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    I'm in Rochester, NY. I grew up in Southeastern Kansas with some Arkansas roots mixed in.
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    Crochet, Of Course especially free-form crochet, mixed-media arts
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    Mental Health/Substance Use Advocate
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    Since Junior High (1978)
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    Thread projects, anything with cotton thread, especially free-form or scrumbling
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  1. CrochetCynde

    How many of you are from NY

    I'm in Rochester NY and would love to join some people for some crochet fun!! Some suggestions-- Wegman's food court on Monroe Avenue in Pittsford, NY, possibly a library room... Any other suggestions? Any weekday evenings work for me
  2. CrochetCynde

    Crochet Towel Rings

    I'm looking for a pattern that I found about 5 years ago for a towel ring that held a kitchen towel. It had two rings that were crocheted around with #3 thread and the towel would be held weaving it in the two rings.... This might be confusing but I know I had a pattern just like this.. Help?!?
  3. CrochetCynde


    I've made some thread crochet rings and they don't seem to have lasting quality. Has anyone used resin with their crochet?
  4. CrochetCynde

    Freeform Flower

    I hope this works! Okay, here is one of the more organized pieces that I've finished. I hope you enjoy! There are more of my pieces on my Flickr account.
  5. CrochetCynde

    My first freeform piece (WIP)

    That's the fun of free-form!! You can do whatever you want and what you make is yours. Isn't it fun to try something different?
  6. CrochetCynde


    This was a great place to see other methods. I'm going to experiment with these and others listed in the post!! Thanks to All! Cynde
  7. CrochetCynde


    I'm trying to make a 3-d thread piece really stiff and I'm having difficulties. I bought some spray from Michael's and I'm not satisfied with the results... thoughts?
  8. CrochetCynde

    Cotton Thread Anyone?

    If you check my profile, I have one of my pieces on display. Also, I have some pictures on Flckr now but I don't remember how to get there... I always use crochetcynde as my name if that helps
  9. CrochetCynde

    Rochester NY

    Argh.... I'm sometimes like that. I'm only on the computer on Tuesday thru Friday, so I don't always get all the info. Please contact me by email if you would like. I go by the same name at yahoo.com We'll keep trying. Let's keep in touch this week to make a future game plan. Weekends are sometimes hard for me but if we plan in advance, I should be able to get the car. Thoughts?
  10. CrochetCynde

    Rochester NY

    Didn't see anyone at Borders on Saturday... I was in the coffee area, crocheting... Keep in touch and let me know if anyone wants to meet another time. Cynde
  11. CrochetCynde

    Freeform inspiration!

    Let me map out the 16 hours cuz it really was too spectacular... I was home by 3pm and crocheted until 3 am. I was up by 9 am and crocheted until 10pm that night. I took breaks when I needed to take care of the body and my bottom did get numb a couple of times but it was truly one of those "in the zone" moments when the crochet takes over. I took a picture of the flower and other freeforms to show sometime this week.
  12. CrochetCynde

    Rochester NY

    Here goes.... I want to meet and I'm going to throw a date and time out there... if anyone can make it, that would be great! If you're not familiar the Henrietta, check out mapquest, yahoomaps or google maps PLACE: Borders Bookstore, just off of Hylan Drive TIME: 3:00 PM If I can't make it, I'll post on Friday to others know. For those who can't meet on the weekend, I can meet on some Friday night.
  13. CrochetCynde

    Calling Buffalo NY crocheters

    I always "google" yarn shops with the city/state that way you might get some of the privately owned companies.
  14. CrochetCynde

    Rochester NY

    I'm game. Lets make a serious plan. I can meet most days after 4 pm. Weekends are not good for me as my significant other works and has the car. BUT I encourage everyone to meet whenever. I'm off work this week and have Wednesday and Thursday afternoon off. I might have to car on Friday too.
  15. CrochetCynde

    Cotton Thread Anyone?

    As soon as I figure out how to use my digital camera, I'll get some posted!! If you to to my 360 site on yahoo, same name--crochetcynde, I have one pic posted.