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  1. Hello the squares does she want them 4 rows with a white border or 4 rows total? I have family that live in Oklahoma so I would love to help.
  2. Welcome from Rockford and congrats on the baby.
  3. My niece Stephanie wanted a penguin hat after seeing the sock monkey hats I made for her cousins. This is what I came up with by using a couple different patterns. I'm pleased how it turned out and she loves it.
  4. Thank you for the link. I just ordered the pattern.
  5. Oh my that is sooo cute. Can you share the pattern, I would love to make some for my nephews for next year.
  6. This is my nephew Noah with his new sock monkey hat. I had to have grandma hold his hands so he wouldn't take it off just so I could get a pic. He's always on the move..... I got the pattern here on the ville.
  7. Beautiful job. I did one to use up my scrap yarn and my niece stole it.
  8. Melody820

    Scarecrow or

    Adorable love it.
  9. Sorry he took it home with him but I used Red Heart pattern LW2674 which says the medium hat measures 20" x 8" long. I made the hat 35 rows long instead of 27 like the pattern calls for. I thought it came out a little short. Hope this helps.
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