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  1. Beautiful!!! Dragonfly is my name for Girl Scout Camp - leaders have to use nicknames also Please add me to your list! Thank you! Kris
  2. I love the multicolor edging around the hearts! Kris
  3. I think it has to do with the quantity you had listed in etsy, I just double checked and it now says that the item is sold (I think quantity was 1 when I went to the site this morning, MaryPat and I may have been trying to purchase at same time, and looks like hers went through first). Can you adjust the quantity? Thanks! Kris
  4. I thought I purchased the pattern, but it doesn't seem to have gone through?!? Can you check on your end? Thanks! Kris
  5. Do you remember where you bought them? Can you take them to a store and compare them to ones there and then write the sizes down? Kris
  6. They are lovely! You are very generous for doing this. Please enter me in the give away. Thank you for your consideration! Kris
  7. Please add me to you list. This is one of my favorite yarns. This is so kind of you. Thank you for your consideration! Kris
  8. I couldn't access your picture could you try posting it again?
  9. You are so generous! I would love to be entered in your drawing! I have 2 daughters (6 & *) and they are learning about weather in their science classes. I think this would be a really neat learning opportunity for them. Thank you for your consideration! Kris
  10. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing - and welcome! Kris
  11. Thank you! I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one with a problem with their site. Thanks again! Kris
  12. Does anyone know where I can find the pattern shown on the back cover of the current edition of Crochet Today (March/April 2010)? It is called "Pokey Dots Throw WE2107" and, according to the ad, is supposed to be available at www.redheart.com - but when I went there and searched, I couldn't find it Thanks! Kris
  13. I just looked at the offer, and saw no mention of receipts:huh as I read it, all you need to send in are 3 Simply Soft labels and a 3x5 card with your contact information. Am I missing something?? Kris
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