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  1. I crochet, I am working on a bear and would like animal eyes. I can't seem to find the ones I want in the USA. There are ones called alive eyes and baby alive eyes. The baby alive eyes have a wider pupil so it looks like a baby. I found a few retailers out side the US but would really like to stay within the US. I also wanted to find a retailer of eyelids but can't seem to find someone in the US that sells them either. has anyone come across them? I checked craft king and ck crafts and local stores as well.
  2. I have looked online but there is nothing free that I can't print. Not sure if I missing something, I just google rhinoceros crochet pattern or use amigurumi rhinoceros crochet pattern and can't get anything free. Does anyone have anything, my sister is looking for this to make for someone and doesnt have access to internet. Any thoughts would be helpful! I wasn't sure where to post this so thought to post here, if it needs to be moved just correct me. Thanks!
  3. Thank you. I found the peaches and cream. It's cheaper online at the site you gave than it is at walmart.($11.50 at walmart) Is there a place just for crochet dress patterns for cotton yarn that I can search?
  4. are there places that sell cotton in different weights in bulk or cheaper than what I am seeing? Not sure what good prices.
  5. I have a daughter who will be 5 next month. She is in a size 5T 5/6 right now(she's a big girl but not overweight). She has severe eczema and I need cotton dresses to crochet for her but I don't know anything about cotton and what is ok or to expensive or if any pattern I have for yarn will be ok for cotton. Help please, suggestions anything. Thank you girls. I have a nice a-line pattern in yarn(sport weight) but i just realized this kid wont be able to wear it due to her eczema. Oh how stupid for not thinking of this. I guess her sister will get that one when I eventually finish it. lol
  6. Thank you girls. I am currently working on the sweetie pie one and will see where that leads to. At least I am doing it the right way and not screwing up the directions like I would normally do.
  7. I found a dress that I like BUT it measures chest for 22 inches and my girls' chests are 21 inches for 2 1/2 yr old and 24 inches for 4 1/2 yr old(remember 4 yr old is in 6/7 sometimes 5T so 6 is more for her) How do i make the dress bigger for her? I am sooooooooooo scared to change this pattern...Help meeeeee please! lol:think:eek One pattern is http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/BabyChild/LC1391+Sitting+Pretty.htm It's called Sitting Pretty. THe other one ishttp://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/BabyChild/LW1396+Sweetie+Pie.htm It's called Sweetie Pie. Both of them are free patterns so I didn't think it would be wrong to post it here if is is I am sorry and forgive me. So how do I make them bigger to adjust for growing girls?
  8. I love both those places, thank you for showing me. I taught myself to crochet back in 2002, it was something to help relax me while dealing with Graves Disease and infertility. Funny thing was was that I really enjoyed it but I started having kids one after the other and crocheting was put on the back burner. ( I had 1st child from 1st marriage back when i was 21, then 2nd at in 2003, 3rd in 2004 and a surprise on our own with no help at all in 2006) So it's been busy here and now that youngest is about 2 1/2 now I have a little time to work on things. I had a pattern that I was working on for a few years but what I have come to find is that the pattern is screwed up so i decided to do my own. I just finished a prayer shawl and am working on dresses now. I do have an afghan that is only going to be done in SC since dh likes warmth and not something with holes so that for now is on the back burner becasue I need the dresses done before spring/summer since I plan on making several. I will check the pattern I have, it's from a book and my dd really really likes it but I have never done my own and I have never combined the two to make one in rounds , never even thought I could do it. So not sure I'll be able to with this just yet... I have no one here to show it to to help me out so I might be asking for questions. lol
  9. God bless you for making a prayer shawl for this little one. I just finished a prayer shawl for my son's best friends mom who I found out has a very aggressive breast cancer. Good luck with your meant to be shawl
  10. I am looking for a pattern for a dress to crochet that doesn't have seams. The ones I have all say crochet the front and the back then stitch together. This will be for a little girls, sizes from 3T- 6/7 are there any out there that are just made whole?
  11. I only wanted to say hello, (((((((((((((((wendy))))))))))))))))),hugs. Prayers for you and your dh!! I agree with everyone else. Personally i would only do a white theme for purity, but agian that is just me. I was blessed with pregnancies and 4 babies that are healthy. I have Graves Disease but have it in remission and am blessed and thankful for that as well. THe girls are right. Every pregnancy is different and until that baby is in her arms and she is home safely I would keep to yourself and make what you wish for that baby to be. Maybe you can make it a prayer afghan. It's like a prayer shawl but an afghan. It will mean the world to him when he finds out you made it but will be speechless knowing it was done in prayer. Just a thought.
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