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  1. That is absolutely amazing. I love the entire Harry Potter series. You made an impressive tribute to Rowling's work. I also love that you did it in afghan stitch. Thanks for sharing and you should be very proud of your work.
  2. They are both very nice. Surely your partner will love them!
  3. That is ssoooo awesome! I have been eyeing that pattern for some time, and purple is my color, so you have the perfect combination! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy it!!!
  4. Very nice! I have the front done--working on the back!
  5. crochetmom2

    Jess's afghan

    It's great! Perfect teenager colors!
  6. That is beautiful! Love the cheery colors!
  7. crochetmom2


    How very elegant! She should love it!
  8. Can't go wrong with Homespun! It's lovely!
  9. It is lucious! Too much single crocheting for me to work .
  10. I like that story. Here's wishing your husband to get better soon.
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