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  1. I love the doggy! Will you share the pattern?
  2. that is beautiful. what pattern or stitch did you use?
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    Thank you. I appreciate your reply.
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    Hey all!!! Does anyone know of a good How-To Block website or blog? I would like to learn how to do that correctly. Thank you!
  5. I just started a new thread thinking it was just me. OMG!!! If they stopped it all together why didn't let anyone know.
  6. I woke up this morning and did my usual routine and went to check for the pattern of the day and NOTHING!!! Did they stop offering a pattern of the day? Just wondering I couldn't find it. I'm confused
  7. thank you for your help!
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    please help

    So I have this pattern book called Best of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans anyway the blanket I want to make for my soon to be here niece is rather small (for my taste) anyway the pattern goes like this... Chain 125 row 1: DC in 8th row from hook (ch 2 skip next 2 chains DC in next chain) across. So my question is this by how much would i have to increase to make this beautiful blanket bigger. If you have the book it blanket 24. please help:eek
  9. that is absolutely beautiful!!! How about "ring around the rosies" ?
  10. I tested it also and I'm fixing to use it. I worked it up pretty fast and it is beautiful. thank you so much again for letting me test for you. I rarely do anything like that but this called out to me.
  11. where in North Texas are you from? I'm in Sanger! I might not be way in the country but this is country enough for me. I can hear cows at night... does that count as "country"
  12. I love patterns and am very obssesed with collecting them, my only problem is that i get furstrated and I'll just look at the picture and say to myself "I don't need a pattern i can do this" and that is where my "winging" HULK comes out! I just can't control it. Anyway thank you so much for complementing the work I do. I love it, and it loves me! :manyheart
  13. :DI have been done for quite some time I am just crazy busy with my kiddos and work and that big kid Phillip my DH. Anyway here is the completed grapes. I made 2 and were given to the lady that works with me, after all she was the one that told me about them. Hope Yall like them I bought plastic rings and crocheted around them and then stitched them to the back so the grapes could be hung when not in use. this is the second one as you can tell I winged the leaves and they do not look the same but beautiful non the less. here's the picture of them both. Anyway Thanks a mil for looking
  14. I taught my left handed friend to crochet right handed. After doing some research she found someone that suggested that I sit in front of her to "sorta" mirror each other and that would help.
  15. I have two girls my 11 year old can make a chain the length of a football field and my four year tells me she wants to learn. I think it all depends on the desire to learn. my girls don't want to yet BUT it is in their blood so they will pick it up one day and just go at it! just like I did and how my mom did and my grandma. Anyway I think that when your little girl wants to she will pick up a hook and go at it.
  16. That is awful. I would tell your kids "50 cents for every book successfully brought back home" and if that didn't work I would just go and ask her for them. Sorry to hear about your problems. there are people out there that if they are miserable they want to make everyone around them miserable as well. You did the right thing!
  17. Does anyone know of a site where I can find patterns to make different types of rounds? Any help is always appreciated.
  18. I agree with you it does look more like a flower, now my only problem is that I really want that one. I have become obsessed with it. I might give this one a try though, it's beautiful!
  19. Are her afghans pricey? I will end up paying it anyway but I'm just being nosey. My DH kindly asked me not to buy any more yarn until I used up some from my stash. He didn't say anything about patterns though.... Hey, I had to find a loop hole to feed my habit right?
  20. I know!!! I really want it, hopefully she will have it soon. I pm'd her hopefully she will reply to me and not think I am being pushy. I feel sort of short on time because she's due 12/30/08. I'm pretty fast but I also have five kids so personal time is kind of scarse in these parts. thank you for the info
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