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    I'm divorced, live with my daughter and 3 cats.
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    Reading, nutrition/natural health, psychology, exercising, watching movies, animes.
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    Don't work due to health problems but I'm a licensed Cosmetology and ex-bilingual secretary
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    So far, anything that doesn't take too long...
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    Began in the '70s but it's been on and off.
  1. I came here to get an idea of what to charge as someone actually asked me while at A.C. Moore if I could teach her, I'll have to go to her home which is not even in the town I live in so I have to factor in "mileage", after all gas is not cheap these days. Besides, I'm barely working a few hours so I feel I'm not in a position to give my time away for free, especially to a stranger... I want to take the opportunity to reply to those who wonder why anyone would pay to learn when they (as did I) taught themselves. Well, first of all, you CANNOT make the assumption,as I did once, that everyone has the same learning ability, it is plainly NOT so, some of us can easily grasp written instructions or visual tutorials while others simply cannot. I recently tried to teach a new friend from church but she could not even hold the yarn right in order to make a slip knot, she just wouldn't "get it". I had to exercise SO much patience that evening I was exhausted mentally by the time I got home as with much struggle she barely managed to make a few chains in like 2 hours, after that I no longer thought teaching/learning crochet was easy... But even when that is the case it is SO much better when encountering a problem to have someone actually SHOW you what to do. And this doesn't apply only to crochet, but to many other things, cooking for example, some people left on their own would burn water... And even though I have taught myself several things others I could only learn in a class or by having someone else explain them to me. Therefore, I agree very much that crochet lessons should be priced just as for any other skill; as someone said, the benefits will last a lifetime, and as a bonus it's also great emotional therapy AND physical one too (it lowers blood pressure, raises serotonin levels, etc.), and has anyone checked lately how much a psychologist hourly fees are???
  2. I'm sorry the pattern is not available anymore, out of need I began selling my hats locally so I decided not to give the pattern away anymore. Then I was persuaded to sell it at Ravelry but I really didn't like the site so I pulled it off...
  3. Hi, I'd like to know if there are any crocheters here living in Greenville, SC, I'd love to have a crochet buddy!
  4. My problem was solved over the weekend, it didn't have to do with my interpretation of the instructions, btw, but with the linking of my account to my "designer" status probably due to that not being done in the usual way. Once that was straightened out the "photo" tab, which had been missing from my pattern page, "magically" appeared thus enabling me to continue following the steps to completion. I still think things should not be so complicated, life is already complicated enough, for me the internet is just for having fun!
  5. Thanks for all the comments! As I said before, I do not want to offend anyone who likes Ravelry but after two tries I really was feeling very frustrated about it and couldn't believe it was "just me", I've been participating in all types of forums and groups since '00 so it's not like I'm new to navigating through websites, besides, I'm the curious type and will click on even unlikely tabs when looking for something. Now I'm sure it was not just my perception as the majority who have posted so far agree that it's not very "user friendly". I'm sure it works better for those that joined early enough to "grow" with it, and as far as them working hard on it, well, every site requires a lot of work but if those that make it a delight to be there deserve more appreciation that those who do not, regardless of how "hard" they have worked or not. I am in fact still feeling frustrated because when I went back there a while ago I was just directed to post my questions to a "help group"... errr, no thanks! The site should have instructions that are easy for all to understand, better yet, they should be easily accessible and clearly named tabs. I opened 3 different browser tabs for Ravelry so I could go back and forth to the help section and check and recheck every step but some way somehow something went wrong and it just should not be that hard. Had I known this I would've just opened a little Etsy shop and just given the link there, but since my intention is not of being a "serious designer" I thought it would be just fine to offer it through them and easier for the people who looked for it. Now I can't even delete the info I put in, I suppose now I need to read a couple more lengthy "wikis" to find out how to do that! As far as "bashing", not my intention either. I wrote them pretty much what I've said here so it's not like I'm going behind anyone's back to state my opinion. I believe that the only way things can improve is by giving constructive "criticism" when appropriate.
  6. I seriously do NOT get what all the hype is about that site, I totally HATE how it works (or doesn't...), IMHO it's not easy to navigate and nothing is clear, I feel like I need to hire a detective in order to help me find out how to do anything there, so after registering there back in April I was going to delete my account but I just forgot about it. Unfortunately, people had posted pics there of a pattern I once had here for free and recently I began getting messages here about it so I had to go back (quite a treat since I'd forgotten my username and all). When I was told I could sell my pattern through there, I thought that was the solution so I wrote "Tabitha", the person who "welcomed" me, and asked a few questions but the answers were far from simple. I was directed to a couple of "wikis", which would've been great if they worked as outlined. I only could get as far as entering info about the pattern but the rest of the instructions for uploading the pattern itself didn't work. I then thought of deleting the info so people wouldn't be misled into thinking the pattern was already available but, of course, it was too much to hope that deleting was going to be easy, I found NO way to do that either! So I had to waste more of my time writing a message explaining what had happened, but seriously, if it weren't because of that pattern, which people even began writing me about there I would've been just as glad to never go back there. Another reason why I took a dislike to Ravelry is that during my first visit I took time to visit some of the message boards and I couldn't believe the heights of snobbery of some of the people there who laughed at the story of a member who told about some woman at a LYS who said she couldn't afford certain types of yarn there, they thought is was laughable she'd find "those" expensive because they use much more costly imported yarns and would not set foot in certain common stores many of us frequent regularly. They also made a big deal of a store clerk not knowing a certain color-changing knitting technique, to the point of advising the OP to not go back to that store or complain to the owner... really... I felt they needed to get a life! My thoughts were that I did not want to be among such petty company... thank you! I'm sure there's plenty of people here who "love" Ravelry, and I say to each their own, I mean no offense, but as far as I'm concerned from hearing so much about it I expected it to be much better than it is, and have to say that TO ME it's been nothing but a huge disappointment.
  7. Thanks everyone, it's good to be back!
  8. Not long after I reintroduced myself a few months ago some things in my life started to change and before I knew it I was in the process of moving out of Florida and now I'm living in Greenville, SC. I moved here just 3 weeks ago, so if there's anyone here or from the surrounding areas (Greer, Mauldin, Taylors, etc.) go ahead and PM me, I'd love to have a crochet buddy (plus I need new friends!) especially now that the cool weather is 'round the corner and there's lots of things I'd like to crochet!
  9. Hi, I'm presently in West Palm Beach, FL but I'm moving to Greenville in just a few short weeks (soon as I'm done packing!) and would love to have a crochet buddy over there. I'm already excited because I saw a Hobby Lobby and for the past 2 years I've been wanting to try "I love this yarn", I was also told in a relocation forum there are like 4 more in the area so crochet-wise it's going to be more fun! Also, I've already joined a Meetup group but it's not for crocheters only so until I actually move there and attend one of their meetings I won't know for sure if there will be other avid crocheters like me. I never found anyone through this forum who lived here where I'm still at, only someone like 3 cities away, so I'm hoping for better luck over there! I do have a new friend over there who told me she tried crocheting but she's left-handed so other than guiding her to the Youtube tutorials I don't know if I'll be able to help her so that she will be encouraged enough to want to crochet when the cool weather comes so I'd like to know at least one other person who shares my passion for crochet.
  10. Hello back from Florida (South)!
  11. Hi and welcome, I like to work with thread too!
  12. I don't know if anyone will remember me because I was here less than a year (4/'08- 2/'09 +/-) but back then I was here every day. Due to some things going on my crochet became sporadic until a few months ago when I picked it up regularly again. I joined Ravelry recently, I guess just because 'everyone does', but haven't even filled my profile, frankly, I think I prefer to be in a real crochet community so here I am!
  13. The type of hook one uses often has something to do with how much some yarns split. In my case, switching from Boye to Susan Bates made a big difference but I have to say I hold the hook "underhand" (like a pencil), I really don't know if this would work as well for those that hold it "overhand" (like a knife).
  14. Hmm, I wouldn't have thought of sport yarn for an afghan, it must be light, soft and pliable ... also cost a lot more, the skeins only have 3 oz/279 yds.!
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