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  1. That is one of the prettiest afghans that I have seen. But then again I love bright colors like my "put your sunglasses on" gan. Beautiful and awesome work.
  2. Margret

    Sweetheart Ripple

    That is one beautiful afghan. You can see in your grandaughters face how much she loves it.
  3. Margret

    Coaster set

    Very nice. I think they would be pretty in Christmas colors. Nooooooooo, I don't need another project right now. lol.
  4. That is really pretty. Love the colors and the variation of the edging. I am going to have to make a yarn run. Don't have anywhere nearby to get nice yarn.
  5. Margret

    wintry windows

    Now that is beautiful and so different. Lucky couple that will be getting that.
  6. Thank you all. The little "strawberry purse" is actually from the pattern that I had found but too small for me so I finally came up with the bigger one for me. jeannej I think you are right, I never thought about leaves and I think that would be perfect.
  7. Humm, that is adorable. My grandaughter wants a purse in red and black and something like that would work out nicely. I would need to make it a bit bigger for her but thanks for the idea.
  8. That is awesome. I would never have the patience to crochet something so big. That is something to cherish and to be proud of.
  9. Thanks. The watermelon bag was fun to make. I don't use beads much.
  10. The Watermelon slice purse I have used this summer. The brown one I am using now. Still need to find some embellishment for the brown one.
  11. haha froggy it was easy to make. I think it was on lion brand
  12. Thank you. One thing nice with it also is that it has around base so it stands up. I think I need one too. haha.
  13. My grandaughter is almost 11 but she is 5'6" already so cannot make her a kids type purse. I had yarn left over from my RR and she loves bright colors.
  14. That is beautiful. I don't have the patience for making squares. I don't know why.
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