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  1. I've never done a graph ghan before... haha. & I live in Maine so yes, it gets cold.
  2. This is a great blankie for a baby! How long did it take you to create this baby blanket?
  3. Hey guys, My boyfriend and I have been together for quite a while and I would like to crochet him an afghan yet I'm not really sure which pattern to use. His favorite color is blue yet he LOVES the soccer team AC Milan which there colors are black and red. Can someone help me find a pattern? I think I want to do something related to his favorite team...
  4. This is adorable! I will be trying to make these sometime soon. Congrats on having a baby!!
  5. In would love to help out with this! I am currently working on a baby blanket now that I wasn't sure what to do with after. I plan on making many more after this one.
  6. Hi everyone, I had started to work on a baby afghan for my mothers bestfriend who is due in October that was suppose to be ' moon and stars' however once i finished the blanket i decided to change the pattern and do something different. Since the color of the yarn was 'Ocean' my mother suggest to do an ocean themed baby blanket. I found patterns on how to do fish, an octopus, and star fish. With the help of my mother (mseavey2) , I have successfully finished a baby blanket for the first time and figured I would share what the final outlook is! if anyone is interested in the pattern message me and i will type it up since my mother and i kinda just created it as we went!
  7. I would love to help make scarves. I am actually working on one right now, so once i finish that i will work on another. I have just recently started to crochet again, so they probably won't be perfect; but i will try my best. It's the thought that counts though.
  8. I am making a Moon and Stars Baby Blankie for my 1 year old baby cousin Ryan. I made him a afghan when he was first born but now hes bigger and needs another afghan from me. ( Well I think he does. haha ) Below is the link of the picture and the pattern just incase you would like to make one. I am only 13 years old and my mom is helping me through this because I havent got to the point of learning what the code letters mean. I actually went to AC Moore with my mom ( mseavey2 ) and they had patterns for free and I saw the Moon and Stars Blankie, and I just fell in love! =] Tell me what you think of the blanket you never know you might find it ADORABLE and you would want to make it for a baby you know. Nice talking to you! Happy Crocheting! http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/BabyChild/LM0293+Crochet+Moon+and+Stars+Blankie.htm
  9. Welcome dont worry your not the only one that was shy the first time that you go on sumtin like this I am to
  10. Hi Jessie:welcome from Maine. Dont feel bad im kinda like you well i started knitting for i think 3 months then i stoped because of school and my brothers karate:blush . But now I crochet. My mom who also does this crochet forum who is mseavey2 showed me how to crochet so now for my first project im makeing a afghan for her boyfriend Malcolm. ~kristina~:dog
  11. Hello Amanda Welcome to CrochetVille! (From Maine) I Think you`ll love it here at CrochetVille. ~Kristina~
  12. Hi Kathy welcome to CrochetVille! (from Maine) I think you`ll love this website if you really like to crochet. ~ Kristina~
  13. Hi my name is Kristina. I have a dog named Bailey and my moms boy friends dog named bruno, and a brother who sits in his room alot named Andrew.My mother mseavey2 taught me how to knitt and crochet:hook .I love to work with yarn. When i knit or crochet my mom only wants me to work on little thing like scarfs and dish cloths because im not that much experienced.
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