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  1. I own both of them. 1. Addi Lace needles are the same size as the regular Addi turbo (and any other brand), they just have a much sharper point. 2. Addi Lace needles are gold in color and the turbo's are silver. I have a full set of the addi clicks in the turbo and just love them. The set was my Christmas present last year.!
  2. With any pattern crochet or knit you can substitute yarn. Biggest and most important issue is gauge. You must crochet a gauge swatch and be sure your gauge is what the pattern calls for. also - be sure the yarn you choose has the proper "drape" for the pattern you are making. Some yarns are very soft (i.e. Caron Simply Soft) and do not hang nicely with some projects. Paying close attention to those 2 items, I substitute yarns all the time. Hope this helps, Toni
  3. I agree with Rose Red. I can't tell you how many times I have bought yarn at Michael's, Ac Moore or Hobby Lobby that have been returned and have yarn missing. What do you think all those skeins of yarn are that have no labels on them in the bins. This is the price you pay for buying yarn from a "chain" store. If you don't want to pay the high prices that the lys charges then this is a risk you take. The only way you will know if a skein has been used or not is to have bought a few and learn the hard way to check each skein you pick up. Especially if you are cutting it close on a projet because they have just exactly what you need, not that extra skein you should always have on hand. It's not disturbing to me to have a full skein with a small portion pulled out. A portion missing, that is VERY disturbing. Yarn is no different than any other thing you buy in a store that takes returns. So many items are just thrown back on the shelf because people don't care if it's damaged or not, they just want it out of the way. The old saying "buyer beware" applies to yarn just like everything else. It's sad that the lys can't compete with the big chains. Granted they carry a higher quality of yarn, but I am not in the position to be able to pay $8.00 for a skein of yarn that I would 20 of to make something.
  4. Thanks Stormy, I didn't know they had that one available. I love it.
  5. My AC Moore will carry pound bags of mill ends in cotton for around $7.00. With a 40% off coupon I get in the paper and/or e-mail it makes a great deal. Very limited colors but for an inexpensive gift, it's a great buy!
  6. Thank you so very much - that is very awesome!
  7. Very Pretty, Thank you so much for the pattern!
  8. Very nice -can't wait for the pattern - Thanks!
  9. Not sure how big this is - if you could post that it would help with the ripples portion of your question. When you block this - Use COLD water and make sure to blot at much water as possible with a towel. You can always test a small corner of just the red with a bit of water and a white towel. That will tell you if it's going to bleed. The cold water and moving quickly to blot the excess should stop any bleeding into the white. As far as the ripples go - If you want ripples you will need to use a stiffening agent of some sort. Since the red may bleed if you use warm water, either a store bought stiffener or glue and water mixture would probably be best. You can use anything you want to make the ripples - it just depends on how large you want them. Cover anything you use with a plastic wrap so it doesn't stick. This is where the size question comes in, paper towel holders, wooden dowels, pencils, anything that is round and long enough will work. Hope this helps!
  10. Amy, First and foremost - I am glad she is still with us! That is the most important thing. It is fantastic you will be hosting her patterns. Her work is wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to do this and please forward on to Dot how much we are all glad she is still here and thanks so much for allowing you to do this not only for her but for all of us on the 'ville. Toni
  11. very pretty thank you so much, I love the patterned dishclosths, fun to make, and fun to give as gifts!
  12. This will depend on how scrunched up it is. There are 2 ways to block something like this - First - you can try to use some spray starch or spray sizing and iron it into shape. I usually try and do my doilies and such this way as I use them all the time and wash them regularly. The 2nd way is to actually wet the filet piece, towel dry to remove most of the water (don't twist is, just pat it dry) and then lay it out and pin to shape (with rust proof pins!) on any type of material that the pins will easy stick into that is covered with waxed paper or cling wrap. I usually use a piece of a cardboard box or a very old cardboard cutting board for sewing with the squares printed on it. I know some use foam board and Katchkan has a special board she made up for blocking things. Either way works great for me. If you are getting into things like snowflakes or other items that need to be really stiff, then you need to dip the piece into a sugar/water, glue/water, starch/water or commerical stiffener product to make it harder. Hope this helps you out, Toni
  13. I have found this store Yarn and Threads by Lisa . She carries DMC cebelia, Aunt Lydias and a number of other threads and yarns. Her prices are good and shipping is reasonable. She has the Cebelia in 10, 20 and 30. I actually got the link to her store from here on the ville! Hope you find what you are looking for there! TLOL, Toni
  14. Jessie, I hope you can see all the wonderful posts from everyone here on the 'ville. I have linked this post to the updates in the "Prayers and Warm Wishes" section of the ville. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to find us here and to keep us updated. God Bless you and Trevor for moving in and helping her. She is such a wonderful woman and has always been so kind and caring, putting herself second to many. She is such a dear friend to many and the prayers that are going out to you her family and JoAnn are from all over the world and in such great quantity that God and the Angels with be with her and you her family today. I pray for all of you and cannot thank you enough for being so kind as to update us. We all Thank you for your kindness in caring for her and thinking of us. God Bless you All. Toni
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