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  1. i thought after doing 3 rr's i would have got it out of my system but no, after looking at the ones that have been finished since i last posted i want to make another, will this ever end. Jan
  2. These RR's are sure sucking people in, I feel a fourth coming on. But that would definately mean buying up more yarn, can I resist the temptation.....oh no the pull is too great......................
  3. TY. That should keep me busy. I like the summer breeze one, but will do it in a more servicable colour. We have red dirt here and it stains like mad. I'll omit the ribbons as well. I'd never get the boys to take her for a walk wearing all that frou frou. Jan
  4. I have a boring life LOL. Once I get stuck into something it takes up all of my life. I had the stash, I had the pattern and I just had to get them done. My fingers are itching to start another one but I want something different this time. Jan
  5. Now what did I come in here looking for. I checked out your blog and got side-tracked what beautiful things you create. I use acrylic as well usually magnum 8 ply but have found BigW's yarn to be okay. Their wool wool is good as well, but for real wool I usually use Cleckheaton. Its hard to find good wool but I have just discovered a lady that spins and hand dyes her own so I will be treating my self to some of that. I love the shell blanket, might just have enough baby wool in my stash to make one for a friends soon to be grandchild.
  6. Can someone point me in the direction of a good pattern for a dog coat/jumper. I'm getting on a bit and my mistress is good with the hook, she's busy making blankies for herself but has forgotten about poor little old me, I'm starting to feel the cold now winter is drawing in. I'm only petite - a minature fox terrier/tenterfield, nothing too fancy as I don't like to make a spectacle of myself, the christmas get-up was not my idea, I just humoured her and smiled at the camera. Thank you in anticipation Poppy the foxy
  7. Above is the last one, using lefts overs from other projects, its 52 inches The blue one is about 56 inches and is my favourite The first one I did, although it is finished if the right yarn comes along I might put a few more rows on it. Took 13 days to do all three, I am so pleased with myself. I neArly started a fourth but resisted temptation. Jan
  8. How did you know where I was - LOL. On my hand and kness digging out the weeds between the pavers and trimming up trees. So good to be able to get out into the garden. I hate wearing gardening gloves so the disvantage is having to scrub my hands real good when I come in to do my crocheting. I have had an enforced rest for the past 6 months but was unable to get any craft done (severe lack of motivation) Its only the past couple of weeks I have got back into crocheting properly. I love the edging on your blanket, I might do it on my first one (6-24 RR CAL) - but that means having to go check out the yarn shop. But can I be trusted not to overspend LOL. Jan Oops, forgot to put the quote in, but its the same one has the above post.
  9. Number three is just about finished, will post piccys of them all together when the batteries for the camera are recharged. By the time I had started on the third I had got the rippling under control, after each row I lay down the blanket and can see where the rippling is occuring, sometimes I will pull back but most times I fudge it by either skipping four stitches for a row or dropping down to a couple of rows of 1Dc, 1C, 1DC at the points. Every other row I count up the stitches on the sides of the points to make sure they are all the same, a few times I have found a couple of extra stitches on odd points and thats throws things out. I know it is time-consumiong doing that but it saves on all that frogging, I reckon with all the frogging I did on the first and second blanket I should be on the 5th not 3rd. I also went up a hook size as well on the third one and that seems to have eased the rippling. Jan PS GrannyAnnie, if you think that is one of your worst ones, I'd love to see what what your best ones look like. Its wonderful. Love the colours.
  10. No SO, no hubby and no partner - just a son that living with me till he gets his own place (soon please Lord, soon), no matter what forum I am in you are all my imaginary friends. Though I know what ny late hubby would have said - your little playmates. Jan
  11. I wouldn't dare show my before's, i would be soooo ashamed;). My yarn stash is all over the place, under the bed, in drawers, in bags, crammed in spaces in my fat quarter boxes. But at least now they are all in the same room. I had to laugh when you said you had to rearrange it so hubby wouldn't see the new yarn. I did that all the time with fabric =- what this had it for years, but I learnt from him - he'd buy new electrical tools go into his shed, hide the box and cover the tool with sawdust and make it look like had been there forever and he expected me not to notice, he never got away with it so I suppose I never either. jan
  12. Neither can I - I don't think in forty years of crocheting I have ever finished anything so quick. I'm half way through the second one but am running out of large balls of yarns so might have to buy some - oh what a shame, that means visit to a yarn store. jan
  13. Thats it its done, finished. Not one more stitch will be put into it. I cannot believe that I have made a blanket in less than a week, it is a first - to actually finish something in the same year is a big thing for me, I l;ose heart with projects so easily. Its sixty five inches and big enough to go on top of my queen bed or be thrown over a sofa. Now to start on the next one.
  14. Should I or shouldn't I - its 62" and I am thinking of finishing it here or maybe 4 more rows in the darkest varigated purple/pink. What do you think. I had to stand on the arms of the chair to be able to get it all in. If I make it any bigger I'll have to get the ladders out.
  15. Wow, that christening gown is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. I bet it made it a very special day. Old, old, I'm 49 soon to be 50, and I'm going into hiding. Why does everyone around me remember that fact, only this morning a friend said - Oh the bit 5 0 for you soon isn't it. Could she have said it any louder. I'm going to enjoy every last bit of being 49. I know what you mean about the granddaughter, mine eldest is 6 this august and just started school, so grown up - but one good thing - they will never be too old for cuddles off their grandma's. Jan
  16. Thinking of christmas I might see how much christmassy looking yarn I have and see if I can make a RR in it and then I can kill two CALS with one hook - row a day and 6-24 RR. Jan
  17. I can't stop, i'm going round and round and at the end of each row I say, thats enough, it'll do and then off I go again round and round. Its gonna be bigger than ben Hur LOL. Its currently about 52", I'll see if I have enough of the yarn I am using to get it to 60". I'm already thinking of starting another one - got to get this stash down. I'll love how we all interept the same pattern, some of the colour schemes are wonderful. Jan
  18. The above is after I had frogged (for the last time) the below picture. I added the extra yellow points and then worked from there, I got it to 50 inches and then decided it didn't look right. At this point I was going to leave it and just throw it over the back verandah sofa but I decided to take out the points and I am so glad I did. One more row of cream then the varigated purple, maybe a pink row and then black to finish. Colleen, this is where I came unstuck a few times but eventually it clicked. Count up from the valley, Join yarn and work dcs down to the valley, skip 2 and then work up the next side so that there are equal stitches each side, then work back over these stitches till you get to the top of the new point. I kept frogging and redoing (the same point, over and over again) it till it gelled in my brain. I have to see it and then I can work it out in my head, try enlarging someones piccy and looking how it is done. Jan
  19. Hi from australia - I only joined a few days ago and I have already nearly finished my first CAL. Feel like I have been here for years they are sooooo friendly. Jan
  20. Here it is again after yestersday work on it. I have now added 12 yellow points between the large points. Its 40 inches, I think another 10 rows and it will be a good sized lapghan for the sofa on the verandah. It still ruffled so I do 2 rows of 1 DC, 1C 1 DC on the points and then every third row I do 2DC 1C 2DC, it means it does curl but theat is removed in the third row. When it got bad I skipped four (2 each side) in the valleys and this seemed to bring it back in. I just haven't got the heart to pull it back any more. I did yesterday after I discovered I'd forgotten to skip a valley. Thats it for me no more frogging. I must oay atention to what I am doing Jan
  21. lets see if this works. Its works happy dance around the room. This is it just before I added the extra points. Used a varigated purply/pink and blue then a green. Managed to control the ruffling, once it is blocked it should be okay. jan
  22. As a regular forum addict I know all about budgeting time LOL:D. Many a night I have been sitting here with legs crossed saying just five more minutes, five more minutes. I have the iron switched on, I post a reply I dash to the ironing board and iron one thing I dash back to the puter, read and post then back to the iron again. I do the same with vacumming and all the housework. If I have 20 mins on the puter then I go do 20 mins housework. Its amazing that my house is so clean, my son usually says you've been on that computer all day, everytime I come in there you are don't you ever do anything else. I just tell him that this special fairy comes in and does all the cleaning, washing, cooking etc. I get up at 6.00 a.m. the puter goes on, while it is doing its virus checks and such I make breakfast, shower, put the washing machine on and then go on the puter for half hour then clean the klitchen, hang out the washing, sweep the verandah, then go to shops, socialise etc then puter, then craft then vacumn, iron etc then crochet, craft and prepare the evening meal and then sit and watch the sunset whilst crocheting or crafting. Wash pots, put away, tidy kitchen, sit and watch tele and crochet or craft till bedtime. This is my usual day, some days I sit and read or go out for the day, friends come round and go out to their places. Its been like this for 7 months now, I will be so glad to get back to work, but I will miss my craft and puter time Jan
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