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  1. Vik

    More Ornaments

    Thank you Karin and Cher!
  2. Hello Tena, nice to meet you! I know what you mean, more and more homeless people every day in big cities... But it´s a great feeling to know we can help them with our hobby, isn´t it? We can bring some warm with our handmade scarves... Hello Jena, thank you for your comment!
  3. Hello dear Crochetville members. I want to share with you this... It all began with 4 scarves I knitted for homeless people last April. The comments I got encouraged me to start the blog Knitting for Homeless -which includes crocheters of course! We have now ambassadors in 8 countries, plus members and volunteers worldwide. I just posted about it in my blog Like Grandma. You are very welcome to join us. It´s time for giving, it´s time for sharing
  4. Vik

    More Ornaments

    :sheepxmasThank you very much Becky, Oliveoil and TampaDoll!
  5. Thank you very much, Cher49!
  6. Vik

    More Ornaments

    Thank you very much, Sheryl!
  7. :sheepxmasI´m so happy you liked the ornaments I crocheted. I posted more ornaments, this time the ones I knitted -but I know many of you like me love both crocheting and knitting, so the pictures are here: http://like-grandma.blogspot.com/2007_11_01_archive.html Happy crafting for Christmas!
  8. Hi Tammy, Denise and Julz! Thank you for your comments! I can´t wait to see your snowflakes, Denise!
  9. Thank you girls for your friendly comments! Mary Pat, what a great idea for recycling christmas card with a crochet edge! Moomoo, you´re welcome my friend. I´ll be writing you an e-mail! Bizziboppers, thanks for sharing that story, what a lovely grandma!
  10. :sheepxmasWhat a magic moment to open the ornament storage box and find those treasures waiting there! Pictures of the crocheted ones, here: http://like-grandma.blogspot.com/2007_11_01_archive.html Happy crocheting!
  11. Hello Angela and welcome to Crochetville from Buenos Aires, Argentina! You´ll like it here!
  12. "The heat of the summer"!!! Thanks for that! I almost forgot that the sun exists! Here in Argentina we are having the most cold winter in years !!! It´s dark, very cold and raining, BRRRRR!!!!!
  13. Howdy all! Gaucho here! :cowgirl The stitches from my little finger will be out next Friday ... You´re crocheting so fast that by the end of the week you´ll be almost done! Julie, love the colors you chose! You asked what happened with my finger and you made me laugh with the buffalo story! It was with a knife :knife in the kitchen, the most silly accident
  14. Artemis, thanks for the link to Marlo´s Crochet Corner. I´m loving that round tote bag. I´ll begin to collect plastic bags right now!
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