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  1. Welcome! Folks are really nice around here. I like to crochet small stuffed toys for babies, there's nothing on them that's a choking hazard, and if the baby pukes up on it then its right into the washing machine and good as new! Plus most of them are simple sc in rounds... easy peasy!
  2. It looks beautiful !! Great job!
  3. My granddaughter is 5 .... Grandpa and I have her usually two weekends a month and since I'm always crocheting she wanted to learn. Right now she's just doing some chains and trying to figure out how to hold her thread. I let her do it when she wants and as long as she wants... so far so good!
  4. The old business is a bit of a family joke ... when my son and I are out shopping or something I'm often mistaken for his wife or gf .... it drives him crazy but makes me feel great!!! I also don't mind getting older *at all* after all .. there is only ONE alternative to getting older! Thanks for all the great comments about the baptism gown, Cassidy was beautiful in it. Karen recently gave it back to me so I could enter it in the state fair come fall.
  5. I found a pattern for a "tooth fairy pillow" where you crochet a tooth and put a face on it. It has a pocket on the back so the child can put a tooth in it and when the tooth fairy comes they take the tooth and put the money in the pocket. Saves digging under the pillow Anyway .. rather just just putting a face on the tooth I crocheted a skirt, and a wand and sewed them on the tooth as well so it would be a "real" tooth fairy. My granddaughter, who is starting to lose her baby teeth, just LOVED it ... http://www.paradoxdesigns.com/images/ToothFairyFront.jpg
  6. Hello, I'm Kat ~waits for the Hi Kat response~ I've been a crochet addict for the past 37 years, my Mom taught me when I was 12. I live in Alabama in a very small town and I'm a major major ancient history geek. I'm also a genealogy and cemetery geek. My hubby, who is an excellent knot detangler btw, and I have been ecstatically married for 10 years now, my first marriage was abusive which I'm fairly open about to help drag spousal abuse out of the shadows. You're welcome to read about it here: http://www.katherinereece.com/abuse.html As a result of the shooting I have five sourc
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