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  1. Wow, that's an amazing stash..how interesting! I thought I had a sizable stash, but no..she has at least 75% more than I do, lol!! I was thinking the same thing about discontinued yarns and colors, she can make a fortune with that on ebay! It seems to be good quality yarn too..although I couldn't make out one particular brand. Wonder if she owned a yarn store? Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. CraftyMomma, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the AWESOME package I got in the mail!!!! It was really a nice surprise and made my day!! I stink at posting pictures, so I will try in a bit, but thank you so much!!! You are the sweetest swap partner ever!! :hug:hug:hug!!!!
  3. I think theme scented yarn is a great idea! How interesting a concept! Like purple can be lavender (or grape, depending on the demographic you are aiming at). Like a Yankee Candle in yarn form!! Red can be strawberry or apple, autumn colorway can be like pumpkin pie! White can be vanilla..wow, I can go on and on!! I'm all about aromatherapy, so I'd be more inclined to buy scented stuff than not, lol!
  4. Is that the only place you can buy this book or is it available anywhere else online (i.e. amazon, etc.)?? Nice patterns..thanks for the link!
  5. A door mat? I'm not quite sure how thick it is, but probably using a N, Q or S hook would probably work, and maybe some light gloves so you don't get a burn from using the material?? Is it rough?
  6. I'm excited too, I sent in a survey! This is my first swap here at the 'Ville!! Gotta love cotton!! Looks like it's going to be a big swap too!
  7. I find yarn every so often on http://www.craigslist.org It's like an online classified and you can post for free. Good luck selling your yarn!
  8. I usually have two crochet shawls going at once, except for right now..but thinking of starting another one, lol! Same pattern, 1/2 granny. I like to see what the different yarn looks like with the same pattern.
  9. You know..I just had another silly weird crochet material pop in my head! Inspired from reading the Jelly yarn thread in the 'Yarn Talk' section, and taking a look see at the website that goes along with the thread/jelly yarn..I thought maybe you could crochet edible licorice into edible bracelets for parties or whatever!! How cool is that? You've seen them at stores, but only in cherry, the licorice cords? Maybe they come in black too..you probably have to search it down though. It would be great for parties!! I may try this idea when we throw a party for the kids! I think Twizzlers makes them...but not the regular ones, the cord like ones.
  10. I have so many yarn knots and balls of uncontrollable yarn that eventually one day I will destash and offer someone the opportunity to untangle it all!! I have a shawl project that I have been working on for a few months...dd decided to take it upon herself to play with the yarn that was still there, and now it's a mess! It's a JoAnn Rainbow Boucle skien.
  11. Thanks for the article, but I do not think they will close any time soon. I have seen a downsizing of the stores though, recently there was a regular JoAnns that closed in Clearwater, but they have about 3 superstores in the general Tampa/St. Pete area. I too love to shop there, and they have different yarns that no one else carries. They seem very busy to me and store that I live near is very clean and orderly. A lot of companies sell without consumers really knowing about it, doesn't mean that they will close! I remember though..when Michaels was called Leewards! So maybe a name change, but even that is a long shot. Crafts is where the money is!! Not so much sewing though...unfortunately. I love to sew, but have been finding clothes cheaper to buy than to make, and that's the trend now. Scrapbooking, beading and needlecrafts has a big following now. Hancocks was mostly fabric, not so much yarn and other crafts. I don't know if you guys remember a store called Piece Goods Shop that changed their name to Mae's...but they closed too. I remember how sad I was, because besides Wal Mart, that was the only place to get fabric in VA for a while. Now certain Wal Marts are doing away with the fabric and crafts section, for whatever reason they feel they have to now. Some companies all of the sudden go under due to shady business with the higher ups too...so it all really depends!
  12. How about gift ribbon? Wire (like electrical, not craft, sometimes that type of wire is cheaper at the home improvement store than the craft store), candy wrappers (LOL!), hmmm...I'll think of more 'odd' materials..
  13. My DH thinks..well...hmmm...he's ok with it, but has told me in recent days that I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) when it comes to yarn. Maybe I do, but you know what? I don't smoke, I don't drink, and so..I have a weird likeness to fiber (I love clothes too)! He likes technology, computers, movies, expensive tvs and wires...and he has miles and miles of wires. No..I don't complain to him about his OCD with technology, but hey..he's working and I do not. I recently made a online purchase for some sock yarn but that will be it for a while. I'd like to join Stashbusters, but I have no idea exactly how much yarn I have. At least 8 containers in the garage, not to mention new stash in the closet, lol!! So to you...I've been known to sneak in yarn when DH is sleeping, or shopping while he's at work, lol!!! Some deals are too hard to pass up! Recently though I've been stocking up on the large skeins of Bernat yarns at JoAnn Fabrics, and they have not been on sale. The other reason why I stock up is that it won't be there the next time I go! So many yarns get discontinued no sooner than they appear on the market...everything has become 'limited edition' or whatever. Has anyone else noticed this trend??
  14. I don't think you are strange for wanting to crochet in the bathroom!! Shoot, I've been known to bring yarn in the bathroom, lol! At our last place (an apartment) the master bathroom had the walk in closet in there (weird place for a closet, I know) and it had all my yarn in it!! So it was the yarn sanctuary for me...bathroom/closet, lol!! :yarn:yarn Now we are in our new place and all the yarn from the closet is now in containers in my garage. Sad, I know. I hope to have another yarn sanctuary in the near future..
  15. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I could spend a while trying to design a bracelet or something!! Wish I had a loom now..lol!!
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