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  1. DebraKay, you just gave me an IDEA! Will try to copy a painting, maybe a Picasso, and make something small, like a purse. Might work!
  2. 3 weeks! amazing. I tried a freeform blouse, it's been nearly a year. I'm hoping to finish it soon. By the way, i favorited the jacket in ravelry
  3. This is beautiful and very wearable. wish i could do it. by the way, how long did it take you to finish?
  4. Hi! This isn't free but maybe you could get some ideas.... http://www.ravelry.com/projects/tanyausa/a-beautiful-wedding http://www.ravelry.com/projects/MKovaliuk/mkovaliuk
  5. i found the answer to my question of keeping the thing flat. i'll try again.
  6. I love the colors. Tried making a free form bag but i can't get the pieces to stay flat. any advice?
  7. i've never blocked anything either. Are we supposed to block a sweater everytime we wash the thing? seems too much bother. any advice please
  8. i had taken apart a blouse twice because my sister didn't like the style. On the third try, she loved it. I had also taken apart a crocheted cardigan because it was too small and it became a knitted cardigan. You just need to be patient and be a perfectionist.
  9. i like the colors. but what will you do with it? will you use that as a blanket or wall hanging?
  10. just discovered this thread. i think i'll try free form when i have enough scraps. i just used up the scraps for a patchwork table cloth
  11. that's such a nice bracelet.
  12. Lovely. Perhaps i'll make something like that for my whatever party
  13. hi, i'm new. still finding my way around the village. enjoy wearables very much.
  14. gerykho

    New Here

    i'm new here and glad to meet a fellow cebuana. i
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