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    Married, 3 kids, love working with thread
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    knitting, crocheting, reading and flower gardening
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    retired from electronics
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    doilies, afghans
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    50 years
  1. Another thing I think of is, who am I making it for? If it is a young person they will just throw it into the washer and dryer. So they get the cheaper end of thread or yarn. For myself and special friends I use the higher end because I know it will be taken care of it. Just my
  2. A next door neighbor lady that crocheted beautiful doilies and chair sets to make extra money for her and her son. I would just set and watch her and she told me to get a hook and a ball of thread and it started then. When my kids were little I didn't do much or when in high school. But I always loved it and it does not have to be thread. I love working with yarn also but not clothes, never clothes...
  3. When I was 7 or 8 my neighbor told me to get a hook and some bedspead thread and she would help me learn crochet. I had been just watching her make chair sets, which she sold for extra money. I would try to make clothes for my dolls. Then we moved. Didn't mess with crochet until I was in my late teens. Another neighbor helped me there. Only she loaned me her books to use and helped me. I fell in love with pineapples. Only Mrs. Colley had to me strech out and crochet other things.. And they are both gone now but I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
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