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    I live in Texas, have 5 kids and my "husband" Phillip
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    Sanger Texas
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    I work for an electric company
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    I have been crocheting since 1993,I'm 30.
  1. I love the doggy! Will you share the pattern?
  2. that is beautiful. what pattern or stitch did you use?
  3. e.ldelgado


    Thank you. I appreciate your reply.
  4. e.ldelgado


    Hey all!!! Does anyone know of a good How-To Block website or blog? I would like to learn how to do that correctly. Thank you!
  5. I just started a new thread thinking it was just me. OMG!!! If they stopped it all together why didn't let anyone know.
  6. I woke up this morning and did my usual routine and went to check for the pattern of the day and NOTHING!!! Did they stop offering a pattern of the day? Just wondering I couldn't find it. I'm confused
  7. thank you for your help!
  8. e.ldelgado

    please help

    So I have this pattern book called Best of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans anyway the blanket I want to make for my soon to be here niece is rather small (for my taste) anyway the pattern goes like this... Chain 125 row 1: DC in 8th row from hook (ch 2 skip next 2 chains DC in next chain) across. So my question is this by how much would i have to increase to make this beautiful blanket bigger. If you have the book it blanket 24. please help:eek
  9. that is absolutely beautiful!!! How about "ring around the rosies" ?
  10. I tested it also and I'm fixing to use it. I worked it up pretty fast and it is beautiful. thank you so much again for letting me test for you. I rarely do anything like that but this called out to me.
  11. where in North Texas are you from? I'm in Sanger! I might not be way in the country but this is country enough for me. I can hear cows at night... does that count as "country"
  12. I love patterns and am very obssesed with collecting them, my only problem is that i get furstrated and I'll just look at the picture and say to myself "I don't need a pattern i can do this" and that is where my "winging" HULK comes out! I just can't control it. Anyway thank you so much for complementing the work I do. I love it, and it loves me! :manyheart
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