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  1. Vik

    More Ornaments

    Thank you Karin and Cher!
  2. Hello Tena, nice to meet you! I know what you mean, more and more homeless people every day in big cities... But it´s a great feeling to know we can help them with our hobby, isn´t it? We can bring some warm with our handmade scarves... Hello Jena, thank you for your comment!
  3. Hello dear Crochetville members. I want to share with you this... It all began with 4 scarves I knitted for homeless people last April. The comments I got encouraged me to start the blog Knitting for Homeless -which includes crocheters of course! We have now ambassadors in 8 countries, plus members and volunteers worldwide. I just posted about it in my blog Like Grandma. You are very welcome to join us. It´s time for giving, it´s time for sharing
  4. Vik

    More Ornaments

    :sheepxmasThank you very much Becky, Oliveoil and TampaDoll!
  5. Vik


    Very pretty, Joni!
  6. Vik

    Crochet Ornaments

    Thank you very much, Cher49!
  7. Vik

    More Ornaments

    Thank you very much, Sheryl!
  8. Vik

    More Ornaments

    :sheepxmasI´m so happy you liked the ornaments I crocheted. I posted more ornaments, this time the ones I knitted -but I know many of you like me love both crocheting and knitting, so the pictures are here: http://like-grandma.blogspot.com/2007_11_01_archive.html Happy crafting for Christmas!
  9. Vik

    Crochet Ornaments

    Hi Tammy, Denise and Julz! Thank you for your comments! I can´t wait to see your snowflakes, Denise!
  10. Vik

    Crochet Ornaments

    Thank you girls for your friendly comments! Mary Pat, what a great idea for recycling christmas card with a crochet edge! Moomoo, you´re welcome my friend. I´ll be writing you an e-mail! Bizziboppers, thanks for sharing that story, what a lovely grandma!
  11. Vik

    Crochet Ornaments

    :sheepxmasWhat a magic moment to open the ornament storage box and find those treasures waiting there! Pictures of the crocheted ones, here: http://like-grandma.blogspot.com/2007_11_01_archive.html Happy crocheting!
  12. I´m still waiting... Never got mine...
  13. Vik

    Accessories Swap! ANGEL PKG NEEDED

    I´m still waiting...
  14. Vik

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello Angela and welcome to Crochetville from Buenos Aires, Argentina! You´ll like it here!