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  1. Gorgeous! Like everyone else, I love that pattern and I never get tired of looking at pictures of finished BMCs.
  2. I agree with everyone else to have a blanket ready to go but not to make any inquiries. Regarding your general question regarding miscarriages, there is no "safe" point in the pregnancy, but miscarriages happen for different reasons and the time of the miscarriage can provide some guidance as to the reason. If the miscarriage is in the first trimester, it is generally because there is something wrong with the baby. A single first-trimester miscarriage is not seen as indicative of a "problem" with the ability to carry a pregnancy but rather just a random event of nature. Nonetheless, such a loss could make the parents nervous about announcing a subsequent pregnancy. If the miscarriage happens in the second or third trimester, there is greater concern that the reason for the miscarriage could be related to the mother's body's ability to carry the pregnancy and thus greater concern about future pregnancies. (I went to school with a woman who suffered multiple miscarriages at the exact same point in the second trimester; it was as if her body rejected the baby once it reached a certain point in the pregnancy; absolutely heartbreaking but they eventually had a child). Anyway, this is perhaps more info than you wanted regarding miscarriages, but it is probably something useful to know.
  3. There is a pattern for a fleur-de-lis baby afghan on www.freepatterns.com. I haven't made it but I downloaded a copy to make someday if my sister, who married a guy from New Orleans, ever has a baby.
  4. I have the following yarn for sale as I am never going to use it: 7 full skeins Vanna's Choice Baby in Pink Poodle (all same dye lot) 1 full skein Vanna's Choice in Colonial (blue) I also have partial skeins of the following, each is at least 2/3 of the skein: Vanna's Choice Baby in Pink Poodle (not the same dye lot as above) Vanna's Choice Baby in White Vanna's Choice in Silver Blue (gray) Vanna's Choice in Duckie (yellow) One ball of lavender DK or sport weight yarn, it is about 4 ounces and I believe is Lion Brand Soft Baby. I'd prefer to sell it as one lot. $20 plus cost of shipping (I already have it in a box and the entire package weighs 3 pounds, 11 ounces). If you are in the Twin Cities metro area, we could arrange a pick up.
  5. Thanks for all the speedy replies! I will wind it and thanks for telling me about the knots. I saw those in the yarn and was wondering if that was normal. I will be winding this afternoon!
  6. I bought 3 hanks of lace-weight yarn from Knit Picks. I don't know how to work with it. Am I suppose to wind it into a ball? Will it just unwind like a skein?
  7. Here is a hat I made for my daughter to wear for St. Patrick's Day. I did it as a "fit check" for the Crochet Garden. The pattern is Garden Lullabye. There is also a matching dress that I did not make. I used green Royale Crochet thread (size 10) for the body and white Cebelia (also size 10) for the flowers.
  8. As a mom with four daughters, all under the age of 5, I will tell you what is great to give and what is not. A blanket is great. My oldest got 2 crocheted baby afghans and while she never really liked them, my third has latched onto them and they are now her favorite thing in the world. Hats of any size are nice, too. If you are going to make some other item of clothing, make it in a larger size as people tend to give babies smaller sizes (I could outfit triplet girls for the first year with my existing supply of clothing). Be sure to use yarn than can be machined washed and dried. I put everything in the wash with the attitude that if it can't survive the washer and dryer, it doesn't deserve to be in my house. Finally, no matter how cute the pattern, how soft the yarn, or how talented the handiwork, no stuffed animals or other stuffed toys. I was drowning in stuffed animals and finally packed up probably 2/3 of them. I still have, by rough count, 30 in my house. Everyone buys them for babies because everyone remembers their favorite and they are relatively cheap these days. But, in such large quantities, they are not appreciated or played with and quickly turn into "toy litter". Trust me on this. I talk to a lot of other moms and I have never one tell me that what they really want more of in their house is stuffed animals. I hate the idea someone spending all kinds of time and effort to make something that will not really be appreciated.
  9. For those looking for a deal, the Bambino Cardi Wrap is on sale for $1.37 (regularly $5.49) at the Crochet Garden. Here is a link: http://www.crochetgarden.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_8&products_id=273
  10. So in addition to a bunch of other sales, Crochet Garden is having a secret sale each week in December where one pattern is between $.01 and $.99 at a random time for a limited period. Did anyone see what last week's pattern was? If so, what was it and when was it one sale? I checked the website more often than I would care to admit to anyone other than my priest under the seal of the confessional, and I'd like to know what I missed out on. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for sharing this. The pictures are amazing but the commentary is even better. I never knew the history of Irish Crochet (or even what it was). I'm part Irish as is my husband and I might just print this out to share with him and his family as they are all Ire-philes. Oh, and it's a good thing there are no patterns in that book as I might be tempted to start the evening gown.
  12. The problem with "secret family recipes" is that they get lost and then 100 years from now no one can make it because the "secret keeper" refused to share the recipe with anyone. Your post reminded me of something a friend told me she heard from a very well-regarded baker teaching a cooking class in which she shared all of her well-known favorites, "A good cook never shares her recipes; a great cook always does." As I can't make up my own patterns or recipes to save my life, I am grateful to those who are willing to share their talent for pattens or recipes, either for free or for compensation. If I could do either, I would definitely share them because I like the idea of my creativity living on long after I am gone (even if no one knows it was me who created it).
  13. That is beautiful. I love the white but also think it would look great in purple or perhaps red for christmas. Did you make the slip for underneath the dress, too?
  14. There is a free pattern on www.crochetgarden.com for a Crocheted Warm Winter Hat. It is a cabled pattern done with front-post and back-post dc. It probably takes a little longer than other hats, but the hat is thick and warm, which I think would be good. And, it is a beautiful pattern, and everyone deserves to have something beautiful.
  15. Oh my, you have been busy. Those are going to be some very lucky babies!
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