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  1. It may not look as nice if you sew them on afterwards, but you can create a toy with movable arms and legs that way. Using a long length of yarn, attach one end to the upper arm/leg then pull the yarn all the way through to the other side of the doll. Now attach the other arm/leg to the yarn and pull the yarn back through to the other side. Repeat it a few times until it feels secure. This also allows it to be pose-able on a shelf and looks great "sitting". My little cousin loves the bears I make him that can move.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! We certainly have a geographically diverse bunch. Thanks for being so kind.
  3. Hi, I've been making a lot of little crochet toys (amigurumi) so I have been working in continuous rounds a lot. My question: Is there any way to find the beginning of a round if your stitch marker falls out? I have 2 dogs and they have a bad habit of knocking my work on the floor or dragging it across the room. This usually results in my marker falling out and even having a few stitches pulled out. I was hoping one of you might know a "trick" to finding the beginning again. Thanks for any info, Peacock
  4. Hello everyone. I just found this forum and it looks like the place for me! Although I'll be in the "help" section a lot. I'm a knitter as well as a crocheter, but prefer the latter. I've been into making amigurumi lately since I don't have time for larger projects right now. Well, nice to meet you all! :2hug
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