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  1. Hi I recently purchased some skeins of recycled sari silk yarn. I was thinking of pairing it with some other kind of yarn because I imagine it'll take a fair amount of this sari yarn to make something with how skinny it is. Any suggestions? Wool? Cotton? Anyone seen any patterns calling for sari yarn? I'm mainly looking to use it in accessories rather than clothing items.
  2. Hi I am planning to crochet a variety of purses, but I was wondering if anyone has a good lead on inexpensive supplies. I'm needing magnetic snaps, purse frames, plastic rings, and purse handles. I checked Ebay because I thought I could get a large quantity for cheap but that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe I just have too high of expectation for what I can get these supplies for?
  3. Hi. I have some cotton yarn that I'm interested in dyeing. I saw that you can dye with the spice turmeric, which sounded pretty simple. Are there other spices that can create dyes? What about red wine? And which mordants? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Awhile back I saw a bookmark in a Coats & Clark pattern book, that was just called Floral. It looked like a few flowers alternating up a vine-y stem. I was wondering if anyone happens to have the pattern for this that they can email me. Let me know, thanks
  5. Hi everyone. So I've been working on a round ripple with yarn that i got at a general store in a little town. I seem to be running out of the colors I'm needing and I'm not sure if I can make it back out to this store or if they still have the colors. I called one place here that can order pretty much anything and they said they can't order it anymore. It's sounding like they've discontinued these colors.... I was wondering if anyone knows a place i can order from that sometimes has discontinued colors or knows where I can get these specific colors in the Caron Wintuk series: Oatmeal 3021, L
  6. Hello. I'm thinking of making a RR for a friend that's getting married next summer and I was wondering about how much yarn it takes to make an adult sized one (more than 6 points). Also, does anyone have suggestions on what brand of yarn to use? I want a soft acrylic (unless something besides acrylic is affordable), but probably not the baby kind since it seems to usually be limited to pastel colors. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the advice, maybe acrylic won't be too bad. has anyone used cotton before w/ the RR?
  8. Hello. I am interested in making a round ripple (decent sized one to lay on bed) for the first time and I was curious about what yarn to use. I don't really want to use acrylic (though a blend might be ok if it looks nice) but I also know it will take a decent amount of yarn to make and cost is always an issue (I don't have a huge stash so I'd have to buy it all). So, I was wondering what people have used to make round ripples in the past and what they think looks best. Thanks!
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