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    Work at a high school, over 50
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    High desert of California
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    all the needle arts, reading, computer games, travel, walking, nature
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    Administrative Assistant
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    filet crochet and doll clothes
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  1. jackrabbit

    jackrabbit stitchers

    I never knew I could feel so welcomed. Boy there are a ton of us out there. Who says crochet and knitting are an old world art form??? If you want check out www.jackrabbitstitchers.org It is a web site in progress but it tells a little about my youth group.
  2. jackrabbit

    high desert (SoCal)

    :cheerOver here, Look over hear. High Desert yes. I live in Hesperia, work in Victorville. New to the forum but send me a line. Also, look at www.jackrabbitstitchers.org this is the web site for the youth group I have started.
  3. How about the high desert of So California. Anyone living "up the hill"? Jackrabbit would like to say hi.
  4. jackrabbit

    jackrabbit stitchers

    Thanks for the big hello and welcome. I feel like I am home already. I can't wait to dive in.
  5. jackrabbit

    Yes- I'm a man and like to crochet

  6. jackrabbit

    jackrabbit stitchers

    Hi everyone, I am jackrabbit. I work at Victor Valley High School, home of the Jackrabbits. Would like to get to know others. Any charity groups around??? I have a youth group going at the school. I would love to hear from you. I am teaching the basic granny square to my group who have NO experience at all. Any tips on teaching teenagers??