter loves it and her twin wants one too ❤️
  2. They were hoping to have 600-700 but currently have about 300.
  3. Thank you! Pattern is free: http://www.mooglyblog.com/pampering-massage-soap-saver/ I don't know the exact deadline but they are packing the boxes starting June 18th. The group is Soldiers Helpers of New England and they can be sent to: Alice Greenleaf, 21 Fox Lane, Rochester, NH 03867
  4. A local group that sends care packages to our troops recently requested crocheted soap holders. I had never made (or used one) and had never crocheted in cotton before. It is really quick and easy. I wish I could get more than 10 made before the deadline as they are far from their goal, but I think 10 will be it this time.
  5. The woman's name and email address: Alice Greenleaf 21 Fox Lane, Rochester, NH 03867 pudgyaunt99@aol.com https://soldiershelpers.com Their website is not quite complete but has a lot of info about them. They do a lot of good for our local men and women serving. I'm sure she would be thrilled to have more crafters While I think they will take any pattern for soap savers, this is the one she had sent me: http://www.mooglyblog.com/pampering-massage-soap-saver/ They are hoping to have up to 700 of them to send mid-June. If they get more than that, they will save them for the next shipment of care packages. It is so wonderful that people want to help
  6. They do so much, this is such a tiny thing to do in thanks! I don't mind buying the cotton, just figured that I'd ask if any of the tons of yarn I have could be used ???? Thank you for the info!
  7. Kate's Mom

    Soap Savers

    A soldiers helpers group has requested soap savers/bags/scrubbies to send to soldiers stationed overseas. I have never made kitchen/bath stuff before and really have never used cotton either. Is cotton preferred for this type of project or will an acrylic work just as well? They sent a nice pattern and I've worked up two very quickly. Just wondering if I should go buy more cotton or if I can raid my stash. Thank you for any and all advice!
  8. I made this hat using Bernat Baby Jacquard Florals, Petunia. I have never used a yarn like this before. It was an interesting adventure :-)
  9. I made these two blankets for my daughter's dolls. The second one really needs to be washed and dried, as it is all stretched out and so lays funny.
  10. Thank you all very much! I will be making some more for hockey friends - maybe I will try to wite a pattern. I might also try on where I "cross stitch" the lettering on instead of doing it inline. Might look neater.
  11. Thank you. It was nice and quick to make! Thank you so much for the pattern Darski! :-)
  12. I made this from a pattern posted here by darski You can't see it in the picture, but the yarn is Red Heart Shimmer and so has some sparkle to it. My daughter loves the outfit! I messed up the hat, it is a hot mess. I didn't make the shoes as my daughter had perfectly matching shoes already.
  13. My daughter got an American Girl doll for Christmas. We are fans of a college hockey team and my daughter has a jersey to wear to games. So I made one for her AG doll, Kailey. It isn't perfect but I'm really happy with it as I had no pattern to work from - first time I've even attempted something like this! I also made her a headband to match the outfit (now I need to make one for my daughter! ) The doll Katie and Kailey at a game The headband
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