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  1. Really pretty! Shopping bags are usually so boring. This one is beautiful.
  2. Oh my gosh those are SO sweet! I really want to make one for my son now. I'll have to dig back through my stash and see if I have that issue. Great job!
  3. Oh my gosh that is so awesome!! My boyfriend would love something like that. Really beautiful.
  4. Great color choices! I never would have thought green and pink would look so good together but they do! Very pretty.
  5. That is so pretty! And the baby is adorable!
  6. Beautiful! Great idea putting the fleece on the back. Charts are so much fun aren't they?!
  7. I've kicked Christmas production into full gear now! Finished a skein last night on a scarf and finished a skein today on a blanket. +4
  8. Finished a skein on the blanket and pretty close to getting another one. Let's see if I can get two today! +2 so far... Edit: Finished off the next skein so another +2
  9. I forgot to post but my score stayed at 0. WTD: 0 YTD: -49
  10. My score for the week is +2. Didn't get much time to crochet this week but at least I didn't buy any. WTD: +2 YTD: -49
  11. I finished a skein on a blanket today. It's pretty fancy yarn so the skeins are always smaller, haha. That's good for me! +2
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