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  1. Thanks for the info, I have been trying to find something I could use as a guide. This is awesome.......
  2. I love the EdgeryDoo, it's easy to use and I have more control over it than the skip stitch.
  3. OK I finished my wrapghan. I used the Benart pattern which I love. I took a picture of it alone and then my niece agreed to pose for me. I now have several requests for one. Let me know what you ladies think.
  4. I am now working on the shoulders of mine. I am using the Benart one not the RH one. Can't wait til it's finished and I can try it on......
  5. I am currently working on the Red Heart one for myself. I am using RH Bonbon print which has pinks, blues and purples all my favorite colors.
  6. I have one scarf made I can send to you. As soon as I finish my christmas gifts I will make you a few more. Please pm me your address.
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