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    learning to crochet, puters, swimming, camping, etc
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    Everything but still learning so not too good yet
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  1. I love to make things that are a bit different
  2. This tree is so pretty. How tall is it? I really need to make one. I figure it is about 12 or so inches tall.
  3. I really miss all the good food back in Illinois. Anyone remember Chesdans Pizza near 47th and Archer? I don't even like hot dogs but I remember those venders on the corners and for some reason those hot dogs were so good. then there was a little shack that had the most wonderful tacos on Western Ave. right off Fullerton. Then Russells Bar B Q on I think Thornton just off North Ave. Oh man I am getting hungry.
  4. Wow at one time I have lived near several of you. Not any more tho. I was born in Racine Wis. Move to Chicago, graduated from Kelly High School. Moved to Morton Il down near Peoria. Lived in Worth Il and moved here from Bolingbrook near Naperville. Now I am in S. Ga but fly into Midway airport when I can get back there. Small world huh?
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